Electric Water Heater Market Share 2020-2026 by Product, Latest Trends, Development, Key Players, Future Growth and Forecasts

Selbyville, Delaware – Market Study Report LLC recently added a new title on 2020-2026 Global Electric Water Heater Market Report from its database. The report provides study with in-depth overview, describing about the Product, market size, share, Industry Scope and elaborates market outlook and status to 2026.

An electric water heater has the same functioning as that of a gas water heater. Electric water heater works by getting water that is cold, in over the dip tube and heats it by using the electric heating elements which are inside the tank. The hot water rises to the highest point in the tank and is further moved across the home through the heat out pipe.

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Electric water heater market is projected to witness a remunerative growth trend owing to the increasing demand from small and large commercial applications. Electric water heater is generally used to heat up water. These heaters work from inside out by using warming elements, or rods which are submerged in a water storage tank, moving from the elements to the water.

Electric water heaters are of three types namely normal plate heater, geyser heater, and immersion heater. The normal heater is basically used for heating a very small portion of water like water for shaving etc. The construction of normal plate heater is very simple and comprises of two nickel plates that are round shaped and are separated by a gap of 2 mm with an insulator.

From a regional frame of reference, the North America water heater market will witness strong growth owing to rapid expansion of service sector along with deployment of advanced instant water heating technologies. Eurasia may emerge as a vital pocket for this industry. Factors like seasonal heating demand owing to extreme climatic conditions will further facilitate the product adoption.

The ongoing economic development coupled with continuous infrastructural spending by the government will boost the demand for CIS heating market. Ongoing technological advancements along with growing electrification rate will also foster the market growth in the MEA region.

The immersion water heater is the type of electric heater which is immersed in water for heating water. The body of immersion water heater is generally made of a metallic substance, and the element which is installed inside a capillary tube is made of copper. The capillary tube is usually filled with magnesium oxide working as an insulator. Also, the end of the tube is sealed from both sides and the supply connection is given through 3 pin plug and socket.

The principle of using water geyser is a simple one. In geyser heater the electric heating element is used to heat up the water stored in a storage tank. The only difference is that it can automatically control the temperature of the water by controlling the period of operating of the heating elements linked with the geyser that are usually not possible in normal or immersion type water heater.

The electric water heater market is segmented in terms of product, capacity, application, and regional landscape.

With respect to capacity, the market is categorized into below 30-liter, 30-100-liter, 100-250-liter, 250-400-liter, and above 400 liters. Among these 250- 400 liters capacity water heaters will witness strong growth owing to increasing demand from small and large commercial applications.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1    Methodology & Scope

1.1    Methodology

1.2    Market definitions

1.3    Market estimates & forecast parameters

1.4    Data sources

1.4.1    Primary

1.4.2    Secondary    Paid sources    Public sources

Chapter 2    Executive Summary

2.1    Electric water heater market 360 degree synopsis, 2015 – 2026

2.1.1    Business trends

2.1.2    Product trends

2.1.3    Capacity trends

2.1.4    Application trends

2.1.5    Regional trends

Chapter 3    Electric Water Heater Industry Insights

3.1    Industry segmentation

3.2    Industry landscape, 2015 – 2026

3.3    Industry ecosystem analysis

3.3.1    Vendor matrix

3.4    Innovation & sustainability

3.4.1    A.O Smith

3.4.2    Vaillant

3.4.3    RHEEM Manufacturing

3.4.4    BOSCH Thermotechnology

3.4.5    Bradford White

3.4.6    State Industries

3.5    Regulatory landscape    Water heaters: (SASO 2884:2017)

3.6    Customer requirement

3.6.1    Customer group requirement    Price    After-Sales Service    Product Accreditation    Space Requirement & Size    Energy Efficiency

3.7    Entry barriers

3.8    Price trend analysis

3.8.1    Price trend analysis, by region

3.8.2    Price trend analysis, by capacity

3.9    Industry impact forces

3.9.1    Growth drivers    North America & Latin America    Growing demand for energy efficient water heaters    Replacement of conventional water heating technology    Europe    Government mandates pertaining to energy efficiency    Growing demand for replacement of existing water heaters    Asia Pacific & MEA    Rapid urbanization and advancing product customization    Increasing demand for energy efficient systems    Growing electrification rate

3.9.2    Industry pitfalls & challenges    High installation cost    Availability of counterparts

3.10    Growth potential analysis

3.11    Porter’s analysis

3.12    Competitive landscape, 2019

3.12.1    Strategy dashboard    RHEEM Manufacturing    BOSCH Thermotechnology    A.O Smith    Rinnai Corporation    Bradford White    Ariston Thermo    GE Appliances

3.13    PESTEL Analysis

Chapter 4    Electric Water Heater Market, By Product

Chapter 5    Electric Water Heater Market, By Capacity

Chapter 6    Electric Water Heater Market, By Application

Chapter 7    Electric Water Heater Market, By Region

Chapter 8  Electric Water Heater market Company Profiles

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