Asteroid warning: Apocalyptic ‘God of Chaos’ powering towards Earth in time for 2029 –

The asteroid Apophis is set to “skim the surface” of the planet in 2029 at an astounding distance of just 19,000 miles. Educational YouTube channel Second Thought explained in a video released on Friday: “Many scientists are keeping a close eye on the asteroid Apophis, which in 10 years will pass just 19,000 miles from Earth – basically skimming the surface in cosmological terms. To put in perspective just how close it will be, consider the fact Apophis will pass between weather satellites and the Earth.

“Apophis, named after the Egyptian God of Chaos, is classified as a potentially hazardous asteroid.

“An asteroid is given this designation if it meets a certain size and proximity to Earth threshold

“Apophis definitely checks both boxes.

“The God of Chaos asteroid is a whopping 340 metres across, making it one of the largest specimens to pass so close to Earth.(source)

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