Steven Dossou – A living testimony of “Human unleashing their potential”

With his passion for Human development and empowerment, Steven has inspired many lives around the world, turning his work into a global success.

London, UK, 10th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, We often hear of self-made individuals who live up to their potential. They design their life path according to their own terms, create circumstances where there are not and inspire thousands of people on their journey. Steven Dossou responds without any shadow of doubt to these traits. Born and brought up in a west African country which is barely known by many, the motherland of Steven is situated at the equator in the Gulf of Guinea. It’s called Togo. Steven grew up in a two bedroom home along with his eight siblings.  He is a living example of the fact that man can achieve whatever he believes in. Dossou has revamped his life from poor binding backgrounds to a life full of happiness, peace, success, and abundance.

He has spent a lot of his time in different regions of Africa and other continents too. Gathering and expanding his knowledge about the world and its people. Steven Dossou is no ordinary man, he is a global inspirational speaker, founder of Sail Force Catalyst, Sail force Marketing, Author of two mind-blowing books, and co-founder of Leadership University.

Sail Force provides a supportive, empowering, and motivational platform for individuals and groups alike, to make use of their emotional intelligence to ignite a transformation. Sail Forces guide people to unleash their emotional strengths necessary to work towards their full potential in their personal and professional lives. It is a platform where individuals from various backgrounds discover themselves under the guidance of Dossou and his team. He has helped and encouraged many people to get a hold of their lives and achieve their dreams.

His book “Be Transformed” takes the reader on a ten-week journey of self-discovery. In it, he quotes, “The three toughest demons haunting man-kind (Fear, Self-doubt and low self-esteem) can be conquered by our own choices, unbreakable will power, your thoughts, and your daily dealings.” This book is about bringing out the hidden potential in the reader, helping him to sharpen and polish, along with building new strategies to tackle their goals and visions.

In his second book “Psychology and Habits of Great Leaders” he highlights the importance of habits and practice. Steven is a powerful and impactful speaker, through his work at Sail Forces, Educate one child Foundation, and many other platforms, he has coached and engaged thousands of people on how to be the better version of yourself, active your potential, changing mind-set.

Throughout his career in sales and marketing, he has coached many potential businessmen and women on sales habits, impactful leadership, business growth, the digitalization of trainers businesses, etc.

People around him admire his charismatic personality and believe in breaking and redefining boundaries. He is also nicknamed as ‘Action Man’ due to his constant efforts to improve himself and the world at large. He is also one of the youngest African Coaches to influence people through his soulful words making waves globally. He is surely an inspiration for us all not just as a successful businessman and coach. But also as a great and humble human being.

For more information, please visit Stevendossou Official Site.

Media Contact:
Phone: +31 613379013

NETFLIX is working on negotiations with “The Devils Dragon” under The Dragons Trilogy

An epic Sci Fi/fantasy set in the 2090’s , told surrounding the development and ultimately, the outcome of the Aesini war, as seen intimately through the eyes of Nelson Jones, a young and gifted military cadet whose rise through the ranks in the fascist new world order known as the “New Era” reveals to him, through his experiences, the true nature of humanity, both good and evil. Nelson is on a journey of self-discovery and is forced to confront his values and his world view to make difficult choices. The story is also told from the perspective of multiple players on both sides of the conflict. This is the first book of a story driven trilogy in a universe that’s as rich and compelling as other major franchises.

Newport Beach, CA – Entertainment Insider – Sci-Fi Action and Adventure, The Devil’s Dragon will finalized book deal for acquisition.

The Devil’s Dragon by Jason F. Boggs chronicles the clashing of two astronomical armies and the relentless efforts made to stop the two power-hungry world leaders.

The year is 2094 and the Aesini, an alien race, has enjoyed peace for years until Seghol, the high priest, cajoles the king to go into war against the humans. Despite the chiefs’ objections, Seghol cunningness wins and his army wages war against the earth’s inhabitants. Meanwhile, Jacob Freeman has his eyes set on becoming the world leader in charge of the New Era. After a period of gruelling training, Nelson Jones is placed as part of Freeman’s security detail. At first, he is proud to serve the future leader of the New World Government. When the death toll continues to rise massively, and Nelson witnesses various gruesome murders, he starts to question his stand.

Currently, the author is represented by his agent Case Walker who is said to be working on finalization and arrangement with the firm.

About the Author:

A left-handed introvert, Jason’s real life outside the Dragon-verse is working in hotels and absorbing all things with an interesting story.  After completing two degrees, he has spent over 25 years in the hotel industry where he experiences peoples’ true natures – both good and bad, fertile ground for these stories. Jason currently lives on the Gold Coast in Australia with his wife SueEllen who patiently endures his imagination and their two cats, who do not.

About Netflix:

Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 204 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.


It’s more challenging than ever before for property companies and developers to secure bank loans. The pandemic has put an enormous strain on the economy, and high street banks simply can’t keep up to provide funding, or a timely service to customers.

For example, tenants’ rent withholdings have had significant impacts on landlords. These delinquent payments, in turn, have caused missed loan repayments to lenders, who cannot allow borrowers to delay payments indefinitely. Since borrowers are having trouble making payments month after month (with no exact foreseeable recovery date), we are seeing the beginnings of significant lending market changes, which will greatly impact UK landlords.

Unfortunately, these problems are snowballing into credit crunches for responsible commercial property owners and developers too. Although UK-regulated banks – who lend the most money to property companies – are in much better shape than they were after the 2008 financial crisis, they’re losing patience. In fact, so far in 2021 alone, we have seen a reduction in new loans to UK property owners and developers by 34% year-on-year. And, it is unlikely that this alarming trend will change any time soon, as the economic downturn is, ever so clearly, not under control.

Banks Are Changing How They Do Business with Property Lenders

So far, banks have been willing to work with property borrowers. However, with access to capital being a significant driver of growth for investors and developers, any reduction in lending has market-wide consequences, which threaten to further reduce property prices.

Banks are becoming more impatient due to the pandemic. Instead of making new loans and providing timely service to commercial borrowers, they are instead considering how to recover from significant commercial property losses. They have gone into self-preservation mode, to survive a period where defaults are looming, and things will get worse. Soon, we will see more actions against borrowers – who the banks believe could be long-term losses including a greater focus on restructuring, foreclosures, and equity injections (rather than providing new loans to companies that are weathering the downturn). Granted; responsible property developers and companies cannot always expect help from banks, so, what other options are available?

How Can Property Investors and Developers Borrow Funds in 2021?

Property finance firms and other alternative lenders can creatively finance commercial real estate deals, even during times of economic challenge.

Astute Capital is one such firm that issues bonds listed on the Stock Exchange. With their bond earnings, Astute Capital then offers loans to property investors, which are backed by assets in the UK property and small or medium-sized business (SME) market. Unlike banks, alternative lenders are often more able to create bespoke packages for those looking for imminent funding.

Banks or Alternative Lenders?

In conclusion, traditional property lenders successfully offered short-term solutions for pandemic and downturn relief. Unfortunately, as the pandemic causes long-term problems for delinquent lenders, they are forced to make changes to reduce damage from credit defaults. This means structuring and regulating existing accounts, rather than providing new loans to responsible commercial lenders.

If your property investing or developing company needs access to funds, consider looking at alternative lenders instead.

Learn how to use cash back credit card

New York, United States, 28th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE –All The Big Time Affiliates Are Using Credit card To Power Six and Seven Figures Businesses. Everyone Can Do The Same. As long as entrepreneurs can use a credit card responsibly, there are endless advantages of using a cash back credit card. They offer rewards, protection, and convenience. Financing a business can be approached from multiple directions. It’s important to understand what the market offers to entrepreneurs and how to use those deals to their full potential because this initial stage of the company’s development is crucial to its long-term success.

A credit card is one of the most popular methods for financing a business, but it comes with a few caveats that you should consider carefully. It’s not the same thing as a business loan, and it has some different implications that you’ll need to be aware of. Discover the Secrets to quickly get out Of Debt, Erase Your Bad Credit Record and Legally Raise Your Credit Score. Learn all the possible use of cash back credit card with affiliate marketers.

Learn Some Little-Known, but highly effective Tips and Tricks that will shoot your credit score up with Affiliate The Shocking True Story of Raising Credit Score in 3 Months and save thousands of dollars In Interest.

Repair the credit effectively by using the very effective techniques by credit repair experts and much more. If the entrepreneurs put their business expenses on a credit card they can get a portion back. Think about this for a second. If someone is spending $100,000 a month on Facebook ads why wouldn’t they use a cash back credit card? That would be $5000 they could put in your pocket each month for simply using a credit card. What would that mean for their business? That would skyrocket their return on investment. All you need to learn how to use this card effectively.

The market is full of business credit card that offers so much, so don’t feel rushed to apply for the first one you see. Take your time and compare them properly. Pay attention to the perks they offer and consider whether they would be useful for your business. Talk to the different issuers and make sure that you get the full picture regarding what each card can do for you and this is especially true if you’re planning to have multiple lines of credit open. Make a final decision when you are satisfied.

Entrepreneurs should never underestimate the market’s potential that surprises them with more attractive deals. Credit card companies are always looking to entice new customers, and Entrepreneurs can find a plethora of deals to browse through if they haven’t checked in a while. Set some time to see what’s available to make sure you’re getting a good deal. This is only one part of running your business properly. Stay in touch with current market trends to apply not just to your own individual market, but to the financial world as a whole.

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  • USD$900,000 In-Kind Investment by Procare Health into Phase I Clinical Study for BVX-0918A in the EU
  • Co-Development of Vaccines for Cervical Cancer and HPV
  • Right of First Refusal for US Marketing of Papilocare™

Vancouver, British Columbia and Barcelona, Spain, February, 9th, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, BioVaxys Technology Corp. (CSE: BIOV, FRA:5LB, OTC:LMNGF) (“BioVaxys”), the world leader in haptenized protein vaccines for antiviral and cancer applications, and Procare Health Iberia, S.L., of Barcelona, Spain (“Procare Health”), a leading privately-held European pharmaceutical company, announced today that they have entered into a broad collaboration for the co-development, joint commercialization, and marketing of BioVaxys vaccines for ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, and human papilloma virus (“HPV”), and the right of first refusal for marketing by BioVaxys in the United States of Procare Health’s vaginal gel product, Papilocare, the world’s first and only product to prevent and treat HPV-dependent cervical lesions.  Left untreated, HPV infection generally leads to cervical cancer (World Health Organization, HPV and Cervical Cancer, 11 November 2020). Formed in 2012 as a spin-out from Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Procare Health is a market leader in the women’s health field in the European Union (“EU”), with marketed products including Papilocare™, Libicare™, Palomacare™, Idracare™, Pronolis HD™ and Ovosicare™.

Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will jointly conduct a Phase I Clinical Study of BVX-0918A in Spain, BioVaxys’ autologous haptenized protein vaccine for late-stage ovarian cancer.   BioVaxys will be responsible for the core technology and vaccine production, with Procare Health overseeing and making an in-kind investment in the clinical program and regulatory planning, CRO management, patient/clinical center recruitment, marketing, and opinion leader management. Both companies have agreed to equally share costs associated with engaging a European clinical research organization (“CRO”) to conduct the study.   In return, Procare Health will have exclusive rights to market and distribute BVX-0918A in the European Union (“EU”), and the United Kingdom.  Clinical data from the Spanish Phase I study will be used by BioVaxys to support its planned IND for BVX-0918A in the US next year, as well as for all other global markets.   The two companies will be working out any remaining details by end of 2Q21. 

BioVaxys President and Chief Operating Officer Ken Kovan said “This co-development gives BioVaxys access to Procare Health’s clinical development and regulatory expertise in the EU, and to  its marketing & sales presence in Europe.” Kovan added that “Procare Health has an established portfolio of marketed brands that is focused heavily on the women’s health and gynecological oncology markets.  As we anticipate that these will be the primary users of our ovarian cancer vaccine, the relationship with Procare Health will give access to key gynecological oncology opinion leaders for patient access, clinical trial recruitment, and a relationship that post-approval will drive vaccine sales.  Having a strong EU opinion leader network will also be invaluable for our planned US launch of the vaccine.” 

The collaboration with BioVaxys will help Procare Health fuel its product offerings in the gynecological oncology field.   Yann Gaslain, CEO of Procare Health stated, “We are thrilled to start working the collaboration with BioVaxys as it brings a new hope in the field of gynecological cancer. We have been working for 8 years in the area of cervical cancer and HPV, investigating to understand how the immune response of the host could be stimulated to help defend versus HPV infection and persistency, and we believe that the new haptenized cell platform technology can bring a valid answer to this unmet therapeutical need, mainly when high grade lesions of the cervix or even cervical carcinoma have been characterized. The promising vaccine technology platform of BioVaxys will likely help bringing response in ovarian and cervical cancer¨

In Phase I and Phase II clinical studies previously conducted by BioVaxys, co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Berd, using an earlier generation of the BioVaxys cancer vaccine on nearly 500 patients with melanoma or ovarian cancer, the haptenized cell platform showed significant clinical promise. BioVaxys has developed its vaccine technology platforms based on the established immunological concept that modifying proteins with simple chemicals called haptens makes them more visible to the immune system. The process of haptenization “teaches” a patient’s immune system to recognize and make target proteins more ‘visible’ as foreign, thereby stimulating an immune response.

Javier Cortés, MD, Specialist in Gynecology and Cytology for the international Academy of Cytology (Chicago, USA), member of the Spanish association against Cancer (AECC) and of the European Cervical Cancer Association (ECCA) stated, “I believe that the planned clinical trial in Phase I is of a very high interest based on my experience in oncology for more than 30 years. The immunotherapy is a line of treatment with very active investigation and promising early results in some cancers (lungs, melanoma and ovarian). That is why, every single line of investigation well based and with consistent criteria of quality in the design of the investigation should be very well received and encouraged.”

Leveraging the recent proven ability of its haptenized viral antigen vaccine platform in stimulating both a 96.4% positive immune response and powerful ‘memory’ T-cell activation against SARS-CoV-2, BioVaxys will use the platform’s flexibility to swap in viral antigens for Human Papilloma Virus (“HPV”), with the intent to develop a treatment for adults who are already infected with HPV.  There are vaccines to protect against getting HPV, but none to treat someone who already has HPV.  BioVaxys and Procare Health will split costs for feasibility, proof-of-concept, and preclinical development for a HPV viral vaccine, as well as a cervical cancer vaccine based on the BioVaxys cancer vaccine platform.  In return, Procare Health will have an exclusive right in the EU and UK for a HPV and/or cervical cancer vaccine, with BioVaxys retaining rights to North America and Rest of World.   Development milestones, go/no-go decisions, and other details will be finalized in 2Q2021.

In a major step toward transitioning to a revenue-generating company, BioVaxys has agreed to have a right of first refusal to market and distribute Papilocare™ in the US.     

In Procare Health’s PALOMA Phase IIb clinical trial, Papilocare™ showed consistent and significant efficacy in normalizing cervical cytology at 3 months and at 6 months in the total study population with 50% to 70% of High-Risk HPV clearance at 6 months in six different international studies and more than 600 patients. HPV infection causes 528,000 cases of cervical cancer and 266,000 cervical cancer deaths each year.1  Papilocare™ has a CE mark valid for the entire EU, and is currently marketed as a Class IIa medical device in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania.  Once the FDA regulatory pathway has been determined for the US, BioVaxys will have a detailed plan in place by 3Q21 to build an appropriate capability to market and support the brand in the US, with BioVaxys providing the funding for such efforts.  Preliminary forecasts from Procare anticipate potential US sales of US$30.0 million. 

James Passin, CEO of BioVaxys, stated, “We are honored to partner with Procare Health, a market leader in gynecological oncology and women’s health in the EU; this transformative collaboration leverages all of the innovative work of Dr. David Berd in the field in oncology and novel vaccine development, as well as our recent success with the preclinical development of a viable haptenized viral protein vaccine for Covid-19. We look forward to using our proprietary haptenized vaccine technology to address urgent and large market deficiencies in the area of women’s health and to potentially generate a new and material revenue stream for our company.”


About BioVaxys Technology Corp.

Based in Vancouver, BioVaxys Technology Corp. is a British Columbia-registered, early stage biotechnology company that is developing viral and oncology vaccine platforms, as well as immuno-diagnostics.  The Company is advancing a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine based on its haptenized viral protein technology, and is planning a clinical trial of its haptenized autologous cell vaccine used in combination with anti-PD1 and anti-PDL-1 checkpoint inhibitors that will initially be developed for ovarian cancer. Also in development is a diagnostic for evaluating the presence or absence of a T cell immune response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. BioVaxys has two issued US patents and two patent applications related to its cancer vaccine, and pending patent applications for its SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) vaccine and diagnostic technologies. BioVaxys common shares are listed on the CSE under the stock symbol “BIOV” and trades on the Frankfurt Bourse (FRA: 5LB) and US OTC: LMNGF. 

About Procare Health

Procare Health is a multi-national EU biotechnology company based in Barcelona (Spain) founded in 2012 as a result of the spin-off of executives and employees of Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals that is focused primarily to bring innovative solutions in women´s health, with a special interest into unmet therapeutical needs. Procare Health invests every year circa 25% of its investments budget into R&D, fundamental research on Cervix (“cervix on a chip” research project) and clinical trials in order bring clinical evidence of its main products in the market. Procare Health develops, investigates and commercializes its own products into more than 50 countries in the world with main focus in EU and in women´s genital tract diseases (HPV, cervical lesions, vaginal infections, vaginal dryness, and fertility). Procare Health vision is to become a women´s health leader in Europe.

Signed “James Passin”
James Passin, CEO
+1 646 452 7054 

Media Contacts BioVaxys Technology Corp.

Nikita Sashdev
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Signed “Yann Gaslain”
Yann Gaslain, CEO
Media Contacts Procare Health

Irene de la Casa
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Successful Sales Specialist Pouya Haidari Shows You How to Unlock the Sales Professional Within

Toronto, Canada, 2nd February 2021ZEXPRWIRE, The art of sales reaches far beyond the idea of connecting a product with a person. We sell every day of our lives, regardless of our professions. Whenever we go on a date, sharing ideas in a conversation with friends, meeting new people, etc, we are selling. Especially as an entrepreneur, where the word “selling” is a broad term that encompasses every facet from creating a brand image and developing an online presence, to engaging and connecting with an audience and generating value for them. Developing the skillset for sales is an incredibly important toolkit to have access to in this digital era. Many entrepreneurs have amazing products or great ideas, but can’t seem to connect them with an audience, or consistently close. Sales coach Pouya Haidari has built a life of success from sales, and is here to help motivated people use sales to elevate their quality of life utilizing the skills of the sales professional.

Migrating from Iran to Canada at 10 years of age, Pouya initially was unable to speak a word of English, but used his relentless drive to succeed in order to become fluent in English within a year, surpassing his peers and demonstrating his habit and ability of setting unreasonable targets and achieving them within short periods of time. At the age of 16 he discovered famous entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn, who would become his first and most valuable mentor. Rohn’s teachings of personal responsibility and taking control over your success would greatly influence Pouya’s worldview and put him down the path to becoming a great sales professional.

Pouya‘s journey would take him from his home in Toronto, Canada to across the entire United States chasing down and attending as many business conferences that he could, while at the same time reading as many books as possible on business and personal development. These experiences of being in the same room with many successful leaders of industry, meshing with his own appetite for growth and success would help Pouya to develop his skills and inadvertently launch his sales career at just 16. He would network with and develop relationships with the many businessmen and CEO’s at these events and use these connections to further his knowledge or position, landing various sales roles and demonstrating competency while continuing to hone his skills.

By only 24, Pouya was an expert at sales. He was able to sell himself, his products, and anything you put in front of the man. He was earning a multiple 6-figure salary, managing 5 regional sales offices housing 70 sales professionals, and had multiple 7-figure partnership offers from multinational brands and companies on the table (which he happily declined). Pouya had used everything he learned to master himself and his craft, but he was finished with selling for other people. He realized that he wanted to use his skills and resources to help others, unlocking the power of the sales professional in other driven individuals and helping them to build a future of financial freedom.

Within 2 years, Pouya has mentored over 500 sales professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them build the skills needed to generate over $49 million USD in revenue. He has developed high-performing sales offices for business across 7 different industries, demonstrating the universal application of his teachings and strategies. Pouya’s goal is to help sales professionals and entrepreneurs tap into their potential by learning the knowledge and cultivating the skills necessary not only for business, but for a life of success. He works closely with his clients, imparting them with the skills and the wisdom built over his decade’s worth of experience to live a truly fulfilled life on their own terms.

If you’re a young salesperson trying to reach the next level, or an entrepreneur looking to round out your skillset, Pouya is the mentor that will guide you on the path to success. His passion and results speak for themselves, and his programs are world class. Connect with Pouya today and unlock the sales professional within you!

Follow Pouya on Instagram & stay up to date with his latest content on Youtube.

PrivaFund – A Credible, Lucrative Way to Build Your Crypto Wealth in 2021

UK, Manchester, 30th January 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, According to a recent report, the cryptocurrency market is projected to grow with a CAGR of 56.4% till 2025, with a major driver being the increasing adoption of crypto and blockchain technology. This impressive figure is well enough to give us an idea of the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in everyday lives, both as a store of value and also as a viable investment vehicle.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to PrivaFund, the first global decentralized fully automated DeFi platform with permanent funds accessibility.

Interested to know more?

Great! Let’s take a deep dive and discover a lucrative way to make money trading your crypto assets.

What Is PrivaFund?

PrivaFund is a global decentralized financial service provider that enables customers to increase their wealth through trading of cryptocurrencies. The platform provides you with a simple yet premium trading experience through an intuitive interface.

Why Was PrivaFund Created?

The cryptocurrency space is plagued with huge volatility. Perhaps even worse, there’s no streamlined way to store, manage and grow your crypto holdings from a single place.

This is why PrivaFund was created: to provide you with a reliable multi-wallet crypto trading and investment platform. Even more, it was created with the sole purpose of empowering everyday investors. PrivaFund gives you the freedom to control your finances by storing your crypto assets on the blockchain.

Some other major goals of this globally accepted financial service provider include:

Instant, Seamless Transactions

With PrivaFund, you can send money to instant transactions anywhere, you can manage, grow and access your money anytime.

And the best part? You can store and spend various popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP, and USDT from your secure wallet.

Secured Asset Management

With zero chances of unauthorized access, you can ensure the maximum safety of your assets and personal information. Thanks to the amazing features of blockchain, you can securely and transparently manage your crypto asset portfolio from anywhere.

Automated Fund Distribution

Through automated fund distribution, you can enjoy trading with professionals wich get ranked by an algorithm. This amazing option clearly reveals that this trading system is decentralized and funds are distributed automatically and get readily available based on an aliquot calculation of the respective investment.

How Do We Satisfy Private and Business Clients?

By providing decentralized, fast, and secure software solutions, PrivaFund is successful in fulfilling the needs of private as well as business clients.

When the confidence of the private buyers and business investors increases, they love to buy consumer goods and durable goods and invest at prevailing prices using the PrivaFund Multi-wallet system.

Traders from the PrivaFund network are assigned a certain percentage to trade using an automated ranking algorithm based on their current performance and real-time reports. Through this automated system, we can guarantee consistent profits for you on your crypto assets.

Trading with no experience (and growing your crypto assets) has never been this easy. It’s no surprise we’ve recorded a high level of customer satisfaction so far.

Meet PrivaFund CEO, Stephen H. Rowe

Stephen H. Rowe is a man with decades of experience and skills needed to lead a global financial service provider. He is the CEO of Privafund.

Our Value Proposition

Well, you might want to ask: “In the presence of various financial service providers, what sets PrivaFund apart?”

Here are some key reasons why PrivaFund should be your first-choice platform when it comes to building your crypto wealth.

•      Faster placement, cancellation, and execution of orders than any other cryptocurrency platform.

•      PrivaFund offers the most innovative interface and the latest infrastructure as compared to similar platforms.

•      Unlike other marketplaces, this cryptocurrency platform is not yet saturated, so you have a greater chance of a good return

What Is PrivaFund’s Trading Structure?

The trading structure of the PrivaFund is based on automated profit distribution. These profits that are generated from the trading are shared among the investors. To minimize the risks, reserves and safety nets are formed.Â

Keep in mind that 80% of the profits are distributed to the investor himself. Any surplus budget is added to the reserve budget.

What Are The Key Features Of PrivaFund?

•      To maintain the high-security standards, the PrivaFund developer team has specialized in using the tri-security technology.

•      With PrivaFund, you can maintain constant control over your funds.

•      It allows you to trade easily from an interface that can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

How PrivaFund Will Benefit Cryptocurrency Investors?

At this stage, more than 50 traders are delivering the best profit average and this number is continuously increasing. Due to comparatively low competition, you can create an exceptional cryptocurrency investment portfolio without any prior knowledge.

This decentralized trading system has maximized profits and minimized risks, so crypto investors have a 100% chance to increase their wealth with exclusive trading.

So, do you want to be a part of this innovative trading platform where you can easily trade cryptocurrencies even without any prior knowledge?

Then open your account today or book a free, no-strings-attached consultation with PrivaFund experts.

Join at

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Designing his enchanting mark and revolutionising the culture of Real Estate, meet the staggering Stefano Casanova.

A real entrepreneur is someone who takes something great and raw and polishes it to make something inspiring and exceptional, Stefano being one of them.


A piece of furniture or the interiors and structure of a place is not just about the aesthetic attributes. It’s a portal into the designer’s style and the client’s unique tastes and imagination. Who knows this better than the sublime and versatile Interior Designer and the owner of a grandeur and entrancing business, Stefano Casanova. The Stefano Casanova group was essentially and predominantly present in the Real Estate measurement, it proposes itself as a solitary questioner and General Contractor, creating ventures in different domains; Construction, Renovation and Investments. The booming company consists of a group of experts that goes with clients all through the whole undertaking usage measure,ensuring full help and explicit expertise at each stage providing vivid consultation. Their customer service, marketing tactics and a tremendous knowledge about the industry has made them redefine the game and step up in the industry with their innovative and dynamic creations.


Stefano Casanova was always fascinated and intrigued by the infamous Italian art and its rich heritage. The history, architecture and every abstract conveyed a meaning and told a story. Creativity is a wide spectrum and every designer or an artist has a different meaning and perspective of it. According to Stefano, this is what makes an Interior designer stand out and extraordinary. Having an aptitude for creativity and innovation, Stefano has fabricated several designs that embrace the grand and remarkable Italian culture with hints of modern and chic styles. His aboriginal talent and exceptional demeanour to portray the authenticity and bare genuineness has gained him an exemplary amount of success and recognition across Italy. Their work and company was even appreciated and published by the infamous New York Times and Vogue Australia. His ambition and dream to amalgamate Italian art with modern culture and taking this extraordinary work to the global level has been fruitful.

Stefano’s thriving and bewildering methods and persistent endeavour made him the successful entrepreneur he is today. His determination and the ability to turn opportunities into success with the right kind of vigour is an inspiration and a kick start to follow our dreams. Also the secret to success according to Stefano Casanova is innovative marketing strategies combined with customer satisfaction, a perfect blend.”

Know more about Stefano Casanova Group on

The Hottest New Black-Owned Online Boutique: Soeur

Soeur Co is a black-owned online store selling some of the latest fashion products and accessories worldwide. The small yet mighty team has already earned an excellent name for their quality and service.

Virginia Beach, Va, January 22th 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, A new addition to the list of high-quality fashion websites is Soeur Co. 26-year old entrepreneur Modestee is the founder of the online store and shares ownership with her sisters. The online market is booming with clothing brands and stores carrying the hottest accessories. However, when it comes to high-quality fashion statements, Soeur Co happens to be front and center. The word Soeur (pronounced as So-your) is a derivative of the French word meaning sister. Visit them on the web, and you are sure to find a great addition to your wardrobe. The store is a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. Be it a girl, a woman, or a mom, there is something for everyone.

Along with variety, Soeur Co is also getting ahead by offering high-end fashion at affordable prices. The company is based in Virginia Beach, VA, and Cleveland, OH, but ships worldwide. All these options make it more unique. The website itself is straightforward to navigate and contains all the details for each product on each page.

Besides this online store, the social media Influencer, Modestee, co-owns an online store called Kure by Ky with an 8-year-old entrepreneur, Kyler-Peyton. This store’s website is, where plenty of beauty products and accessories are available. This site equally offers variations of quality products for online shoppers.

About Modestee (Tee Seabrone):

Modestee, also known as Tee, is an entrepreneur and social media influencer interested in growing and working in the fashion and beauty industry. She was born in Cleveland, OH, and has migrated her business to Virginia Beach. Since gaining attention and establishing her presence on major social media platforms, she has put out a wide variation of shops and products.

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Tips For Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Coral Gables, FL,  January 22th 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, If you have sustained an injury due to the negligence of another party, you are eligible for filing a personal injury claim. In these cases, pursuing a compensation claim is often the best option for seeking justice against the responsible. However, if you want to be successful, you’ll want to file the claim with the help of a legal representative. The problem is that there are too many lawyers out there claiming to be the best in business. Attorneys can make or break your case and so, you want to ensure your case is in the right hands from the onset.

Some people think that in order to be compensated, they just need to go to the party responsible and make an injury claim. However, things are not as easy as they seem and it is best to seek specialist legal assistance. The whole claiming process can be complicated, especially when the other party denies the claim and has a legal team as well. With this in mind, here are some essential tips for picking the right personal injury attorney or abogado de accidente according accidenteayuda to for your case:

Specializes in Personal Injury Law

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you are hiring a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law. When you hire a specialist, you’ll improve the chances of getting substantial compensation. Hiring your real estate or business lawyer will not do you much good. Personal injury is a complex field of law and only those with a background in this domain are best suited for the job. You’ll be able to find personal injury law specialists from referrals, local yellow pages, or even a quick search on Google.

Think About the Cost

Hiring an attorney to fight your case can be costly and so, it’s worth looking into an attorney that works on a contingency basis. This means that you will only pay them if you win the case. If you lose, you do not have to pay them anything, meaning you have nothing to lose when you decide to use one.

Get A Lawyer With Experience

Experience is an important aspect when it comes to dealing with the intricacies of personal injury law. If you have sustained injury or damages, you’ll want to look for firms that have road traffic lawyers and medical lawyers respectively. This makes sense when you are looking to seek settlement relevant to your injury or damages. Lawyers that work on these types of cases on a regular basis are bound to have more experience and thus in a better position to represent you, both in the negotiations and when the case goes to trial.

Assess the Attorney’s Qualifications

You’ll want to ensure that the potential lawyer’s qualifications are genuine. An excellent attorney will have the right credentials and qualifications, distinguishing them from the many unscrupulous lawyers out there. Do your homework and figure out what qualifications a personal injury lawyer in your region should hold. Also, check whether or not they have the right level of certification.

With these few but simple tips, you should be able to hire the right lawyer for your personal injury claim.

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Taking over the world of entrepreneurship with multiple businesses like a leader is Zach Peterson.


His passion, grit and the strong self-belief has helped him taste success with all his business ventures so far.

Much has already been said about success stories across different business industries, but how many of the times have we heard about people in the entrepreneurial world, especially youngsters who not only realized their innate skills, but also took the right decisions at the right times to emerge as a leader in not one but multiple fields? Well, speaking about one such youngster named Zach Peterson, there is more than what meets the eye. He is a thorough professional who understood what his heart sought and since then has never stopped working.

Entrepreneurship is what is in his DNA, believes Zach Peterson as his grandfather was an investor and owner of multiple companies and so is his father. Everything that seemed different and unique was where the youngster wanted to be and thus, it was only obvious for him to jump into the vast world of entrepreneurship to carry forward the family’s legacy. He grew up in Boise, ID and even had a successful collegiate athletic career. Since he always wanted to get into entrepreneurship, he sought profitable businesses in the Treasure Valley.

He is a successful serial entrepreneur today whose latest lucrative venture is ‘Tattooed & Successful’ (T&S), which is a rising lifestyle brand, focusing on apparel and clothing collection and has as a podcast on its way. It is already considered as a premium clothing brand, exuding Zach Peterson’s pure passion, talent, his competitive and athletic spirit.

Why the focus on tattoos? One may ask. Well, Zach Peterson is of the view that tattoos are the direct representation of both the present and the past personality of his, which also has reflected the meaning behind his whole being. For representing the same idea through his clothing line has what made Tattooed & Successful come into existence. It is all about making people understand they are much more than any stereotypes or cultural stigma. Hence, T&S has even turned into a movement, which has reminded people that they are more than all these negativities or downfalls in life.

Through his modern-day ideas, concepts and designs for his brand, Zach Peterson has created a movement through T&S for recognizing talented individuals who are ‘Tattooed & Successful’. He has made it his mission to empower the tattooed individuals and help them in their personal and professional journeys. He also owns ‘Black Label Investment Co’, a small investment company within the realm of real estate and small funding and business development.

There are many other non-established businesses of his which he is working upon currently. Looking at the immense talents and entrepreneurial skills of Zach Peterson, we won’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the entrepreneurial game soon with his multiple innovative businesses. To get more updates about his life and his businesses, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @zachjpete and visit the website,

Zach Peterson – The multi talented entrepreneur who has created many successful businesses, his latest being ‘Tattooed & Successful’, a premium apparel brand.


The strong winning streak is observed in some people, Zach in one of them who with his strong business acumen, created many winning entities.

Shining bright amongst his contemporaries is Zach, who has hands on experience in multiple businesses and has taken many to astounding heights of success. He has been brought up in Boise, Idaho, and has had those killer entrepreneurial instincts since the beginning. Zach, soon after his studies entered the sales arena in which he did exceptionally well. Wanting to explore more opportunities he then went ahead and spent a considerable amount of time working for companies which were concerned with the fitness industry and also held different marketing positions. We can say that he has had his hands full of experience working in different sectors and having met a vast number of professionals, his knowledge in detailed workings of many businesses also spruced up to its maximum potential during all those years.

Having dealt with distinct professions, Zach finally decided to settle for his own venture in the year 2016, establishing ‘Black label Investment which had its interests in real estate, business development and venture funding for small businesses. Through his hard work, he pushed this business to its optimum levels, making it one of the most successful ones in the industry.

Next on the line was his apparel venture named ‘Tattooed & Successful’, which made a huge impact on its launch and created a niche for itself in the sportswear market. The brand has since grown exponentially and its clientele is ever increasing globally. The idea behind this unique name was to credit those tattooed individuals who have made it big through their hard work. Zach says “Tattoos are linked to my past and present and they bear a strong interpretation of my life, and the basic idea is to empower those who are successful and have inked themselves.”

Zach gives more than 100% to his work, and that’s clearly visible with the success of his ventures. He has that knack to create and sail new ventures towards success, given his talent, skill and in-depth knowledge, backed by years of experience.

Follow him on Instagram @zachjpete, or to know more about his apparel brand visit

Riding high on philosophy and relentless hard work, Zach Peterson has emerged as a leading entrepreneur.


In just two years, Zach Peterson has led his clothing brand, Tattooed & Successful, to phenomenal success.

In the competitive business of clothing and apparel, it is very difficult to create a brand from scratch. It requires relentless hard work, zeal, passion, and determination to carve out a top clothing brand. Delivering consistently helps the brand gain strong word-of-mouth, which is crucial for anyone’s success. Invigorating this spirit, putting whole-hearted efforts consistently, is an entrepreneur who has created a clothing brand like none other, he is Zach Peterson.

Zach Peterson has scaled his level as a serial entrepreneur after making his clothing brand, Tattooed & Successful (T&S) a big-name brand. Zach Peterson grew up in Boise, Idaho, and had entrepreneurial ambitions from his childhood. He was very competitive, be it at sports, studies, or business; he wanted to be the best at whatever he was doing. This competitive spirit helped him have a successful collegiate athletic career. Post-college, he explored his entrepreneurial desire in the Treasure Valley, by venturing into many profitable businesses. He has the tenacity of a robust entrepreneur along with the poise and calm of a master strategist. He puts 110% effort into aligning resources, to kick start his clothing brand, T&S.

Zach Peterson was also very passionate about tattoos and used to get inked regularly. His tattoos speak about his personality and his philosophy of living life. T&S was also built to spread a message to everyone, that no matter what, no matter the downfalls of life, humanity is capable of breaking the mold. Zach Peterson believed in voicing out his opinions against cultural stigmas and underlined that his brand is the one that breaks stereotypes, and creates unconventional designs.

Another reason for the success of the brand is Zach Peterson’s love for his family. They are the ones who motivate him and make him aspire to attain far greater highs. It has been two years since the launch of T&S, and Zach Peterson’s clothing brand has garnered incredible popularity. Strong word-of-mouth compounded with rigorous hard work has elevated the brand’s worth manifolds. Tattooed & Successful has already made its mark in the clothing industry, and Zach Peterson’s efforts and philosophy have already created a lasting legacy. Visit the website now, or follow him on Instagram @zachjpete.

The benefits of music by Lil Douzy


A child can be introduced to music from an early age. To do this, no need for complicated equipment or special skills. Singing him a lullaby or making him jump to the sound of joyful music like lildouzy makes him discover music with his daily activities and games. In addition to entertaining him, music has many benefits.

What are the benefits of music for a child?

It allows you to communicate your love.

Music is a great way to bond with your child in a positive way. When you sing and dance with him, you convey your love and affection to him. The same goes when you make music for your little one: it is a way to create a good bond of attachment with him.

Music improves children’s ability to learn.

The practice of musical activities (eg: singing a nursery rhyme, hitting rhythms on a drum, listening to different music) stimulates different areas of the brain , which promotes many learning. Musical activities exercise, among other things, listening, memory, attention, the organization of thought and your toddler’s ability to control certain behaviors.

Songs and rhymes develop language.

The words and words heard in songs and nursery rhymes enrich your child’s vocabulary. Hearing and singing them also trains him to make sounds, say words and form sentences. Plus, with songs and nursery rhymes your little one realizes that words are made up of syllables and sounds, which will help them later when learning to read and write.

Music promotes creativity.

When your little one moves freely to music or when he discovers the sound of an instrument, it promotes his artistic expression. Your child also develops his imagination when he invents song lyrics or accompanying gestures.

It helps calm and manage emotions.

Singing, as well as making and listening to music promote the production of hormones associated with pleasure, well-being and confidence. Music has a calming effect that would help toddlers deal with their emotions . A study from the University of Montreal has shown that healthy babies remained calm twice as long when they listened to a person singing rather than a person speaking.

How to awaken your little one to music?

Singing, dancing and moving to the sound of music are the perfect activities to promote the musical awakening of a child. You don’t have to be a musician and sing just to play musical games with your little one. The important thing is to have fun. However, it is better to think about offering him short activities to maintain his interest. Here are some ideas for activities to do to play with music.

Sing everyday for your little one. For example, take advantage of moments of pampering or routines , such as changing diapers, bathing, putting away toys, and the bedtime routine. Do not hesitate to introduce your little one to songs from your childhood (eg Do you know how to plant cabbages? And Au clair de la lune ). Recite nursery rhymes too, as they develop rhythm and keep children entertained.

Have fun transforming songs and nursery rhymes together. For example, sing them with a “mouse” or “giant” voice, clapping your hands, miming them, or changing the lyrics. These variations allow your child to become familiar with musical elements, such as duration, intensity and different timbres of voice.

Encourage your child to pay attention to sounds when listening to music. For example, have him listen to a sample of music by asking him questions: “What are you hearing? “,” What does this music remind you of? » Camille St-Saëns ‘ Carnival of the Animals , with its extracts such as The Royal Lion’s March or Kangaroos , is an interesting work for this type of game. Have your child listen to the same extract often, because repetition develops his memory auditory .

Sing everyday for your little one. For example, take advantage of moments of pampering or routines , such as changing diapers, bathing, putting away toys, and the bedtime routine. Do not hesitate to introduce your little one to songs from your childhood (eg Do you know how to plant cabbages? And Au clair de la lune ). Recite nursery rhymes too, as they develop rhythm and keep children entertained.

Have fun transforming songs and nursery rhymes together. For example, sing them with a “mouse” or “giant” voice, clapping your hands, miming them, or changing the lyrics. These variations allow your child to become familiar with musical elements, such as duration, intensity and different timbres of voice.

Encourage your child to pay attention to sounds when listening to music. For example, have him listen to a sample of music by asking him questions: “What are you hearing? “,” What does this music remind you of? » Camille St-Saëns ‘ Carnival of the Animals , with its extracts such as The Royal Lion’s March or Kangaroos , is an interesting work for this type of game. Have your child listen to the same extract often, because repetition develops his memory auditory .


NJ, USA, December 31, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE,


There is a major grassroots effort underway emphasizing the importance of hygiene. But, not just regular hygiene as we use to know it, rather truly cleansing the nasal and oral pharynx throughout the day. One company in particular is leading the way, BioSimplx LLC. Their innovative but simple approach has stymied many in the medical profession.

BioSimplx therorized that the pathogenic aspect of the virus is likely also its achilles heel. The virus is spread easily. Recent mutations of the virus are becoming even more concerning as the virus seems to be spreading at an alarming pace. So what is the achilles heel? The company claims that the lipid protein constituting the virus’s envelop that contain it’s spikes can be easily dissolved. The company sites hand soap as evidence. Hand soap isn’t just cleaning our hands. The soap is actually dissolving the envelop around the virus which makes the virus unable to latch onto a receptor cell rendering it completely harmless.


“If we can replicate hygiene of the hand in our oral and nasal passage ways then we just stopped viral transmission in our most vulnerable entry points”. The company refers to this as “PPH”, personal preventative hygiene. Several times a day they suggest rinsing our oral and nasal cavities. This is precisely where BioSimplx steps into the picture. They spent months researching which compounds, similar to soap can dissolve the lipid protein surrounding the virus. BioSimplx filtered their findings further by using several layers of criteria. The substance not only has to be safe but it has to be non-irritating, suitable for constant and chronic use and work quickly against the virus.


BioSimplx researchers found that by extracting biocidal elements from micronutrients they could deactivate coronavirus in seconds while introducing a natural mucosal adhesion that allows the substance to stay active for an extended period of time.

Despite testing in an FDA registered lab which showed 99.9% effectiveness and filing for patent protection not everyone remains convinced. Industry critics claim there has not been sufficient clinical trials to prove it works in the real world.  BioSimplx’s founder, Mr. Avraham Perlmuter said he is “baffled when people generically toss out that statement. Firstly, the nutrient we use is currently found in every healthcare setting and is a known anti-infective”.

When pressed on what the active ingredient is, Mr. Perlmuter stated it’s a proprietary patent pending form of the iodine complex. “We specially formulated our product to be safe, so much so that we adhered to the globally adopted iodine daily consumption limit, though bearing in mind you don’t even need to consume the formula. You simply wash your mouth and nasal passage ways and it really amounts safe soap for the nose and mouth, PPH”.


Mr. Perlmuter continues “the best clinical study is really Japan. In a country of 108 million that has amongst highest average aged population in the develoed world and is more densly populated than even Israel on a square meter basis and statistically has only average vitamin D levels you would expect them to be amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic. Instead we see they are fairing amongth the best in the world. Why? They consume 20 times the amount of daily recommended iodine. Even more importantly the Japanese and especially their healthcare workers rinse with iodine-based mouthwashes and nasal rinses 4 times per day. The Japanese have long held that iodine kills airborne viruses. Look at the data and their worst day in a country of 108 million is less than four thousand new cases in aged population and living in a non socially distant capacity”.

Is that enough to move the needle? Perlmuter says of course in an ideal situation more thorough clinical testing should be done and will be done, but he adds if we can approved a vaccine under emergency conditions whereby its only as safe as the last vaccination then certainly the medical field should be doing more to tout prevention with greater emphasis on hygeinic care for the mouth and nose. “Our formula is safe. It doesn’t exceed the FNB’s guidelines for daily consumption, and it’s a known biocide proven in countless research to wipeout the virus and its working in Japan.  Why wouldn’t we take that knowledge in use it?”.


The ingredients contained in the BioSimplx’s patent-pending AQUARA formula are also safe. The active ingredient has long been approved for over-the-counter sales by the FDA and appears in varying FDA Monographs. Additionally, all the non-active ingredients are on the FDA’s Safe list known as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).

You may be familiar with iodine, as an antiseptic used for years to treat infections, fungus and microbials. Though iodide is naturally present in our thyroid and salivary glands and we of course add it to salt, it is Iodine, not iodide that has the antiinfective properties.


Iodine eliminates pathogenic organisms by interacting with their cell walls and penetrating them. After penetration, it inhibits or disrupts the normal protein synthesis and nucleic acid structure of the microorganisms. This causes their death, or deactivation as a result of osmotic lysis. In simpler words, iodine kills the coronavirus before it can infect you.

Furthermore, the government body responsible for Canada’s federal health policy, Canadian Health, has confirmed this fact as it has now added iodine to the list of substances that can be used to deactivate Covid.

This is just the tip of the iodine iceberg.

This fact is further backed by research from many international health organizations such as JAMA, the U.S National Institutes of Health, and the European Review for Medical & Pharmacological Science.


Taking too much of anything always presents dangers. BioSimplx LLC, the company behind AQUARA, has made it simple with its precise spray dosing. Senior Researcher and Founder Mr. Avraham Perlmuter explained that many Iodine products have high total iodine counts which are well above the FDA’s tolerable daily upper limit (UL).

Furthermore, some OTC products require the user to mix the elements together to create the proper dose. This is not the case with AQUARA’s efficient formula. AQUARA is precisely dosed and comes in the form of an easy spray that can be used  even 15 times a day without exceeding the FDA’s UL.


Though, BioSimplx has started selling its OTC drug free version of AQUARA ( it is complying with all FDA and FTC regulations as it prepares to pursue a new drug application for its formula. These bodies prevent manufacturers from making nonsubstantiated treatment or cure claims. They were established to checkmate illicit and counterfeit products in the market, invariably protecting the public from consuming harmful substances.


BioSimplx appears to be the first company offering preventative protection for both the nose and mouth, or PPH as they call it. Their vision is to create a whole product suite from lozenges to lollipops. “Spray and Go” Perlmuter says. We certainly hope he is right!

Media Contacts –

Alex Perl
BioSimplx LLC U.S.A
799 Stelton Street Teaneck NJ 07666

Covid 19 Cannot Stop Scotti D’s determination


Scotti D, born with the original name, Daveon Scott is making his name in the music industry with his exceptional musical talent. He has impressed his listeners with his songs on different music platforms. The 28-year-old young music talent from Compton, California aspires to achieve greatness in the music industry through his musical works.

Starting out in the music industry may sound like a very difficult task for many artists. However, for Scotti D making music and entertaining crowds is something he was just born with. For Scotti d, making music and creating is just a way of life.

Scotti D has been rapping and making music his entire life. As a kid, he remembers rapping as early as 2 years old. He remembers rapping poems over instrumentals while recording himself on a boombox his father gave him. It wasn’t long until he’d start putting more effort into his music and studio time.


According to Scotti D, starting a music career is just as difficult as launching your own business. Very quickly he learned all of the things that are involved when building a music career. He learned the tricks of the trade of how to successfully build a brand and following on social media. Scotti D describes his style as “storytelling with the ability to captivate audiences.”

Today, Scotti D continues to work on music and record. Making it in the music industry is not something that everyone could do; but that has never phased Scotti D. He believes that by learning all the skill sets it requires to make it in this business; you can maximize your chances of successfully creating a brand and fanbase for your music. Scotti D is definitely an artist to watch out for.


How Artist D KIRK is Breaking Boundaries in the Music Industry


D KIRK is a famous Singer, Song-Writer, and Artist from the United States. He is known for his Music and Vibrant Personality. He has a huge fan following across social media. He has always been in the Influence of Music since Childhood and Started his professional music career around 2013-14, Since then, he has been continually dropping music and growing his fan base independently. You will be soon seeing him in modeling shoots as well. He likes to blend different genres in his Music. He has earned a lot of fame, admiration, and recognition for his incredible talent and work. We’ll walk you through all about him. Check out his Wiki, Age, Family,  Facts, and More

His full name is Dwayne Kirkland. He hails from Philadelphia.  His age is around 25 years old [Not Confirmed] as of 2020 and he is American by Nationality.

He completed his graduated from Kutztown University

He likes to experiment with music and loves to listen and discover new music.

Since an early age, he was passionate about Music as his Father was a Music Enthusiast himself and was very fond of RnB, hip pop, and dancehall etc.

D KIRK is an artist and a professional freestyle rapper. Check out his Music “My Type”.

You can check out his music on SpotifyApple Music, & Youtube

Ariel Benitez: One of the best trading expert of Canada in 2020


When most people think of prosperity, they think of the moneyed. They usually think of colossal mansions, relaxing properties, own jets, and more capital than any normal person would be able to spend. In this way, we can say that there are many thriving entrepreneurs around the world. 

In fact, there were nearly 2,000 billionaires across the world in 2019, and many millionaires too. If we are using financial value as a degree of success, then we can reliably say that we found a thriving entrepreneur who is making big in forex trading and cryptocurrency business at a young age. We are talking about top entrepreneur and cryptocurrency expert Ariel Benitez, founder and CEO of which provides a financial live stream platform for traders in Canada and worldwide.

After making a strong impact in Canadian crypto market, he is now focusing on creating a whole new market in India, which is Asia’s fastest-growing economy. He moved to India to develop several financial crypto applications, development tools, and streaming infrastructure. With Shorupan Pirakaspathy and Warren Carson. 

In the trading world, most triumphant forex traders and cryptocurrency experts work behind the scenes and away from the limelight, modestly building their earnings. Being a popular cryptocurrency expert of Canada Ariel Benitez has helped many traders who are new in the market. 

Many believe his name now comes in the top five gainers who earned in millions in cryptocurrency business this year in 2020 Canada. From the past few years, his career graph is constantly going on the upward side. 

Ariel Benitez is a growing entrepreneur and CEO of Trade.Stream firm, which provides all kinds of facilities like education, chart analysis, and news about the cryptocurrency and forex trading market. He aims to make it big in India as opportunities are enormous in India. He knows India is a big market and lots of investors around. He is using all his experience to make it even bigger in a country like India, and we feel he will taste more success in 2021.

Meet Toon Van Der Lely, the youngest on board in the vast digital world exceeding others as an Instagram growth expert and influencer.

At only 16 years, he is setting major inspirational goals to all other up and comers in the industry.
What we see around us today is a world that a few years ago, we did not even imagine. This is in context of the surge in the growth of many digital platforms which has allowed business industries and entrepreneurs all around the world to excel at their niche with taking advantage of the digital wave as a whole. Innumerable opportunities have been awaiting people across industries to take on their respective fields maximizing all of that, that the growing social media platforms offer today to everybody. It is the binding factor which has brought people across the globe together under one roof, interact, communicate and grow together as people. Entrepreneurs today know what a medium like Instagram can do to them in terms of growing their businesses. We came across one such rising entrepreneur who has made it his aim to optimize Instagram and help businesses and brands to get nearer their business goals; he is Toon Van Der Lely.

Youngsters today are at the forefront of almost all major industries and looking at the growth of social media platforms and the digital world, how could they be behind in this? Toon Van Der Lely since a very early age understood the rise of these mediums and recognized the power in them to disrupt business industries for the better. With the aim to do something in the same and grow businesses, entrepreneurs and brands, etc. through the power of Instagram, which is a social media platform loved by all, Toon Van Der Lely debuted as an Instagram growth expert and digital entrepreneur to take people to newer heights of success.

At only 16 years of age, Toon Van Der Lely is successfully selling stuff on Instagram and with putting consistent efforts over the time with his unique posts and content on the platform he has been able to garner a strong network of 1.3 million followers already. He very intelligently uses his innovative techniques and strategies to grow his clients through this network of his doing promotions, and the like.

Through his result-driven growth strategies and plans, he has been able to turn ordinary people and brands into extraordinary and the proof is his growing number of followers and clients each passing day. Toon Van Der Lely says, “I always wanted to start early in life and here I am working very hard each day as an Instagram growth expert and influencer. Though I have just started with my business, I am also trying to make it bigger by investing a lot into it.”

If at 16 Toon Van Der Lely can achieve massive momentum in the industry, one can imagine the kind of name and recognition he can attain in the coming years.


Los Angeles, California, November 29, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, American photographer Kat Alyst is skyrocketing in the art world, becoming known for conceptual art that meets nostalgia, she has portrayed herself and others as seemingly apathetic subjects longing for what’s to come. As well, she has exhibited a sneak peek to few finished pieces to her upcoming exhibition, “someone is trying to tell you something”, launching in 2021. There is a very curious plot of emotion in her work, one that gravitates towards the mystery of something hidden underneath layers of colors and stoic faces, with that in a sense add to the magnetic layers of hidden symbols and imagery. She spoke with us in this interview about the continued efforts in projects she has taken on and gives more insight to the imagery she is creating.


In this upcoming show, Alyst combines genius details that portray stylized memories and real-life events endured in the previous years. With a mix of vivid, intense color and surreal imagery, Alyst spins a web of seemingly quirky, truly bizarre, and at the same time, serious take on a contemporary world that can only exist in “Someone Is Trying To Tell You Something”.  Alyst has so far created a genre of exuberant, exaggerated, and frighteningly beautiful imagery where she finds herself participating in zany activities with many more messages to come…

First we see a purple color palette in one body of work, which shows an enchanting forest scene. There’s a haze and a mystery in the image upon immediate viewing, with columns and angelic statues surrounding Alyst’s self portrait figure, that lies on a soft bed of purple flowers. Candles surround her muted body, giving the feeling we are looking into what seems to be a funeral or sacrificial setting.

What is the title of this work called?

“It’s still a working title… and I may actually reshoot this while the grass is still alive,” she says. “So far I have it down to three titles, but all say the same thing in a more clever or direct way.”

Can you tell us what that is, or is it best we wait?

“You’re special, so I could say since I showed you a secret preview anyway. More or less the image is about my least favorite color being violet.”

In the next image we see Alyst covered in pink body paint in an all green room. There is a toilet, a plunger, and vintage VHS camcorder on a tripod—all in the same color green. Alyst wears a pink hairstyle and bizarre posture and facial expression while sitting on the toilet and facing the camcorder. The storyline and inventiveness Alyst brings to this picture, seems like it could only stem from a real life experience. 

Did you build this set or shoot on a location?

“I built this set out of plywood and painted everything. The toilet came from Craigslist, and was free, the rest was just found around where I am currently or from a pawnshop. I shot this in a garage where it was built.”

This one feels very personal for you—is that the case, or is this just bits and pieces of your imagination portrayed in a fun and strange image?

“It’s based on a real experience from when I was like three years old. It’s a long story and pretty personal to get into detail, but I put a twist on it with a stylized color palette and wanted to paint my skin pink to compliment with the green colors of the setting. I also wanted to originally cover myself in salmon paint, but couldn’t get it to mix right so went with pink. I felt like any other colors would easily associate as the wrong message. Example, ‘blue skin’ is a smurf, ‘yellow skin’ is like The Simpsons, and so on.”

Kat Alyst was born in East Texas (b. unknown), and enrolled into art school at Stephen F. Austin State University. Upon entering college, Alyst felt torn between going to college or running away to New York to pursue an artist career. “I was so lost,” she tells us, “as many eighteen year olds are no matter what their background… I had a war in my mind and was a loose cannon, but tried to keep a good heart.”

A little birdy told us you actually live in New York right now, but it’s hard to find online where you actually do live. Can you clarify if that little birdy is right or wrong?

Alyst laughs, “Is that so? Well, I suppose I’ll let the mystery linger a little more, life is more fun that way anyway. 

You are so interesting to hear on audio. You don’t seem to have an accent that tells us you’re really from Texas, or that you’ve been living up north… such an enigma…

“I used to have the deepest country accent in school. I worked hard to even it out to have hardly any accents at all. Sometimes the Texas accent does creep up though,” she laughs.

Thank you for sharing your preview with us… for the last image we wanted to know where your inspiration came from?

“This image shows pieces of my life from New Orleans. I really can’t get into the specifics with this one just for certain reasons, but the year I spent there was a huge display smoke and mirrors for me. I love sayings and idioms, so a lot of my work will involve such sayings like that where possible.”

We see decaying walls of two-toned colors, religious imagery mixed with odes to Black Magic, vials with mysterious red liquids in them, and literal smoke and mirrors adorning the frame. Decaying florals surround Alyst who holds a knife to her neck. “The tattoo on my neck isn’t real, but I would love to get it one day. I wanted to place a cherub tattoo on my neck to symbolize my silence being inflicted. For me, the knife to my neck indicates the male figures, who silenced me in many ways. I became one with both of my abusers, finding myself protecting them while enduring a silent struggle I didn’t know yet that I was going through until I got away.” 

Wow, well I think your vulnerability really shows in these that we have seen. They all have a different feeling upon viewing them, but correlate into the world of a cataclysm. 

“Funny you say that, my BFA show was titled ‘Kataklysm’.”

Well your name is definitely symbolic and it’s own brand, that’s for certain. Your legal name really is, first name, Kat, last name, Alyst?

“Yes it really is, but I did change it. My name used to be Katrina, but everyone always called me Kat.”

Incredible! Talk about a reinvention. How much more work do you plan to create before your official debut?

“Originally I said ten bodies of work for one show, but I’ve already thought of some more ideas that will be more imagery. I’m trying to document this all by video too, but since it’s mostly just me creating this, I can’t be sure to remember. I get very deep into the creative process so I sort of get lost for hours and forget everything else.” 

We hope we get an invite. When are you going to be finished?

“I’m not sure,” laughs Alyst, “I sort of launched this message for 2021 to give myself a deadline. Otherwise, I would just be picking it apart and never getting done. But yes, you will be invited. I hope to have it in Los Angeles or New York first.”

Ah so you work well under pressure! Creating diamonds isn’t easy. Kat, you’ve been a delight to speak with and we wish you all the best. You’re such a light and we want to keep up with your work online. Can you drop your website and social media handles for us and readers?

“My website is and all of my social media is under @katinthecloudz. I mostly post to Instagram, but try to update everywhere possible. Thank you guys for the chat, you’ve been great.”


Federico Lazzerini “The devil is in the details, I tried to see them”


Federico Lazzerini highlighted the data and some considerations of the Marketing war between Biden and Trump. Lazzerini is one of the most important communication experts in Italy, and for our prestigious column we wanted to hear the thoughts of him from his nation, Italy. Political advertising on Facebook has been a part of presidential candidate campaigns in recent election cycles, the multi-channel nature of advertising on the platform has made it nearly impossible to get a granular look at their strategies. This time, however, the social network has collected and made publicly available tens of thousands of ads by Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which Federico Lazzerini has analyzed and communicated his thoughts to us. “It’s hard to describe the two’s path concisely (Facebook has also faced criticism for allowing politicians to run ads with lies and recently tried to shut down a research project on political advertising at New York University for problems. of user privacy.)

For these much-screamed presidential elections, Facebook has played a bigger role than ever, especially with candidates not attending as many events in person due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. According to the Facebook Ad Library report, Biden’s Page spent $ 6.1 million on 19,336 different ads between October 25 and October 31, while Trump’s Page spent $ 2.9 million on 53,817 different ads. . Spending by candidate parties and various other political groups is also available through the Announcement Gallery. For example, the Biden Victory Fund spent another $ 2.8 million on 6,814 Biden page ads during the last week of October, while the Trump Make America Great Again Committee spent another $ 1.5 million on 6,685 for Trump, Federico Lazzerini tells us.

This is only a fraction of what both candidates have spent over the past two years: while Biden has spent $ 74.2 million since August, Trump has spent $ 57.7 million. Overall, both candidates have more than 50,000 different pieces of ad creative, each potentially reaching tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Facebook and Instagram users. When it comes to the content of the ads themselves, Federico Lazzerini says Trump’s use of many attack ads on Facebook is “on the branding for him.” He adds that the president has effectively used fear and other negative emotions in advertising him. However, she was surprised by the lack of social media ads aimed at portraying him as a protector of

traditionally conservative values, something her campaign played in some of her TV commercials, but on this creed she chose the nativity of the platform to communicate, it’s a smart choice.

Continues Federico Lazzerini “I was a little surprised not to have seen more of this, which I think is kind of a fundamental part of the Trump brand using the fear of what Republicans will lose if he loses,” he says. “I’ve seen less. of this, less of the language focused on loss than I expected. ”

Meanwhile, Biden’s announcements have focused on getting voters to the polls, as well as delivering other messages including his support for the military, Lazzerini notes. (He Imagine Biden’s campaign may have noticed that military-minded voters and veterans are among the undecided.) He also points out that Biden seems focused on consistency while also competing to “bring back that Obama sentiment of the Democratic Party.”

“I think Biden has campaigned on the brand very confidently, which is what he has to do”, in fact, I believe he won this election. “I sort of assessed where he was before the debates, and what came to mind then was how important turnout was for him.” There was a “distinct difference” in how each candidate shows up: Biden portrayed himself as someone who will unite the nation, while Trump presented himself as a “savior. “And while Trump’s ads look back on the successes he claims to have had, Biden is addressing the challenges the nation is currently facing. Lazzerini adds that Trump’s ads play well to his staunchest supporters, but may not resonate with the people who are still on the fence.

Federico Lazzerini says it’s worth noting how candidates posted ads based on geography. He cites ads targeting Facebook users in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, along with some surprise battle states including Georgia and Texas. During the final stretch, the Biden-Harris campaign focused on conveying a sense of urgency and on the result of the vote, a sign, perhaps, that the race is still too close to call.

“The way Biden is positioning herself as a unifier is consistent with some of the advertisements she’s pushing out there, which is advertising to get the vote,” Lazzerini says. “And so, this for me makes the strongest game to the undecided, the people who are on the fence saying, ‘Will I vote for the one-man show or the person who will bring us together?”

The dominant emotion for both sides, however, was fear, especially regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

To better understand how Biden and Trump are perceived by voters, it’s obviously worth looking beyond Facebook. Ipsos, one of the largest public opinion research firms in the world, recently conducted a study using tools traditionally intended for commercial brand assessment. (For example, to compare how consumers feel about Coca-Cola and Pepsi.)

The Ipsos survey was conducted in two waves: a first wave of 1,000 adults on September 22 and 23 and a second wave of 1,000 on October 6 and 8. According to Ipsos, most of those attracted to Trump’s brand have positive associations with his economic views and perceived “boldness” and “strength”. Those who are not attracted to Trump say they see him as a “liar” as well as “arrogant”, a “bully” and “reckless”.

Those who are drawn to Biden’s campaign have mentioned his qualifications, sympathy and respect for people. Among the only negative traits that respondents associate with the former vice president are “old” and “boring”.

The final point? According to Federico Lazzerini, Biden’s overall brand health score is higher than Trump’s in terms of overall public perception. And while Biden’s base is broader in size, Trump has fewer supporters, but those who like him have stronger views.

Meet Professional Photographer Bobby Bandz. A most creative person with a camera in his hand

The field of photography is reasonably more diverse than you think. Let’s look at one of the most popular photography specialists who is making it big as a professional photographer earning the name, and respectable income is Bobby Bandz.


Life before becoming an Ace Photographer:

Bobby Bandz studied accounting and did the job as an accountant for a few companies. He also did the job in a wine bar on weekends. He also did the job in FedEx for one year. He was a regular guy who wakes up go to work come shower and enjoy time after an appointment. His hobby of taking snaps and building good relationship helped him a lot to get into the photography world.

Becoming an NO 1 Professional photographer in 2019 and 2020:

Shooting Photos in wedding, events, engagements, and for individuals, he expanded his work towards big brands. His creative work help brands create good content with pictures and videos.

Today he gives work to top-notch brands and successful Individuals. He provides high-quality photos and creates cinematic videos we have also expanded into shooting, editing, producing, and distributing podcasts as well.

Making Brand Name in the market:

You can call Bobby Bandz as a Photographreneur. Yes, the perfect word for and Photographer and Entrepreneur who is pushing his brand value to top with his skills and building a team of creative people around.

Building a strong team under Bobby Bandz Production and own place a studio in future:

Bobby Bandz Productions is a team of experts they are giving opportunities to talent who are passionate and creative, and this concept has helped Bobby build a valuable team under his brand. Today top professional photographers of the world joining him giving some fabulous and stunning pictures to viewers and clients. In future, he is planning to purchase a place for his studio for his Bobby Bandz Productions.

He also wants to take the wedding industry work to the next level by providing couples with not only a fantastic experience through his media company. He wants to give the best time to couples for there day.

He wants to build a place ere he can work for more significant events, styled shoots, birthday parties.

Connect to this leading Photographreneur Bobby Bandz on various social media platforms.

Instagram @bobbybandz as well as my company page @bobbybandzproductions Website

Photographers and prosperous Entrepreneurs? If you don’t believe us, then follow Bobby Bandz Ace Photographer turning into PRO Entrepreneur

Who you are, what your age, all doesn’t matter you can prepare yourself to become more of an entrepreneur. And if your passion is Photography, you too can be an entrepreneur like young Bobby Bandz.


Founder of Bobby Bandz Productions Bobby Bandz chooses to make a living from Photography. He converted his hobby into a profession and became a thriving entrepreneur who has built a fantastic team under his Bobby Bandz production.

He is a creative and naturally gifted personality who is born to capture some stunning pictures of human beings and nature, wedding, events, brands and individuals.

Bobby Bandz comes from a family where not too many tried business. But he did it well as Entrepreneur and businessman due to his photography skills and hunger to make it big in life.

He has invested lots of time, effort, and money into growing his skills in both areas. Bobby has been honest about his work and always eager to learn new things in life. He feels there is still a room in life where you can learn many things to maintain the same level in life.

He was lucky to have full support from his family all the time in his life from starting. For him, his family is everything. He feels his girlfriend played a vital role in his life as she helps him a lot in his work. All the hard work he is able to do in life is all thanks to his family and Girlfriend. He thanks God that he is blessed with a beautiful family who is always there for him in life.

Bobby Bandz production is a team of experts; their way of working is different and very innovative. Team of best photographers who are always looking for creating something new and eye-catching for clients has made them the best company and a group of top photographers. BBP’s way of working is incredible how they interact, energy and vibe, and all the other aspects of being a person.

They respect their work and clients, which makes them an even more trustable team for any occasion.So hiring Bobby Bandz production is a win-win situation for clients who want to get lifetime memory.

Connect to this leading Photographreneur Bobby Bandz on various social media platforms.

Instagram @bobbybandz as well as my company page @bobbybandzproductions Website

Meet USA’s top Photographer Bobby Bandz founder of Bobby Bandz Production, known for capturing eye-catching moments

Photography as a Profession is not an easy field because you have to be creative and visionary to impress your clients. It takes a lot out of you if you want to set benchmarks for others like Bobby Bandz is developing with his work.


There are many styles of photography that you can opt for. But we can advise you to ponder over style where you are comfortable wedding photography, brand photography, events or any show. Wedding photography is electrifying, and it has massive demand around the world.

According to top Professional Photographer, Bobby Bandz founder of Bobby Bandz Productions shooting a grand event allows you to try various photography techniques due to the diversity existing in a wedding venue. Taking pictures of couples, wedding decor, turned-up guests, and the overall wedding venue, you have to cover many things.

The photographer is an only stranger who people have to trust most in the main event to take some lifetime moments which will stay forever with us. People put their trust in the wedding photographer and allow him to carry out the job. On top of that, if you are a wedding photographer, you also crave for exciting your splendid online portfolio to lure new clients like Bobby Bandz is doing from the past few years.

Bobby Bandz is not only a professional Pro Photographer; he knows how to showcase his work so that he can work with people from different parts of the world.

Award-winning Photographers of the USA:
Bobby Bandz doesn’t need any introduction; he comes in as the Ace photographer of the world. He is top of his game when the camera is in his hand. This snapper has captured some of the breathtaking wedding shots consistently to wow the viewers. Not only does he take high-quality photos and create cinematic videos he and his team are also great in shooting, editing, producing, and distributing podcasts as well.

A friendly and intuitive photographer, Bobby Bandz, is one of the top wedding photographers from the USA. With many awards under his belt, he is known for catching natural and excellent moments through his lenses. With the belief that picture-taking is a way to uncover life at its best, he freezes lovely and eye-catching moments which remain in heart forever. His passion for photography, desire for travel, creative ability, and constant energy allows him to take shots of significant events and top brands.

Bobby Bandz work is shooting photos and videos of weddings, events, engagements, and people. Still, he has successfully expanded into the commercial side, creating content for brands, businesses, and influencers in a variety of industries.

He and his Bobby Bandz production brand is growing year by year by giving some stunning work to their clients. Bobby Bandz is enjoying his multiple roles of being a father, Photographenuer/ Entrepreneur and Photographer.

Connect to this leading Photographreneur Bobby Bandz on various social media platforms.

Instagram @bobbybandz as well as my company page @bobbybandzproductions Website

The decision-making prowess of Sami Loyal has made him one of the youngest millionaire-entrepreneurs of the Cryptocurrency world

Sami Loyal’s vision and knowledge regarding cryptocurrency have helped him and others get a hold in the industry.


The cryptocurrency industry has grown leaps and bounds in the past decade, and it has given some of the most dynamic and influential entrepreneurs. The industry has become highly competitive and it is volatile in nature. To make a mark and attain glorious success in the industry, one must do a comprehensive market study and research about the factors that increase or decrease a cryptocurrency. One individual who made a name for himself with his creative thinking and sharp decision-making skills emerged to the top of the industry at the early age of 18; he is Sami Loyal.

Sami Loyal is a millionaire entrepreneur in the crypto trading industry and has successfully launched a portal to educate the tides and ebbs of the cryptocurrencies. The portal called Forflies Academy focuses on enhancing the profitability of its clients and also educates traders about the factors affecting the cryptocurrency. Sami’s hard work, passion, and determination to achieve as an entrepreneur helped him reap the rewards in the crypto world. He is one of the youngest millionaire entrepreneurs from the cryptocurrency and he likes to live a lavish lifestyle.

Sami, right since his childhood, liked the idea of making money on your own and opened a YouTube channel, aged 8. His passion for making money kept increasing and by the age of 14, his channel grew brilliantly. He used to review new tech gadgets and companies used to sponsor his videos. This success led Sami to become a robust entrepreneur and he began thinking of making the most out of the money he earned.

At age 15, he read a book called The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, which was a recommendation from Bill Gates reading list. This gave him great insights on exponentially increasing his wealth. At 17, Sami decided to drop out of his school as his experiment in the cryptocurrency industry worked. Sami turned £300 into £100,000 in one year through trading, sponsorships & educational resources and began increasing his knowledge about the field. Sami also read two books which enhanced his decision-making prowess in the volatile industry: John Murphy’s Technical Analysis of the Financial markets: A comprehensive guide to Trading Methods and Applications, and Market Wizards by Jack Schwager.

Sami made a lot of money, launched his educational portal, and realized his dream of becoming a millionaire-entrepreneur. Sami lives a king-sized life and tries to provide effective education to young traders. Sami Loyal’s decision-making prowess and knowledge about the crypto world has made a visionary entrepreneur.

Sami Loyal: Staying loyal to his dreams, the youngster turned into a millionaire with his passion in the crypto space

Crediting a major portion of his success to the three books he read so far, Sami aced the game of trading like a pro.


As we look around ourselves, we realize how different markets and industries have seen a surge in its growth. The world of trading and the crypto space has also been amongst these industries that are rising day by day and only giving birth to many young minds that have been major contributors to the growth of the industry so far. One such high-performing youngster from West London is Sami Loyal, who has stayed true to himself and has been loyal to his dreams to achieve everything in entrepreneurship. The youngster always believed in his dreams, so much so that he even dropped out of school at the age of 17 and since then has never looked back.

The world of crypto space and trading as a whole is something that Sami saw great potentials in since a very young age. Hence, this 19-year-old self-taught himself about the field and read three books which upped his confidence to get going strong in the field and prove the world his passion and skills as an entrepreneur.

From reading Jack Canfield’s ‘The Success Principles’, to reading ‘Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications’ by John Murphy and ‘Market Wizards’ by Jack Schwager, all these books have been companions in Sami’s career and the success he has achieved so far. Along the way and reading these books, Sami learnt how to enhance the mindset for the better and learnt the trading skills, which further helped in increasing his knowledge in the same.

Sami considered academics boring, and hence, he felt to get into the business world as soon as possible to unlock the many opportunities the trading world could offer him and how he could even monetize YouTube by spreading the same knowledge with people through his powerful videos and analysis. This was the reason; first he began with starting his YouTube channel at the age of 14, where he talked about the latest gadgets and gave reviews and then with spending only £28 started his business as a talent agent, handling the sponsorships of as many as 80 YouTubers, which profited him with £200.

By refining skills and perfecting the process, Sami emerged as a successful teenage millionaire entrepreneur, who also built his brand named ‘Forflies Academy’, coaching people the right way through robust courses on trading and crypto space. At 15 years, this self-trained entrepreneur had made £100,000 in just a year through trading and optimum use of YouTube advertising, sponsorships & educational resources. Today, he shares his insights, knowledge and other secrets of trading through videos, analysis and his Forflies Academy.

There is no way this youngster is stopping for anyone; he has proved the world that it takes immense hard work and consistency with determination in mind to achieve all the dreams in life. Sami Loyal still keeps learning and looks out for ways he can increase his knowledge more as a millionaire entrepreneur.

TRVE – The new kid on the block who has hit music scene with a bang

The music industry is booming with old artists making way for new talent. One such artist who is bound to create history in coming times is TRVE.


20 year old Trevor Nelson aka TRVE raised in Atlanta,CA has been into music ever since he remembers. He is a full time artist and dabbles between music production and engineering as well. He has been influenced by well known stalwarts of the music world who have inspired him to thrive hard to reach out for his goals. He has indeed tasted success within a short span of time since his debut and is constantly growing in popularity which his ever growing fan base are proof of.

“I have always been inspired by top-notch artists of the music industry like Trippie Redd, Juice Wrld, XXXTENTACION, ZAYN, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, Drake, and many more. I have always looked up to them and have vouched to make it to the top just like my idols” says TRVE. A couple of years back in mid-september 2018 he released his first big collaboration with rapper Reggie Mills named Dreaming ft. Reggie Mills which was able to garner more than 60,000 streams across various platforms within a few months of its debut release. It found its way to be played on Spotify’s Fire Finds Playlist which in itself was a big achievement for this first timer. His debut single ‘Can’t Go a Day’ has striked gold on all music platforms with Spotify getting more than 500k + streams on it. Having marked his presence felt on these channels, TRVE has also debuted on radio with his tracks getting listed in the top 100 on the digital radio chart and has been charting at No.8 in the top 150 list of independent artists.

“All I want is to make a special place in my listeners hearts and enthral all with my music, My name should be remembered when one talks about music and I see myself touring the world in coming times as the most loved music artist” concludes TRVE.

TRVE: The musical sensation of America, rising to the top with his incredible talents as a musical artist

This young talent of the American music industry has gone GOLD on Spotify, gaining more than 500K streams.


In a world that is so fully obsessed with overnight successes, it is always surreal to know about success stories that are made from the ground up and are a result of immense love, passion and commitment. The world of music as well is the one where man new talents keep popping up each passing day, but only a few have gone ahead of others relying on their versatility and refreshing music that has touched people’s hearts. One such talented youngster is TRVE, who has proved his mettle in the ever-growing and evolving American music industry as a rising musical artist, songwriter and a producer as well.

Trevor Nelson, more famously known as TRVE, is a 20-year-old full-time musical artist who was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. From a very early age, TRVE felt an unusual connection with the world of music and this evoked the desire in him to do something in the same and create music which can make people groove and yet at the same time also touch the right chords of them, taking them into his own world of music.

Diving deeper into the same and honing his skills in music, today TRVE has turned into a versatile artist who offers his listeners and audiences unique styles and vibes through his foot-tapping, rhythmic and refreshing musical masterpieces. Right from his growing years, TRVE drew inspiration from many renowned artists of the world, some of the names include Juice WRLD, Eminem, XXXTENTACION, Trippie Redd, Sam Smith, Drake, ZAYN, Shawn Mendes and many others.

It was in the mid of September in 2018 that TRVE professionally jumped into the musical world and dropped his first-ever huge collaboration with a famous rapper named Reggie Mills. Dreaming ft. Reggie Mills went on to garners massive love from the audiences and gathered more than 60K streams across all platforms in just a matter of a few months. The track became such a hit that Spotify even placed it on its Fire Finds Playlist.

TRVE released his debut track ‘Can’t Go A Day’ on all the platforms and this track gave him the success that TRVE always desired. He earned the status of GOLD on Spotify obtaining more than 500K streams on the platform, making the track a musical blockbuster. Today, rising number of people have started listening to his tracks and this has made TRVE acquire much acclaim on Radio as well, where recently he made it at the top 100 on the Digital Radio Chart.

What’s impressive about this young artist is that apart from being a musical talent, he has shown his prowess in being a music producer and engineer as well. So far, he has performed across several cities of the US and is also charting at #8 on the Top 150 independent artists. TRVE aims to make a difference in people’s lives through his music and the day is not far away when we will see him tour the world with his exceptional musical talents. Follow him on Instagram, @trve to know more.