Marvel finally announced its first queer character, and it’s such a good fun

Wonder affirmed there will be LGBTQ+ characters in MCU Phase Four movies

Thor: Love and Thunder and Eternals will highlight unequivocally eccentric characters

Tessa Thompson otherwise known as Valkyrie talked about her swinger character’s quest for an equivalent sex accomplice in Thor 4

In case you’re in any way similar to me, you will have spent the most recent couple of years perusing into each little collaboration between possibly eccentric Marvel characters in an edgy endeavor to uncover some sort of LGBTQ+ subplot. As far back as Thor: Ragnarok presented Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, we’ve been trusting we’re at long last going to get the swinger saint we merit. In spite of the fact that the character is expressly swinger in the funnies, her sexuality never really made it into the MCU. Tessa Thompson even said a scene where a lady leaves her room was removed of Ragnarok – which prompted a wide range of call outs about Marvel’s evident queerbaiting.

At that point we had Captain Marvel and LGBTQ+ fans were persuaded we were at last getting a strange romantic tale between Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel and her closest companion. The movie’s chiefs at long last remarked on Carol Danvers’ sexuality, however we’re still yet to really observe an out LGBTQ+ individual in any Marvel motion picture. As of not long ago…

That’s right, Marvels 2019 San Diego Comic-Con board happened this end of the week thus much energizing data about the up and coming Phase Four movies was reported that gay Twitter can’t adapt.

Photograph credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez – Getty Images

Talking on the board, Tessa Thompson said Valkyrie will obviously be back for Thor: Love and Thunder, and as the new “Lord of Asgard”, she will be “searching for her Queen”. Bisexuals and strange fans wherever are normally extremely wicked energized (and obviously, many are shipping Valkyrie and Carol Danvers).

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