5 Reasons you should let your children play online educational games

Is your child a screen addict? No matter what effort you make, you are unable to divert his/her attention to anything else?

Well, then don’t try anymore; we have a solution to your problem. No, it isn’t a method using which you can get your adolescent away from the screen. Instead of using this, you can make their screen time more beneficial.

The solution is online educational games; not only do they keep the kids entertained but also give them valuable skills. Lido learning apps offer some of the best educational online games.


Here are some skills young ones gain from these games.

  1. Enhances child’s memorization ability

When a child plays a game and fails at a specific spot, they have to start again. To get to the same level again, they have to redo the steps. This way, they learn things, and their ability to memorize things increases.

  1. Computer fluency

When a kid plays educational games, they learn a lot about the computer. They gain technical knowledge and become fluent in their usage. This fluency will help them later in life to do things. The real world is all digitalized, then why take your child away from it?

  1. Increases their analytical skills

When the child is laying a game, they are forced to think in a problem-solving manner if they want to move forward. When they are forced to do on a daily basis, this habit will get ingrained in them. The real world is competitive, and this habit will make them very successful.

  1. Hand-eye coordination

When the child is playing on the screen and pushing different buttons on the keyboard, they are forced to think dually. This will build their ability to coordinate their hand and eye moment.

  1. Makes them attentive

Is your child unable to pay attention to the school work? Fear not! Many students have that problem. Children who were often unable to pay attention to school work ended up paying attention to online educational games. It was because these games are highly engaging. This way, you won’t have to scold your child every single day, and they will also do the necessary learning. The bonus part they will have a lot of fun doing so.

Game-based learning is not a new thing. It also existed in our time. For instance, the monopoly taught us money management and gave us basics about real estate; chess taught strategically thinking, and scrabble taught us new words.

The online game-based learning phenomena isn’t full proof, but everyday efforts are being made to make it better.  The educationists favor online educational games, and we don’t see a reason that you can’t try it!


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