Rui Hachimura will finish two FIBA World Cup games

The Wizards and Japan Basketball have been working under a deliberately made burden the board intend to secure Ruis wellbeing after a long NCAA season, the NBA draft and the NBA summer alliance. Rui experienced knee uneasiness and general weariness during the World Cup, which we have together checked with the Wizards. While everybody had sought after Rui to complete the World Cup with Team Japan, the Wizards and Japan Basketball trust it is best for Rui to not play the last two games and have a brief time of rest before he should begin NBA preparing camp with the Wizards which starts just three weeks from now. The Wizards and Japan Basketball will keep on cooperating on Ruis long haul advancement all through the NBA season and driving into Ruis investment in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


I love Team Japan. This was a troublesome choice for the Wizards, Japan Basketball, and myself to make. I am as yet finding out about my body and trust that the Wizards and Japan Basketball are doing all that they can to assist me with being as well as can be expected be for the NBA season and the 2020 Olympics.

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