Keanu Reeves Stays the Best Internet Boyfriend

The Keanussance is giving no indication of backing off, as our dearest web beau, Keanu Reeves, keeps on being a demulcent to our spirits in this exhausted world.

While taping Bill and Ted Face the Music in Slidell, Louisiana, Reeves and essayist maker Ed Solomon saw a high quality sign in somebody’s yard. It read, “You’re amazing,” referencing a minute during Reeves’ appearance at an ongoing computer game meeting that became famous online. Solomon tweeted that Reeves hopped out of a vehicle and composed on it, “Stacey, you’re amazing!” and marked his signature. It’s the seemingly insignificant details that make us adore you, Keanu.

Stacey Hunt tweeted that her child thought of the plan to make the sign subsequent to discovering that the motion picture was recording down the road from their home. Reeves (sans whiskers) additionally snapped a picture with the family. Chase and her children caught up with a second sign that stated, “Thank you Keanu.”

Reeves’s “You’re breathtaking” meme originates from an E3 video-game conference that happened in L.A. on June 9. Reeves made a surprise appearance to announce the release date of a game he’s in called Cyberpunk 2077. After an audience member yelled to Reeves that he was “breathtaking,” he returned the sentiment.

“The fact that he was nice enough to take the time to talk to us and take pictures — everyone says he’s a nice guy. And it’s true,” Hunt told nola.com

Pardon me while I sit down for my annual summer viewing of Keanu in Paula Abdul’s 1991 music video for “Rush Rush.” Highly recommend playing his “milk-bottle scene” on repeat to help deal with this heat wave.(Source)



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