TweakTown’s Best IFA Awards 2019

IFA 2019 was a major demonstrate this year, and with it we have our Best of IFA 2019 honors.

ASUS ROG Phone II: Ultimate Edition – The Ultimate Gaming Smartphone

ASUS uncovered a far and away superior rendition of its new, and scarcely discharged ROG Phone II at IFA 2019 – the new ROG Phone II Ultimate Edition. Inside, ASUS has conveyed 1TB of super-quick UFS 3.0 capacity, a higher-binned CPU and GPU for extreme in a hurry portable exhibition, and a super-smooth showcase.

The ROG Phone II: Ultimate Edition has the equivalent 6.59-inch 1080p 120Hz OLED as the first ROG Phone II, however the “unique” Adreno 640 GPU should give you considerably more execution to hit that colossal 120FPS.

Samsung Galaxy Fold – This Time, It’s Back For Real

Samsung is re-discharging its foldable Galaxy Fold cell phone, opening up pre-enlistments for the Galaxy Fold a couple of days prior. The new Galxay Fold has been changed, with Samsung lessening the space between the pivot and the body of the Galaxy Fold, and reinforcing a lot of different places on the telephone to make it significantly more solid.

The Galaxy Fold 5G hits South Korea beginning September 6, with the US discharge “in the coming weeks”. Samsung took as much time as necessary this week with the Galaxy Fold re-uncover and re-discharge to report it will have “Universe Fold Premier Service” which will give you “direct access to Samsung specialists who can give you custom fitted direction and backing via telephone whenever, quickly. This incorporates a discretionary one-on-one onboarding session”.



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