How to Make a Kitchen Repair in the Loft-Style

Despite its versatility, the loft-style is not suitable for everyone. It looks better in spacious rooms with high ceilings than in small rooms. Most often, young people and people in creative professions are inclined toward a loft. To conservatives, this style seems too simple and rude.

Having started repairing in the loft-style your kitchen, start with such “shortcomings” of the room as open pipes, batteries, ventilation systems. Turn them into decorative elements. You will see that industrial elements will look great in contrast with exquisite accessories, for example, chandeliers with crystal elements or details made of expensive glass.

The most noticeable feature of the loft is wall decoration. Owners of apartments in brick houses are more lucky – they clean the wall to a brick, leaving it in this shape or paint in white. If you are not sure about this decision you can visit this site that can demonstrate to you how interesting and variated a brick wall can be.

For a panel or monolithic house, wall decoration with concrete or micro cement is suitable. The most neutral option is paint. But it is better to stop your choice for the same neutral shades of black, gray, brick. Another effective way of finishing is painting the walls in white. It will create a bright contrast with wooden or metal furniture, household appliances, and decor items.

But the brick-like tile should be discarded – it is too obvious that it is artificial. Replace it with white ceramic tiles – square or rectangular. The kitchen will become brighter and visually spacious. More refined options of a tile – from micro cement. The rule of naturalness applies also to ceiling beams: it is better to leave the ceiling white or concrete than to create an imitation of wooden beams.

If there are beams on the ceiling in the kitchen, paint them dark. An alternative is to use decorative beams.

Kitchen layout

Loft style is recommended for use in spacious kitchens. In a small room, brick, wood, and metal will clutter up space, visually making it even smaller.

Loft style kitchen

A kitchen set in the loft-style can look as industrial as possible. It looks like the kitchen of a restaurant or cafe – with facades and a kitchen apron made of stainless steel sheets. The set with a frame made of black metal is supplemented with facades and a tabletop made of micro cement, solid wood like pine.

The soft loft direction visually softens the interior. To do this, a simple modern set with minimalistic facades: black, white or dark shades of natural wood is suitable. The main thing is to supplement it with metal elements, for example, hanging open shelves and lamps.

Kitchen furniture

Furniture and appliances are the main elements in the loft-style kitchen. Use chrome home appliances, retro-style accessories, cast-iron, and copper kitchen utensils in the interior.

Loft style involves simple furniture, it is advisable to put a large dining table made of wood. It can be supplemented with high bar stools or designer chairs. The best way to find these models is to search them online.

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