Triple H’s Post-TakeOver: Toronto Media Call (AUDIO)

Triple H handled inquiries from the media after NXT TakeOver: Toronto and discussed different themes identified with the occasion.

The WWE executive commenced the media scrum saying TakeOver: Toronto had a participation of around 13,700 — NXT’s most noteworthy earning occasion in Canada.

Extra themes secured:

The decision to not consider the headliner a 3 Stages of Hell coordinate

The significance of pacing a show like TakeOver: Toronto because of the headliner being 60 minutes in length display

How there’s “no restriction” to what the Street Profits can do

Every one of the wrestlers being solid leaving the occasion

Plush Dream’s Mountie/Toronto Raptors entrance

Besides, Triple H resents with a journalist attempting to make it sound as though the headliner was by one way or another as opposed to Vince McMahon’s ongoing “violence” remark.(Source)


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