Google updates the Stadia FAQ for local multiplayer

Google announced last month that it was pricing Stadia, launching titles and other information on how the streaming service operates. An update to July 3rd’s official Stadia FAQ shows even more about the controller, local multiplayer, and how to redeem later this year.

Stadia is Google’s new cloud-based gaming platform that allows you to play your favorite hit video games across screens instantly. Night Blue is included in the Founder’s Edition. Other colors include Wasabi (Not available in Canada or Nordics), Clearly White, and Just Black.

For launch in November, only the Google Chromecast Ultra will be compatible with Stadia, and you will also need a Stadia Controller and access to Stadia to play with Chromecast. Access to Stadia in November is only available through the Founder’s Edition or through a Stadia Buddy Pass. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding additional device compatibility.

Google also addressed a few more questions surrounding the Stadia Controller, starting with its compatibility on other platforms. The Mountain View company confirmed that the controller works best with Stadia, but acts as a standard HID controller when plugged in to your phone, tablet or computer via USB.

The search giant adds that the Stadia Controller uses Bluetooth Low Energy for the initial setup and then connects via Wi-Fi for gaming. Furthermore, up to four controllers can be connected for local multiplayer, just in case Overcooked comes to the service.(source)

The company has confirmed that Stadia will support multiplayer titles, including couch-based coops — in fact, you can use up to four Stadia controllers to play local multiplayer games. Speaking of the Stadia controller, the FAQ says it uses BLE for setup, but it connects via WiFi for gameplay. However, you can also connect the controller to a phone, a tablet or a PC via a USB cable plugged into its USB-C port.

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