In “Nostalgia just isn’t a replacement for a genuine Story”, Raven comments Starfire’s hairstyle, that second appreciates

In “Nostalgia just isn’t a replacement for a genuine Story”, Raven comments Starfire’s hairstyle, that second appreciates

Quite the opposite, presently, the recognized times of Raven revealing clear irritation towards Starfire use in “Crazy time” whenever Starfire joins within the boys’ craziness and “Kabooms” whenever she snaps at Starfire, who pleads their are the makeup products artist, to remain down with “are you presently joking me personally?

In “The Scoop!”, Starfire grieves after Raven delivers aforementioned’s waffle maker to the garbage can, unintentionally creating Starfire feels worried whenever she in addition to men disapprove Starfire bonding aided by the information and even Starfire goes in terms of kidnapping the girl while the young men to coerce these to tell in which gets the scoop gone before she as well as the young men accept the partnership between Starfire additionally the information. Fortunately, she and males are now being forgiven by Starfire causing all of them celebrate for the points they grow attached to.

She later on provides Starfire advice on tips precisely respond to the two 80s girls who like aforementioned’s tresses by describing the meaning for the jargon.

In “Lil’ Dimples”, Raven is being comforted by Starfire whom says to the lady that her pops is the challenge. She is after being encouraged by Starfire on to not push herself too much on exercising the girl dance.

In “women Night In”, Raven can not go along with Starfire’s exhilaration relating to on Blackfire’s check out and alerts the girl that Blackfire just schemes to beat planet during their particular date using the more babes. However, she really does feel pitiful for Starfire that has been denounced by Blackfire, and combined with the various other babes, in the end helps Starfire on defeating Blackfire.

In “monster kid on a Shelf”, Starfire and Raven bond over drawing a derogatory doodle of Santa Claus making use of their markers regarding the wall surface.

In “Bat Scouts”, Starfire gets Raven, Cyborg and Beast kid each a friendship bracelet she’s got generated, which Raven discovers they cool inturn.

In “Jam”, Starfire and Raven’s bond shines while they are rollerblading in sync with each other, contending contrary to the Brainy Brawlers alongside Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, along with pursuing the three Gotham Sirens with a strong show of relationship and solidarity after the a couple of them realize the three villainesses posses deceived all of them.

Despite their particular closeness, there are still times wherein Raven’s measures create Starfire distressed. In “2nd Christmas”, Raven, Cyborg and monster son were envious that Starfire receives the possible opportunity to celebrate a aˆ?second Christmasaˆ? so that they compensate an additional xmas. After the facts are disclosed by the three (due to Robin’s energy), Raven attempts to apologize but Starfire goes nuts and Raven lays unconscious using the three kids and Silkie and will get delivered to medical center following the Tower becomes inflated. Additionally, in “key landscaping”, Starfire is certainly not happy to see Raven going into the landscaping without authorization and soon after Starfire are heartbroken observe Raven emptying the life span forces for the blooms. In “actual Art”, Starfire even goes as much as capturing Raven plus the men inside memorial via Rainbow Raider’s support only because Raven and guys got severe feedback on pet paint she bought from Rainbow Raider.

” (though this lady has to please Starfire by praising the outfits as “very nice”). Really harshest time happens when Starfire (like magnificent Quad) turns evil along with the rest associated with boys just like the members of League of feet and Raven (like Mega Legasus) crushed their legs (counting Starfire’s) to be able to diminish the wicked power in the legs.


Raven is often frustrated by Cyborg’s immaturity and selfishness, particularly when he causes problems together with closest friend creature man or compels the girl to participate in tasks she dislikes, but deep-down she cares about him.

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