Tire Retreading Landscape with key innovations and features

Retreading is a process through which we can use our old tyres. In this method, a worn casing of a tyre that has a good structural quality is taken off and put through a process in which it gets a completely renewed tread and sidewall rubber. After that, the revamped tyre is taken forward for a curing process in which the new rubber is vulcanized to the original casing and hence, the tyre gets a newly made tread pattern. Over the years, a lot of development has taken place in the tyre manufacturing industry across the world. High standard tyres are being manufactured using premium technologies, so that they could perform flawlessly not only in their ‘first life’, but also in their second and even sometimes third life. So, along with that, the retreaded tyre industry is also growing, as stronger tyre casings, enhanced re-manufacturing techniques and high quality rubber compounds are being used.

A retreaded tyre commences its life as a worn out tyre. There is a need for retreading when you find out that the tread is down to 2-3 mm or if it has been re-grooved earlier, or if your tyre has puntures and needs a repair. In these cases, you need to take your tyre to an experienced technician who will check and inspect the tyre to see whether it is in a condition to get retreaded. If the expert finds it alright, then you can go for a retreading of your tyre. (source)

Commercial fleet owners continue to show a marked preference for refurbishing, owing to its cost-saving benefits. Market players, such as MICHELIN, Bridgestone Corporation, Easters Treads, MRF Tyres, and JK Tyres are using advancements and innovative technologies to make the process of tire retreading simpler and cost-effective.

Tyre Retreading Machinery (TRM), an Italian manufacturer, in 2018, introduced Latitude, a line of automated retreading equipment in the US. Robotic buffer, an integral component of Latitude, significantly improves productivity. When the robotic arm smoothens the tire on the first chuck, worker can work on the second one loading and unloading tires, and installing machinery for the next tire to be worked upon. The firm’s motive by launching Latitude Series of equipment is to make retreading more competitive with inexpensive new tires by automating the method of retreading.

The three key innovations of Tire retrading are:

Adoption of Better Synthetic Rubber

Automating the Tire Retreading Process

Adoption of Smart Tire

Smart tires send real-time information to a database, mostly cloud-based. Fleet handlers or drivers can get alerts if a tire needs to be replaced or requires more air. Constant efficiency improvements lead to decreased maintenance of tire and ownership prices. Firms are searching for various ways to installing sensors on a tire so that it is not affected during the process of retread.

Major tyre suppliers including Firestone, Cooper Tyre, Goodyear Tyre & Rubber, Camso and others have increased their prices of select tyres this year amid the rising demand. Tyre retreading and retread tyres offer cost effective, at the same time, environment-friendly solutions to tyre price hikes.

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