Bruce Allen is adamant that the Redskins will not trade Trent Williams

Washington Redskins group president Bruce Allen appears to be sure that left handle Trent Williams — who is at present holding out from the group — will return and play for the Redskins this season.

In a meeting with NBC 4 in front of Thursday’s preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, Allen remarked on the Williams circumstance when inquired as to whether he accepts that Williams will play with another group this season.

“No. It will be with us,” said Allen.

The Williams holdout has gone on for the whole summer now, and there has been little data from either camp during that time. A couple of gossipy tidbits have been raised that the Redskins would exchange Williams, however they typically get shot down in a moment. Williams and his camp have remained quiet through the procedure.

We will don’t have the foggiest idea if and when Williams will return to the group, however the Redskins sure appear to be certain that he will return eventually. (Source)



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