Potato protein enables food companies satisfy a variety of nutritional needs

Potato protein can be produced as by-product of potato starch production in relatively large amounts. The technical problems concerning the production as well as the necessary purification of the protein for human consumption are mainly solved. However, the marketing of potato protein is difficult because it can be used, without purification, only in limited fields. Besides many physiological advantages, there may exist som hygienic risk factors which must be investigated in detail before potato protein can be applied by the food industry as a new source of protein.

Potato is one of the most important and versatile foods from a nutritional standpoint. Potato protein has a particularly favorable lysine content in comparison with cereal proteins, whose amino acid scores, on the basis of human requirements, are much lower In terms of quantities required to maintain nitrogen balance in adult humans, the potato protein has better nutritive value than the protein of wheat flour or rice or corn. The unleavened flat bread called chapaties, a staple food in northern India, is generally prepared from wheat flour, which has 8–12% protein but is limited in certain essential amino acids. Partial substitution with other flours can help improve the nutritional quality of chapaties. (source)

The use of potato protein as animal feed is one of the fields of application that has gained vast momentum. The functional food provides a significant portion of the animal feed requirement. However, the adoption of animal feed sector is particularly hampered by the absence of knowledge of dietary advantages and the absence of better techniques of extraction in emerging markets.

Several factors account for the rising popularity of potato protein in food industry in the coming years. The rising demand for functional food products among consumers across the world is a notable trend catalyzing opportunities in the market. Rising popularity of protein-rich food among health enthusiasts is also a key factor fueling the demand for potato protein.

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