Doing homework the fun way

When you go home after work, you just want to relax.

Your child coming back from school wants to do the same thing. So when you say homework, they yawn and resist. Of course, they would! After all, it is torture.

If you are a guardian who is sick and tired of shouting at their kids to do homework, then you have wounded up at the right place.

Here we are going to discuss some plans using which you can make homework fun.

1.   Sit with them

It would be so unfair that you would sit in your lounge drinking wine while your little one sits in his room doing his homework. Instead, if you sit together with them on the table, helping them solve their math problems or figuring out the answer to the science question. They will enjoy doing their work. Also, you will get to know what your child is studying and their progress.

2.            Give them reward

When there is a trophy awarded for finishing the task, the child will work faster. A small reward won’t harm anyone, and they will be motivated to do all the work.

3.            Creative activities

Instead of having to do the typical books and writing work, you can design creative activities. These creative activities will help them attain essential skills simultaneously; they will have fun learning. Not every student has the same learning capability, so if your child is unable to learn the lesson taught traditionally, they might understand it this way.

4.            Please don’t make them stress over it

Homework was found to be a massive stressor amongst students. They were so stressed that some attempted suicide. Reading is not that necessary; don’t be on your child’s head all the time telling them to do their homework. If you feel that lesson is taking over your child’s health, you should voice your concern to their teachers. Surely they will figure out methods to help balance things.

5.            Game-based learning

Generation-z children are screen addicts, and no matter how much you try, you cannot make them quit things. What if you could make their addiction turn into something useful?

Well, game-based learning is all about this. There are gaming apps that are designed to help children learn things while they are playing. The most significant advantage of using this phenomenon is that children enjoy themselves, and they want to learn something. Also, they know things actively. Active learning means that they will be able to relate the lesson in real-life situations. I mean, there couldn’t be a better solution to this problem. If you are still on edge, here are a few things your adolescent will gain when they play learning-based games.

Hopefully, using these tactics, you will be able to make homework more fun for your children.

If you are still unable to make a decision you can leave things to lido tutors. They will teach your kids all the necessary skills.


Five exciting ways of teaching kids valuable skills

Every child has a different mind. This means that not every child can learn the same thing in one way. Now teachers at school who are teaching more than 30 students at one time won’t have the time or energy and sit down with your child individually and teach him/her. Honestly, you can’t blame them, and homework doesn’t help.

If you really want your adolescent to be successful, then you have to take out the time to teach them.

Below are activities that children will enjoy. Each of these activities will teach your child a particular skill.

  1. Bottle caps

Find fourteen bottle caps, and on ten of them, write a number from 1-10. On the other, four caps, you write the sign of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Now you can place two numbers and a sign between them. Teach the kid to do simple mathematics in a fun way. This activity will develop their ability to do these simple math actions mentally rather than pull out a calculator.

  1. Counting with snowflakes

Take cardboard (a spare box) and cut it in a round shape. Draw a line through the circle in a way that, in the end, you will have ten sections. Now draw one snowflake in one area and increase the number of snowflakes in section as you go. Now take on ten cloth hanging clips and write numbers 1-10 on them.

The play is that child counts the number of snowflakes in the section and attaches that number clip-on that cardboard section. This activity will help them teach counting and identifying how the number is written. This activity is best for children who are 3 or 4 years old.

  1. Color sorter

Take a cylindrical shaped container (Pringle Chips) and draw 5-6 holes in the box. Now give each hole a specific color. You should also have strings of each color. Now provide both to your child and teach them to put the drawstring through each colored whole. This will lead them to match and help them recognize colors.

  1. Sandbox

Take a deep box (something that you have lying in spare) that has an airtight lid. Fill the container with grainy, dry sand. Now the child can draw things or write on the sand using a stick. Writing on the paper can often get boring. This will give them something new to do.

  1. Video games that are built on the game based  theory

Now, this will cost you money, but it has numerous benefits.

For one, it will teach the kid various skills. The kids will not even think of this as learning, and they will want to learn. The video games built on this help the kids learn things actively. Actively learned lessons always remain in humans’ minds. For sure, there cannot be a better way to teach kids!

However if you don’t have the time you can always leave the teaching part to lido tutors. They will give you remarkable results.

Hopefully, these game-learning tricks will help you make your children’s teaching session more fun!


Learning the fun way

Let’s face it; today’s school curriculum is not enough to make a child successful. The world out there is challenging and fiercely competitive.

The teachings of school books are outdated in lieu of technological advancements. Now every parent can’t afford to hire private tuition teachers or send them to places that teach specific skills.

But this certainly does not mean that you can’t give your children the chance to learn something unique. You can by giving them access to game-based video games.

Yes, these are video games that your child can play while learning lessons. This is not something new your parents must have let you play games that made you learn skills. For instance, you could’ve played Chess, Scrabble, monopoly, and many more.

Generation-Z children don’t like playing board games because, unlike us, they have screens that make them feel more engaged.

The game-based learning theory has been highly successful. Some of the world’s youngest coders learned coding by playing games!

The game-based learning apps work on the principle of trial and error. It gives the child a surprise at each moment, giving them less time to think and forcing them to think. The child has the power to make decisions, and until they make the right decision, they won’t move forward.

Here are some other benefits child gets when they play learning-based video games.

Can’t homework do the same thing?

The answer is flat out, No!

Everybody hates homework; even us adults find it challenging to do any office work after we return home. Then why burden a teenager with that work?

Homework was found to be the primary stressors of children. It stressed them to the point that children were unable to maintain a proper sleep schedule. Some students stayed up late to complete the work, and others woke up too early to get the job done on time.

After it was found that students resorted to harming themselves for not completing homework, many parents are questioning the assignment’s act. Many countries have resorted to ending the concept of reading. One such country is Finland, and the students there have shown remarkable results.

It is just not the students who face problems but also parents. Imagine having to come back from a long day at work and then face the challenge of making children do their homework. Not every child is an angle that would do their homework without anything being said to them. Most of them have to be forced.

Today many education systems are looking into the possibility of changing the homework culture. They are trying to make homework more digital or make homework something that children can do easily.  For instance lido learning tutors are an amazing example.

Both parents and students have welcomed the change in homework culture.  The concept of game-based learning has opened uncharted horizons. Although the idea hasn’t been entirely successful yet but given its benefits, educationalists are working on making it better and succeed soon.


Why Should We Opt for Game-Based Learning?

There had been multiple discussions regarding the evolution of the educational system lately. Educationists have provided various theories and ideas to increase the interest and involvement of students in studies.

Game-based-learning has been regarded as the most effective way to make students learn things. Lidolearning app is an amazing game-based leaning app – in case you’re looking for one.

This curriculum and teaching methodology takes full advantage of modern technology and programs.

Notion behind game-based-learning

The central principle or notion behind game-based learning is introducing a teaching method that includes playing, struggling, and attaining goals. This concept is the foundation of video games. The player begins slowly and developsthe ability to make the ‘right decisions’ until they can skillfully conquer the most challenging levels. Games that are well built and designed provide ample complexity to make it enjoyable while being quick enough to keep the student engaged.

Game-based-learning is almost based on a similar principle. It is an idea from the world of gaming incorporated in the educational system. Pupils work for specific and clear targets. To achieve those targets and goals, they take required actions and face the good or bad consequences of those decisions all through the game. They are taught the right way to do things effectively. In game-based teaching, the outcome is achieved by active learning.

A piece of evidence for the efficacy of game-based learning is the use of flight-simulators. Pilots typically use these during aviation training. They are assigned with very particular tasks and trained to achieve them. This game-based learning has been proved very useful for training pilots and aviators.

Game-Based Teaching vs. Textbook Teaching

The advancement of the education system has always been slower than it should be. Slow changes and adaptions are positive things, as all methodologies are well observed, and in this way, the system is prevented from implementing wrong policies in haste. However, due to this mechanism, the advancement of the educational world is not at the same pace as technology’s progress. For publishing textbooks, a lot of time and money is required. That’s why updating a book is a formidable job and will take months to be done.

Meanwhile, the game is checked and modified during the development process to be a more successful learning method easily. Whenever new researches and editions come out, then new phone updates in the games can be introduced. This updating process will be far less time-consuming than publishing new editions of the books. This method has been in practice for many years in the form of phone updates. Games also have software to monitor the progress of students. It also allows teachers to record the progress of students. The only way to improve the educational system’s advancement rate is by radically altering the on-going programs and strategies with game-based learning. However, it is not an easy goal to achieve.


Game-Based Learning; incorporating active learning phenomena

Children are often unable to learn in class. Students on generation-z just find it hard to pay attention to the board and books. No, it is not that they are lazy; it’s because of the devices around them. The tools they have access to give them the option to explore themselves in a manner books cannot.

To overcome this issue, educationalists have researched and developed the phenomena of Game-Based Learning.

What does the term Game-Based Learning mean?

“Game-based learning” can be defined; as incorporating gaming in the syllabus for educational purposes. However, “game-based learning” is not a synonym for gamification. Both of these terms are entirely different. Gamification represents the use of gaming techniques in other activities, which are not games. Simultaneously, “game-based learning” focuses on the methods by which games can be used for educational purposes.

Is “game-based learning” Effective?

Being bored at school is a recurring problem for some children, causing severe anxiety and agony. Students start looking for excuses to skip school or miss lectures just to escape the dull environment. To overcome this problem, “game-based learning” is a handy resource. For example, several teachers are now making puzzles games out of lessons. This makes lessons enjoyable for students and also helps them to learn better.

Apart from its primary educational goal, “game-based learning” also helps pupils build and improve the following skills:

  • Better Concentration

Children are always excited about playing games. In this way, they fully indulge in solving or completing their game. They will try to use new and creative techniques to achieve theirtarget. This practice, in the long term, improves their ability to focus and concentrate.

  • Time management

Whether educational or not, almost all games are time-based, so they will teach the kid to be fast enough to complete the required goals in a limited amount of time. They will try to use new and creative techniques to achieve this goal.

  • Control

It is impossible to get everything in one try. Children cannot get all things done right in single attempts. Hence, through “game-based learning,” they learn how to react and control their emotions after failure. This helps to increase their resilience and patience.

  • Teamwork

People always need other people to support and help them throughout life. However, one can only enjoy this help if one knows how to act and work in a team. Hence, “game-based learning” will help children to learn teamwork. It will teach them to leave personal benefits for the sake of their team and its success.

  • Problem-solving

Problems are part of life. So, one should always be prepared to face any hurdle or obstacle with resilience and patience. “game-based learning” will help children to solve problems on their own. At the start, they may not be able to face the challenges effectively. However, after some time, their skills will enhance, and they will achieve their goals despite all the obstacles.

The best part of this method is that it makes the students learn things actively. When they learn something by trial and error, they learn a lesson that they will never forget. Lido learning app is the perfect one.


Is Homework “Really” Important?

Homework can be defined as an extension of school work that students are meant to complete at their homes. Homework plays a massive role in developing a sense of responsibility in children. Students take responsibility for assigned tasks. They try to complete it in the best possible manner, for good grades and appreciation in the class. In this way, they learn to take their matters and responsibilities seriously. Students understand the value of hard work and develop work ethics through homework. They dedicate specific hours in a day and try to complete their homework. So they can achieve the best possible grades. This develops dedication as well as diligence in the pupils at a very early age. Reading helps to polish the management skills of students. Students use multiple tricks and techniques to complete various tasks in a limited amount of time. Homework serves various academic purposes. It helps to develop discipline, learning patterns, and time punctuality in the students.

Types of homework:

Generally, homework is categorized into three types:

  1. Preparation:In this kind of assignment, pupils to do a background search before starting any new topic or lesson. This develops dedication as well as diligence in the pupils.
  2. Practice: This type of homework helps students reinforce the lessons and skills they have learned lately.
  3. Extension:These assignments run in the long-term and are parallel to the school work. In this way, they learn to take their matters and responsibilities seriously.

How to make homework fun?

Students dedicate specific hours in a day and try to complete their homework. So they can achieve the best possible grades. However, sometimes due to a high workload and a limited amount of time, students can not complete their work in a fixed amount of time. To overcome this problem, they try to work all night and day. This decreases the interaction between children and their families. In the end, such a routine will ruin the physical as well as mental health of students.

It also causes mental agony for parents. However, this issue can be solved by making homework fun for parents as well as children. The following are some tips by which homework can be made fun for children:

  • Games based homework:

This kind of homework can include both physical as well as electronic games to help students learn better. Online quizzes or video games are specially designed for students to enjoy as well as work. The primary purpose is to make homework fun. The teacher can also pair up students for group studies. In this way, they can play as well as learn. You can start by checking out lido learning app

  • Videos and Visuals:

Homework can be made fun by incorporating videos and visuals lessons in the syllabus. This will make the experience personalized for parents and increased retention for students in terms of learning.

  • Comfortable Environment:

Parents should set-up a proper and comfortable environment for students. Parents should make study timetables for their children. To study with full focus and attention without ruing their health or well-being.

Once all these factors are put into place, students will start enjoying their homework rather than do it as a chore. Times are changing, and it’s high time we begin digitizing school curriculum.


Google Forms Guide Make Your Free Personal Surveys

Google continues to make people’s working and studying life to be more convenient than ever before. Google Forms, which is an app developed by Google, provides users with very helpful survey administration services to let them collect data and information easily. Google Forms can be used together with other Google Office suites such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, making data collection simpler than ever before.

For users who have never used Google Forms but want to start the first online survey with it now, this guide may help you a lot. We will show to the guides on using Google Forms on different devices, which include Computer, Android, iPhone, and iPad because there have slight differences in using Google Forms with different devices.

Now we shall begin.

On Computer

Step 1. Firstly, you need to go to the Google Forms official website here. For creating a new form or quiz in Google Forms directly, just by clicking the “Blank” option.


Extra guide 1:

If you are using Google Drive and need to save the form to Google Drive, or you hope to present the form in Google Sheets, you can also go to the corresponding platforms and create the form easily because Google has united the services together.

Google Drive: Go to Google Drive > New > More > Google Forms.


Google Sheets: Go to Google Sheets > Click “Blank” to create a new sheet or import an existing one > Insert > Forms.

Step 2. When you have created the form or quiz, you can begin to edit the form now. You can add a title, description, related questions, image, video, section, etc. on the provided page. It would be easy to handle because Google Forms has offered a very simple interface.


Step 3. When you have edited the form, you can send it to other people for filling the questions you have raised. As you come back to Google Forms and open the form you have created, you can navigate to the “Responses” side and see how others answer your questions. You can even output the results to a spreadsheet by clicking the icon provided there.


On Android

Step 1. On your Android device, you need to open a browser at first, then go to Google Forms site. Unlike on the computer, when you open Google Forms, a new form will directly be created and ready for you.

Step 2. As the form has been well prepared, you can directly edit it by adding questions, images, videos, sections, etc. to it. To make your target clear to be known, you need to use direct expressions in your title and description.


Step 3. After the form is ready, you can share it with people by clicking the share icon provided in the interface. After letting them fill out all the questions, you can come back to this form again and view all the responses in the “Responses” section.

On iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Like on Android, you need a web browser to go to Google Forms platform. When the platform is launched, a new form is prepared for you to use directly.

Step 2. Now complete the form with your designed questions, text, images, videos, sections, and so on. Remember to write clear descriptions and titles for each question so that your target audiences can know what information you need to collect.


Step 3. When the form is created, send it to your audiences by hitting the share icon provided on top of the interface. If your audiences fill the form well, you will receive their responses and see the detailed content in the “Responses” section.

Extra guide 2:

Currently, Google Forms only allows people to save the data in spreadsheet format, so if someone who need a PDF document (the visual presenting effect will be better), they can convert the excel file to PDF with free online Excel to PDF converter, which can also be used on all the above devices.


Google Forms has designed itself to be as simple to use as possible so that more users can make full use of the platform and conduct more surveys they need to administrate. Moreover, by connecting Google Forms with other Google Office suites greatly help improve productivity and working efficiency. They are all very simple to use tools. You can have a try.

Places To Visit In Morocco Post The Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the whole world. Every industry has been affected and the most of all has been the tourism industry. But the whole world is coming to terms with the virus and slowly opening up. Safety features are being introduced and the tourism industry is also making sure that all safety protocols are adhered to. You can begin your Morocco vacations as soon as there is an ease in travel restrictions. And when you visit you should not forget to visit the following places:


Image source

Marrakesh Medina:

The Marrakesh Medina is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Morocco. The vibrancy and the constant buzzing can be a culture shock but if you want to experience something really beautiful and vibrant you need to take in everything slowly. The stalls, the snake charmers, the vendors, the musicians all add to the old world charm of the place. The streets are like a maze but it is an experience which you will treasure. You will find a lot of memorabilia here, so be ready to shop.

Hasssan II Mosque:

This is one of Casablanca’s most famous buildings. The construction of the mosque was completed in 1993 and more than ten thousand artisans worked day and night to create this wonderful edifice. The carvings on marble, the mosaic, and the tiles are all examples of the wonderful craftsmanship that Morocco has managed to cultivate and nurture. Though it is a contemporary building it still has an old world charm and should be on the top of your list during your Morocco tours.

Oudaias Kasbah:

The Oudaias Kasbah in Rabat is one of the most picturesque places in the country. The blue coloured buildings are a photographer’s delight. The Kasbah is very famous on social media. Many tourists on their Morocco vacations visit the place after learning about it in Instagram and Facebook.

Fes el Bali:

If you want to really understand Moroccan culture you should head to Fes which is one of the cultural melting pots of the country. The wonderful doors and the plasterwork provide great opportunities for creative photographs. If you are photographically inclined you will be taking a lot of photographs when you visit Fes. There are many tanneries in the area and you can visit and learn about the industry, but beware of the smell.


Tangier is as European as they come. The city has a history and it is mostly about debauchery. Though the city has become decent there are places that are still known for their profligate ways.


Set in the Rif Mountains is the beautiful town of Chefchaouen. The blue on blue buildings are quite an attraction. It is a quiet place to relax and enjoy the old world beauty. If you want some peace and quiet away from the cities then Chefchaouen is the place to head to while on your Morocco vacations. If you are an outdoors person then the town is the place from where you can go on wonderful trekking expeditions on the Rif Mountains.


The best Roman ruins in the country of Morocco, it is a place one must visit. Just viewing the huge columns and the remains of huge buildings is bound to give a person goose bumps. You can explore the place quite quickly and you need half a day maximum for it. If you are in Fes you can visit Volubilis and head back the same evening.

Ait Ben Haddou:

This fortress is very scenic and you can enjoy the beauty in a laidback fashion here. It is one of the leading Hollywood locations. The ideal time to visit is early morning or late evening. The fortress does not have electricity so arrive when there is light.

Erg Chebbi:

For those who wish to enjoy the Sahara Desert, the place to head to is Erg Chebbi. You will find many desert explorers here. The sand dunes of Erg Chebbi are well known and you can enjoy many adventure games such as dune surfing, camel trekking, four wheel drive dune bashing etc. The best part about visiting Erg Chebbi is camping in the night and viewing the night sky. The stars seem splendid in the night desert sky always. And if you stay quiet you can even feel the desert whispering to you. A desert is a different experience which everyone should enjoy and savour.

While booking a trip to Morocco make sure that you are booking through experts like Memphis Tours. They have been in the business of travel for more than 65 years. People who use their services keep returning back because of their dedication to excellence and their safety and service commitment. Safety in these times is paramount and Memphis Tours excels in it.

Dubai Opens Up For Tourism Post Covid-19 – A Guide

Dubai, one of the leading tourist destinations in the world has opened up for tourists since July. People who wish to visit the country however need to follow the stringent protocols that have been set by the government. The things to do before your Dubai tours are:

  • Every traveller to Dubai must download an app known as the Covid-19 DXB app and register on it. They should also diligently fill in the details that are requested on the app.
  • The authorities need every visitor to fill a health declaration form and they should also bring valid health insurance too.
  • Travellers to Dubai need to get a Polymerase Chain Reaction test also known as the PCR test at least 4 days before they commence the travel. The test results should be carried in original. If the test results are not carried by a traveller the local authorities will conduct the test and quarantine you for 14 days.
  • In the city you should wear a mask always when you are at public places.
  • Every person should adhere to the two metre rule and maintain the social distance.
  • Always sit in the back seat while riding in taxis.
  • Maintain cleanliness at all times.


Image source

Though the guidelines may be stringent, if you follow them you will surely enjoy Dubai Tours. The best places to visit while on Dubai tours are given below:

Burj Khalifa:

The tallest building in the world is naturally going to be the prime attraction. You can view the building from anywhere in the city as it towers into the sky. We must congratulate the creators of the building for first envisaging something as wonderful as Burj Khalifa in the middle of a desert. And bringing the idea into fruition must have been a mammoth task. We need to understand that the work and sweat of multiple people made such a task possible and we need to tip our hat for that. The best part about Burj Khalifa is the observation deck. The decks are on the 124th floor as well as the 148th floor. You can view the city from this vantage point and just marvel. I forgot to mention that it takes under one minute to travel to the viewing decks in the high speed elevator. The elevator ride is itself worth it.

Dubai Museum and Al Bastakiya Quarter:

Dubai is not just modern buildings, it has a wonderful past and a rich cultural heritage and Al Bastakiya is the place to head to, to discover it. The old buildings with their architecture are a tourist’s delight. While you are in old Dubai you should visit the Dubai Museum which is in the Al Fahidi Fort and understand the culture of the city.

The Dubai Mall:

The Dubai Mall is a very huge mall with over 1000 retailers. You can shop till you drop and the mall is not just about shopping, there are other attractions like the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the VR Park etc. There are many amazing dining opportunities with some of the best restaurants housed here. Another major attraction at the Dubai Mall is the Dubai Fountain. People from all walks of life descend to the Dubai Fountain to watch the choreographed fountain shows. When you see water dancing, it is really a sight to behold and the best part is the show is free.

Burj Al Arab:

Burj Al Arab is considered to be the only 7 star hotel in the world, though some dispute this claim. Even if there are other 7 star hotels in the world, it does not matter because the beauty of the sail shaped building is there for all to see. If you can afford a stay, then nothing like it. If you cannot, then you can take pictures or selfies with the wonderful building.

Desert Safari:

A visit to Dubai without going on a desert safari is incomplete. It is an experience which you will never forget. There are many desert safari options available such as morning safaris, evening safaris and even overnight safaris. You can try sports such as dune surfing, camel riding etc. In the evenings you can watch belly dances and other shows too. It is a trip which the whole family will enjoy.

When you plan your Dubai trip, make sure that you use the services of trusted tour operators like Memphis Tours. They will take care of everything right from planning your itinerary, to your tickets, your accommodation and so on. They are in the business off travel for more than 65 years, yes, you read that right, 65 years. The experience and the trust with which people keep coming back for all their travel needs, is what makes them unique. Their commitment to safety and security is really admirable.

Struggling through law school or internship? Here’s a legal document software just for you

Law School

While most of the modern legal tech tools are too expensive and complicated for students or junior legal professionals, Loio stands out by combining simplicity with affordability to help people create and file in better legal documents.

Whether you are in school or launching a career in law, you probably already know how great the competition in law is and how stressful this industry can be. According to the 2019 Resilience and Well-being report by the Junior Lawyers Division, a quarter of young lawyers in Britain claimed to have experienced ‘severe’ or ‘extreme’ levels of stress regularly. Most of this stress comes from an unrealistic workload, burning deadlines, and the never-ending pile of legal paperwork, trumping the legal services industry to the second-most stressful industry.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. While you can’t get out there on your own and make a quick radical change to the entire industry, you can at least help yourself get through the stress more easily. Devil’s in the details, right? Well, Loio is built around this idea. It is a simple legal document software that aims to improve the lives of people in law, one doc at a time. In the jungles of legalese and expensive legal document software solutions, Loio might be just what you need to boost your daily paperwork routine.

So what does Loio do, exactly? This legal document software follows your work in a text editor and gives you three key features:
1. Proofreading — through searching and highlighting various information types (e.g. locations, names, contract party terms & definitions, contacts, and so on). Loio mixes a fresh combo of machine learning tools and simple automation functions to achieve this result.
2. Styling. Loio scans your fonts and text properties and offers user-friendly and quick editing options to keep your legal document flexible and in-shape.
3. Numbering. Do you ever get stuck with the slippery of misplaced references and unflexible lists in your documents? Well, Loio can cover you here. It scans your references and numberings, points out inconsistencies and mistakes, and suggests a click-to-fix option. It’s like having a digital assistant whom you can trust your docs.

What makes Loio unique is that it is extremely easy to hop on, learn, and use effectively to help you with documents. The thing is, this is a new software for legal documents, so it still has a free subscription with no credit card information needed from the user. Just install it as an add-in to your Microsoft Word and turn it on every time you need guidance or double-check. In a world where legal document software is extremely formalized and usually affordable only to mid- to big-sized law firms, Loio stands out as an easy, simple, and free tool that nonetheless brings you results without changing the way you approach paperwork. You even might use Loio not just as a legal document drafting software, as its AI-driven proofreading tool is great for scanning any detail-heavy text and sorting these details into plain and clear baskets.

If you’re only starting out your career in law or finishing up your law school degree, a simple free legal document software is just what you might need to get that little extra advantage during these crucial professional steps.