The Lab-grown meat industry growing rapidly over the course of 2019

Lab-grown meat industry

During 2019, the laboratory-grown meat industry experienced fast development, paving the way for an alternative to slaughtering farmhouses that would dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

Estimates suggest these meats could reach a mass market by 2025, welcome news as evidence continues to mount that transitioning humanity to a more plant-based diet might be a necessary step toward averting widespread ecological disaster.

In the past decade, the dream of lab-grown meat has shifted from science fiction to science fact. In doing so, it has sparked the creation of dozens of companies, and support from some of the biggest names on the planet. But is it truly the way of the future? Digital Trends took an extended look.

A few years later, in 2013, a Dutch pharmacologist and Professor of Vascular Physiology at the Netherlands’ Maastricht University, unveiled the world’s first lab-grown burger. Its game-changing “clean meat” was produced using animal cells, but without the requirement of, you know, killing an actual animal as the food source. For many people, this was the first time that they heard about lab-grown meat. Like the PETA announcement, it sparked a wave of interest from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. (source)

If widely adopted, lab-grown meat, also called clean meat, could eliminate much of the cruel, unethical treatment of animals raised for food. It could also reduce the considerable environmental costs of meat production; resources would be needed only to generate and sustain cultured cells, not an entire organism from birth.

Ventures devoted to the nascent area, which involves producing meat from animal cells in a lab instead of rearing and killing livestock, raised a total $50 million in capital investment in 2018. That’s double the total amount the industry has raised since it first began going commercial in 2015, bringing the total investment to $73.3 million.

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