A new ally has been found by the women’s soccer team

Players on the US Women’s National Soccer Team have another partner in their battle for equivalent pay: Procter and Gamble. The global organization, likewise a group support, put a full-page advertisement in the Sunday New York Times squeezing the overseeing assemblage of US soccer “to be on the correct side of history.” The promotion proceeded, “Imbalance is about more than pay and players. It’s about qualities.” The producer of Secret antiperspirant additionally gave $529,000 to the group’s players affiliation, a representative sum that comes to $23,000 for every one of the group’s 23 players who partook in (and won) the World Cup. Procter and Gamble is the principal group support to issue such an intense explanation, however others have uncovered their feelings.

In May, Visa declared another connection with the US Soccer Federation that incorporates giving “in any event half” of its venture to the ladies’ group and related projects, Forbes revealed at the time. Also, the maker of the sustenance bar Luna Bar has pledged to give every one of the female US World Cup players an extra $31,250 to compensate for the distinction in rewards to the men’s group. On Sunday, group co-chief Megan Rapinoe contended for more noteworthy corporate help on Meet the Press: These “incredible companies … have so much weight that they can toss around,” she said. “What’s more, I imagine that they simply need to get settled with tossing it around.” (The fight for equivalent pay has prompted new state enactment and proposed government enactment.)(source)

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