Shawn Mendes Tour 2019: Best Moments

Shawn Mendes has spent nearly the whole summer performing around North America, however he gave definitely no indications of backing off during his first of two evenings at New York’s Barclays Center on Friday (Aug. 23).

In front of an audience for almost two hours, Mendes skilled the sold-out Brooklyn crowd with a lot of tracks from his self-titled third collection just as more seasoned hits and some fan top picks – each minute demonstrating that he’s a serious entertainer.

Look at some highlights from Shawn Mendes: The Tour beneath.

The sparkling setting

Fans got wristbands after entering the field that lit up when he made that big appearance, which made for an otherworldly climate the entire night. As the wrist trinkets changed shading, so did the goliath ascended on the B-arrange, which raised the visual experience of the night into something hypnotizing.

Nothing holdin’ him back (from that high note)

Mendes made it clear from the begin that he was going to give the group his everything vocally, and “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” was a prime case of that. He included a note that was strikingly high, yet completely nailed it – and set the pace for the remainder of his noteworthy power minutes to come.

“Fastens” chime in

Fans were singing so noisily to certain melodies that you could frequently hear them over the main event. They got their first minute to sparkle after “Lines,” when the band ceased and Mendes played his acoustic guitar alongside the ensemble like group.

Turning “Señorita” into a piano song

Without Camila Cabello close behind for each show (however she was at Barclays – see beneath), Mendes consolidated a performance take on “Señorita” that transformed it into a piano interpretation. In the wake of sneaking in the vocal riff from his other Camila collab “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” Mendes then consistently progressed into his very own track “Shared,” one more show of his melodic virtuoso.

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