Different Countries Approaches to the Kitchen-Living Room Design

Different countries’ approaches to the design of the kitchen combined with the living area

Japanese style

Japanese style is at the peak of popularity in recent years. Owners of apartments prefer this direction for a combination of grace and delicate simplicity. In the Japanese kitchen-living room there is calm and a steady sense of balance, harmony with oneself.


In the interior of the black and white kitchen in the Japanese style, should certainly be several contrasting elements. It can be red pendant lights, panels with hieroglyphs, traditional mats, wooden screens. Screens not only decorate the interior but also zone the room.


The oriental style in the interior has several directions, but they are all united by common features:

  • natural materials – more often the choice falls on marble, limestone, decorative tiles or plaster;
  • soft colors in the decoration – from white to beige and sand;
  • clear zoning of the room – the kitchen from the living room is separated by arches;
  • low furniture – without sharp corners, with smooth, soft outlines;
  • many accessories and decor elements – carpets, pottery and bowls, soft poufs, a bunch of small pillows.

English style

This style is the choice of aristocrats. The color scheme is based on restrained and pastel shades, and the wood plays an important role. This natural material is used to make not only furniture, but also decorative elements, flooring, and wall decoration. Textiles – only the highest quality, with a luxurious texture. To find some appropriate prestige and chic furniture in this style, better to search for it online.

The English style is one of the most expensive and difficult in performance. Definitely not suitable for those who want to make budget repairs in the kitchen-living room.

Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style in the interior is somewhat similar to the Scandinavian one. It is based on practicality, accessibility and functionality. You will not find expensive and extravagant elements of decor in the interior of the Mediterranean cuisine, combined with the living room,. The premises look simple and stylish, evoke associations with a warm morning on the beach, the gentle rays of the sun, and the rustle of green foliage.

The Mediterranean style has several varieties – Italian, Greek, etc. Soft and warm colors prevail in the Italian Mediterranean interior and are widely used as decor handmade products from clay, wood, and other natural materials.


The Greek-style is based on cold tones – shades of blue, blue, turquoise. Large windows are often curtained with light blue or turquoise curtains – in the living room combined with the kitchen, they create a private atmosphere and protect from the scorching sun rays typical for this region.

The Mediterranean style is often chosen to equip a large kitchen in a country house or a spacious apartment. Small-sized real estate is best designed in a marine style. It is based on a similar color scheme, but less demanding on the area of ​​the room.

Scandinavian style

This style is universal. It is suitable for the design of small and spacious apartments. The interior is dominated by light shades – white, beige, light gray – and natural materials. From natural materials, designers often prefer wood. It is either coated with colorless varnish to emphasize the beauty of the texture, or painted to match the walls. The windows are not covered with curtains – there should be a lot of light in the living room combined with the kitchen.

Due to the abundance of white, the Scandinavian style may seem boring. But this is not so. The interior uses bright accents – beautiful warm rugs, flowers on window sills and open shelves, paintings and posters, unusual lamps, and candles.

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