Danny Mowlds on Why Rappers’ favourite The Cali Cave is Exploding Right Now

Danny Mowlds on Why Rappers’ favourite The Cali Cave is Exploding Right Now

Spanish cannabis club enterprise The Cali Cave is continuing to grow from strength-to-strength. Danny Mowlds two Cali Cave venues have been receiving more and more exposure thanks to the social media activity of its famous patrons, which include some of the best-known rap talents of the modern era. So, why is that the case – we talk to Mowlds to get the lowdown.

The most sought-after strains

One of The Cali Cave’s biggest selling points is its wide range of unique exotic strains sourced from places including California, the UK and Spain itself. Some of the strains on offer at The Cali Cave are unavailable anywhere else in Europe, including the continent’s former weed capital The Netherlands. Sources whose strains can be enjoyed at The Cali Cave include West Coast Cure, Jungle Boys and Gold Label Distribution, which is part-owned by Danny, the venues’ founder. Flavours currently available at The Cali Cave include Raspberry Gelato, Masomoto, Yamaguchi and RS11.

Cali Cave culture

Danny Mowlds is still just 24 and comes from the inner city of Dublin. His first Cali Cave venue was opened in 2018 in Orihuela Costa before the Benidorm club opened its doors. Now not only a smokers’ club, The Cali Cave is also home to a record label and a clothing line. Meanwhile, a Cali Cave recording studio is currently in the works. Rap figureheads including Jun Tzu, Scouse Tremz, Meekz Manny, Icy Narco and Charlie Sloth have all visited Cali Cave, and many of them have praised the club on social media, recording videos in the club and sharing them to tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Charlie Sloth support

Jun Tzu has released a track named after the Cali Cave on social media. The track was featured on the influential GRM Daily channel and has been played by Charlie Sloth. Tzu is a long-established rapper that has always pushed for the legislation of cannabis. The track’s lyrics talk about the club itself, the exotic strains it stocks and the increasing popularity of cannabis in Spain.

50 exotic strains

There is an increasing demand for well-facilitated, luxury venues where cannabis can be openly enjoyed with fellow smokers. The club is named after the state of California, which has long been synonymous with weed and was the first state to legalise cannabis for medical purposes in the mid-1990s. Many of the strains available at The Cali Club can’t even be sourced at the leading Amsterdam venues. The menu is updated regularly and there are up to 50 different strains in stock at any one time. Strains are sourced not only from acclaimed Californian growers but those located in Spain and the UK too. A growing number of tourists visiting Spain are now making visits to the Cali Club a central part of their itineraries.

A smokers’ nightclub

The Cali Cave has often been described as a ‘nightclub for smokers’ due to the vast investment that has been poured into it, it’s high-quality facilities and regular live performances. Visitors to the club can enjoy activities including gaming on the Xboxes, playing pool, watching Netflix and many more. Spanish Right to Privacy laws have enabled residents and tourists to engage in far more activities as long as these take place behind closed doors, with the Rights of Associations laws allowing them to do these socially.

Joining the Cali Cave

Those that wish to become members of the Cali Cave need to get in touch with the staff via the website or social media pages. Members don’t need to be Spanish residents to join, which is why so many rappers based in the UK from elsewhere have become patrons. Public attitudes towards cannabis have changed dramatically over the decades, with crime rates falling considerably in areas where it has been legalised and decriminalised. Those found with small amounts of cannabis are rarely prosecuted, and many non-smokers have called for the legalisation of the substance, not just for medical users. Cannabis has also provided valuable economic boosts to many of the countries and states where it has been legalised.

Further expansion expected

The success of the Cali Cave is already influencing a range of fellow entrepreneurs seeking to cater for those that wish to use cannabis socially in luxurious environments with plenty of facilities. With its reputation growing all the time, it looks like the Cali Club is set to continue its rapid expansion.

Las Vegas Strip Aims for August Reopening

The Las Vegas Sands predicts the famous desert gaming strip, which was shut down on March 18 because of coronavirus, will return to life in late summer. After shuttering for the first time in almost 57 years, hotels and casinos were forced to furlough staff while enduring a 44 percent loss in value. The Casino and Gaming sector of the S&P 500, which includes Wynn and MGM resorts along with the Sands, has lost $50 billion.

Robert Goldstein, who is the president and CEO of the Sands, admitted during a quarterly earnings call that he did not know how many people would be flying into Las Vegas in the next three months. He added that there was potential for group business starting in August and going into autumn. On the same call, Patrick Dumont, the Sands’ CFO, stated there was an expectation of a May or June reopening in some capacity.

The hotel and casino industry plays a large role in the economy of Nevada. To date, there have been over 300,000 jobs lost due to the pandemic, and it is unclear whether all of those positions will return. According to the American Gaming Association, the economy of the United States will lose $44 billion if casinos and hotels remain dark through the middle of May. Las Vegas alone brought in $12 billion worth of revenue in 2019.

The CEO of Wynn Resorts, Matt Maddox, sent a message to Governor Steve Sisolak, urging him to consider opening up the state’s economy in the near future. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has said it will allow casinos to open their doors only after submitting plans for hygiene, testing and personal protection for employees. Sands’ founder Sheldon Adelson said that recovery from the Covid-19 event would likely take a while, but that Las Vegas had very bright days ahead, despite a $51 million loss in the first quarter for the hotel.

The news is not all negative for the industry. With 90 percent of the country in lockdown, more people are turning to top online casinos for entertainment and fun, as playrealmoneyslots.co.uk reports. The games are easy to play and are a great way to relieve the tedium of staying at home. They also provide welcome relief from work, Zoom meetings and children running around. While many people enjoy the bright lights of Las Vegas, they also find the accessibility of online casino games to be more appealing than a long plane trip and weather that is often blistering hot. Internet casino gaming has not experienced any revenue loss throughout the lengthy coronavirus event and will likely continue to do quite well, even as the economy slowly returns to normal.

Despite the cautious optimism of Las Vegas hotels and casinos, investment banker Joel Simpkins warned in a report that recovery would be slow after the pandemic and is highly dependent on how much traffic passes through McCarran Airport. He also said that the strip would open in carefully controlled phases to ensure that there is not further spread of the illness. In addition, parking and resort fees could be lowered or eliminated altogether to stimulate business. Simpkins added that most casino operators would have to provide incentives to get people back on the strip, but getting cash flows and revenues back to pre-pandemic levels will take time.

Simpkins said that when visitors do return, he expects casinos to enforce social distancing and other safety protocols. This includes having a lower number of available rooms, fewer restaurants open, gaps between slot machines and less seating at gaming tables. While casinos will want to bring back as many workers as they can, there will initially be limited staff on hand to assist guests. Simpkins stated that bringing back employees is more efficient than hiring new people.

While the entire country has suffered under the weight of the Covid-19 crisis, Las Vegas has been hit especially hard, and getting the hotels and casinos back up and running benefits the state of Nevada as it is very dependent on gaming revenue. Whether the industry can meet an August start-up point remains to be seen. The sooner people return to play, the better for both Las Vegas and Nevada.