What You Should Know When You Choose a Sofa

The sofa in the living room is the gathering place for the whole family: in the evenings they sit comfortably and watch a movie, and in the mornings they discuss plans for the coming day. It is very important that this item is practical, convenient, and pleasing to the eye. In this material, you will read about which sofa to choose for the living room so that it is comfortable and lasts a long time.

In order to understand which sofa to choose for the living room, you must first find out for what purpose it will serve.

Will it be just a decoration element or an important functional element?

Will the sofa be a place of daily sleep or will it only be used to sit on it?

Will it be convenient for you to spend time on this couch?

Will you receive guests on it?

How to choose upholstery for a sofa in the living room

To begin with, think about whether it will be easy to care for the material, whether your pets will scratch the upholstery, whether the children will spill coffee on the sofa, how strong such upholstery is – pay attention not only to the style of the upholstery but also to its functional load.

There are three types of upholstery: fabric, genuine leather, and eco-leather.

Fabric upholstery is suitable if there are children or pets in the house. Most often, flock, velour, chenille, jacquard, or tapestry is used for upholstery. These fabrics do not allow moisture to pass through, are easy to wash, and are resistant to wear.

Genuine leather is also a very wear-resistant material, but it is difficult to care for and it is the most expensive. But note that the leather upholstery gives a feeling of coolness. Anyway – a leather sofa is classic and luxurious.

Eco-leather (artificial leather) is not worse than genuine leather in performance, but it costs much cheaper.

The best way to find the most appropriate sofa is to do it online with the help of online stores because only there you can have such a large variegated assortment of the different upholsteries and sofa types.

How to choose a sofa shape

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the shape of the sofa: it is worth measuring it, since it should fit in the place where you want to put it. For small and medium-sized living rooms, a sofa for three people is most suitable. It is best if it is a sofa with a straight shape; it is more comfortable to be placed near a wall.

You have an option for a living room, a corner sofa – this option will fit well into the studio apartment (for zoning the hall and dining room). Also, the corner sofa is well suited for large families or people who like to receive guests: five or even six people can easily sit on it.

If you do not have a very large living room, then you can buy a sofa-transformer: it will be possible to work on it, and relax, and sleep. And if the living room is very small, then please yourself with a small mini-sofa in a minimalist style: it will decorate the guest room and give you a pleasant and comfortable place to relax.

If you have an extensive living room, then you can easily put a sofa for up to six or more people there.

There are a lot of the sofa types that can be suitable for you, to know more about it you can read here.

Choice of frame: for centuries

Now you can start choosing the sofa frame. This construction takes up most of the load, so it must be very durable. Basically, the supporting parts of the frame are made of alder, pine, spruce, and birch and others.

Plywood or chipboard can be used to fill the frames of the frame, so do not be alarmed when you see these materials in the composition. Particleboard is not afraid of moisture, but the life of this material is not very long, so it is better to choose plywood. Multilayer plywood will last a long time – it is a very durable material.

The color of the sofa in the living room

Please note that the color of the sofa must be consistent with the color of the entire living room, especially its walls. If the walls in the living room are colored, and the room itself is dark and without natural light, then it is better to choose white furniture. If the walls are white and you are close to the Scandinavian style, the sofa can be gray. The main thing is that the color of the sofa does not merge with the color of the wallpaper in the living room: the wallpaper and the sofa itself should be in different colors.

How to choose the color of the sofa in the living room so that it does not hurt your eyes? Try brown, cream, and pastel colors. But if you want something more specific you can read this article that will help you to understand how to use colors in the interior design and this will help you to find the perfect color for your future sofa.

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