Tips to Create Country-Style Interior

In each country, the country-style interior is expressed in its own way, so it exposes the culture and characteristics of the nation in its country. The common components of this style in all countries are the use of only natural materials, old furniture, textiles in muted colors, themes of nature, and wildlife.

How to create this style?

For wall decoration, you can use both paper wallpaper and wood panels, as well as decorative plaster. If you are thinking about the wood paneling you can read this information that will help you to know more about it.  Sometimes part of the wall is with the purpose left untouched so that under the plaster brickwork would seem to be unintentionally exposed. The color scheme is in soft tones.

If this is a wallpaper, then the pattern is often chosen with flowers, if the wood then color should be light.

In some European countries, on the contrary, bright colors or the contrast of the top and bottom parts of the wall are used for decoration. Sometimes such decor is supplemented with a border or stucco molding.

For decorating a country-style ceiling, unpainted wood or beams of the same level are more often used. The European style allows the putty and whitewashing of the ceiling.

For a floor in a country interior is usually chosen a natural rough-processed parquet in the light tones. If for modern styles the parquet should be perfectly smooth without a sharp difference in tones, then a large number of knot chipped parts, a visible pattern of wood will be welcome here. To know more specifically about the parquet flooring you can read this article.

It is not difficult to select furniture in this style, it is just important for it to be in the correct shape, without asymmetric details, crooked lines. It should be made only from natural materials and for this purpose will perfectly serve furniture brands that elaborate designs from the solid wood and on this website you will find them. For many, country style is associated with wicker furniture. Most often these are wide varieties of the chairs or armchairs, couches, and rocking chairs. For the veranda or summer garden – hanging benches and hammocks. For the European country style, furniture from genuine leather is mainly chosen. An obligatory condition for all types of country style is a high level of comfort.

To finally complete the country style in the interior, you need to choose the right accessories and household items in the selected style. Textiles should be necessarily natural, designers are more likely to tend to chintz, linen, and any cotton cloth. It’s easy to choose a pattern, and it should be rustic – small flowers, circles, bows, any plant pattern, as well as a cell of any color and size.

As for the small elements of the interior – these are objects of applied art, clay or wooden utensils, flower pots, barrels, simple glass vases. Very often in the bedroom or living room, can be laid or hanged the skin of an animal. It is not difficult to get a real village look for a small country house because usually it is filled with furniture and other small things from a city apartment that is already outdated. Naturally, heavy antique furniture is not suitable for the country, at this point you need to be more selective. Professionals advise giving preference to simple wooden pieces of furniture.

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