BHP Develops Truck Maintenance Technology at Daunia

BHP develops truck maintenance technology at Daunia

BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) has developed a system for truck maintenance at the Daunia coal mine in Queensland that reduces the average downtime for a regular service from two hours to just 40 minutes.

The system potentially saves 10 hours of extra work each week for the Daunia fleet with the reduction of one hour and 20 minutes for each truck over a fortnight.

Maintainers can view every aspect of this scheduled maintenance on a custom app that runs off an iPad or iPhone, walking them through every step in an efficient and safe way.

Daunia has a fleet of 16 trucks that run 24 hours a day. Each truck needs to be serviced every 250 hours, or about every two weeks.

BHP, which introduced the system at Daunia last year, plans to roll out a similar approach for its larger, 363-tonne machines. It also intends to extend the system to bulldozer services.(Source)

The standardisation focus is a key component of a framework that BHP is creating called the BHP operating system or BOS.

The company said it has a fleet of 16 haul trucks at the BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Daunia mine that operate around the clock to “shift around 226 tonnes of coal or overburden (soil and rock) every load”.

“It is being trialled at two other BHP mine sites and, with a few tweaks to suit each site, looks set to be implemented across all BHP-operated mine sites.”(Source)


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