Things you would consider before hiring AI company

In this fast-growing technological world, Artificial intelligence is becoming very popular and has come as a trendy concept. AI has steeped almost in every field and played well like in the education sectors, agriculture sectors, travel, healthcare industry, and several other industries also. According to research, it has been said that by the year 2035 the gross value added of the financial sector will get a  boost by 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars with a baseline of 3.4 trillion U.S. dollars. And the reason behind all this boost and impact is just the use of Artificial intelligence.

This data simply suggests how crucial the use of AI for your business may be. You need to start your search for one of the top AI companies among millions that are easily available to you. This article will help to decide the best partner for your business but before that, you must take a brief idea of what Artificial Intelligence is.

Having stated that, it’s time to deal with the elephant inside the room, i.e., Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a type of computer system that can carry out jobs that typically require human intelligence. These AI structures are majorly powered machine learning and some of them powered by deep learning technologies.

With the help of automating processes, extracting value from the data and producing actionable insights is the work of AI systems which makes it crucial for business. These structures leverage the data in large amounts for unleashing styles and patterns that are difficult to recognize by any individual. If you want to know more about it, we recommend you check the review provided by Harcard business about the importance of AI in today’s economic world.

You can see the use of AI in every domain. For instance, from the automatic vehicles and virtual assistants to the image processors and house bots, this shows how the future is shifting closer to an AI-driven economy. In such situations, as an owner of the company, you must think about whether you are adopting these changes and still sticking on the traditional ways to make a profit from the business.

So, if you are still thinking to embrace AI, then stop. Because there are a lot of competitors of yours who have already started the use of this technology in their business and this could be the main reason why you need to adapt this and why to start searching for the best AI companies. Hence, you aren’t left with handiest options:

You need to identify if there is an existence of turnkey AI and MLAAS solutions for the aims of your company.

Or find out the top AI companies to offer you a custom solution

If you are going with the first one then you need to use the technical talent of your company. One can take the help of platforms of MLAAS(machine learning as a service) from tech experts like Microsoft, Amazon, IBM Watson, or Google Cloud. These systems are properly incorporated with their organization’s cloud solution and provide a few standard technical abilities consisting of text processing, voice, and face recognition. MLAAS systems allow groups to keep their records withinside the cloud to take help from built-in tools of machine learning rather than preparing their own from scratch.

Well, Turnkey solutions and MLAAS platforms are good but they are not able to resolve every problem. Plus, you may feel a need to recruit a technical team for managing and customizing these solutions. Hence the latter option is the only thing left for you and fetching the best AI company for your organization will prove as a beneficial deal for you.

Things to consider while selecting an AI company

While looking for some of the best AI companies don’t forget to consider the below points –

  • Generic or Vertical Solutions

Big Enterprises typically provide cross-domain or generic solutions, whilst on the other side, small groups or the Startups targets on vertical solutions. Generally, groups don’t like to handle multiple partners and might choose a generic software program while some opt for industry-specific AI solutions. Choosing the right vendor is crucial as it can save a lot of your money and efforts and also it can provide some unexpected profit to your business. If a company fails to select the right vendor then the organization may need to face some critical issues.

  • Alignment with the agency’s’ objectives

This is the most important factor which a business owner should consider while selecting the best AI companies. You should consider the company which finds out the right use case and start by implementing them on small projects. Before the organization starts implementing the AI solutions, it is crucial for the senior management to add a framework for the collection of data and also need to take a look at regulatory and governance implications.

  • Portfolio of AI Development agency

Checking the portfolio at a company’s website is considered as an important factor. With the help of a portfolio, you can understand the company in a better way, especially when you want to know about the experience of their team and the past projects done by the company. It will tell you what type of solution the organization has developed, the kind of industries they have been serving, the overall return on investment gained, etc.  All of these facts will subsequently help you in predicting the destiny of your AI-based solution.

  • Make preliminary contact

You can directly contact the top AI companies that you have finalized. Collect extra information, by directly asking questions to the team manager or anyone from the company’s behalf. You can plan a questionnaire and then ask them to answers, like this –

  • Does the agency face the same problem like yours in their previous projects?
  • Ask questions related to the method they are using?
  • How much data and time will they need to improve the performance of the solution?
  • What type of risk is there?
  • What are the criteria to measure solutions’ ROI?
  • How can they make your products or services better than that of your competitors?

Along with these factors, you need to check the location of that agency, costing, and most importantly feedback which you can receive through their previous clients or by various social media platforms.

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