Advice on moving during the pandemic

For each one of us around the world, in 2020 our routines and everyday life changed due to the pandemic and fast spread of COVID-19. We all try to minimize our social interactions and strictly follow the required measures. However, despite the pandemic, we must continue with our lives and take the necessary steps needed to live a better life. One of them might be relocation – even if it’s because of work opportunity, downsizing your home and cutting costs, or you just found something better and decided that it’s time for a new chapter in your life. Whatever the reason may be, you should be looking forward to a fresh start. There is a possibility of moving safely during the pandemic, by following a few important steps, which we’ll cover in the following text.

Man wearing a face mask carrying two boxes and loading them into a truck

Should you move now and is it safe?

You may wonder how does moving through a pandemic actually work and if there are moving services still available. Moving is one of the essential tasks and for many people is not something flexible or something that can be postponed or prolonged. If you have underlying conditions, and/or if you are among a high-risk population and you cannot postpone the moving date, you’ll need to be extra careful to protect yourself.

Are there still moving services available (and reliable)?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to lift and carry all your belongings alone to avoid exposure. Moving companies are operational and offer all their services regularly, with compliance with all the prescribed measures. It’s up to you to do your part. We cannot stress enough the importance of handwashing and using hand sanitizers as often as you can, especially on the moving day.

Wash your hands very often, especially when moving during the pandemic
Wash your hands very often, especially when moving during the pandemic

Also, do a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of your home, before packing, after packing, and right after the relocation to your new home. If you are wondering if it’s better to use a face shield instead of a mask, on a moving day, for example, theories are divided. Wearing a face shield along with a mask can provide added protection. It can discourage you from touching your face and protect your eyes which masks cannot.

What can you expect from a moving company?

It’s understandable if you worry about moving during an epidemic like this. When you are reaching out to schedule professional movers for your upcoming relocation, ask them directly in the beginning what steps are they taking and what should you expect. Customer experience has changed in the last few months. A good moving company will perform virtual surveys instead of physical ones. This enables them to provide you with a price estimate for your relocation while removing any risk. You can expect frequent handwashing among the movers, and no physical contact between you and them, of course. Reliable and reputable moving companies like will do everything they can to keep you and your belongings safe, while still providing the best possible service.

Health and safety are top priorities for everyone in the moving industry. Following federal and local guidelines is a must, including frequent sanitizing of trucks and equipment. Ask your moving provider about all that worries you, and learn what they are doing, and what you should do. It will ensure the safest move and mutual good.

What about storage?

Storage services are still provided, in case you need them. The only difference between renting a storage unit now and renting it before the pandemic is that there is now a reduction in the number of customers who can access their storage units at the same time. Storage operations are running nominally, by following good hygiene practices and thorough sanitization. You can be sure that the required social distancing measures between customers and employees are taken.

Person storing boxes on top of each other
Use antibacterial sprays on boxes and try to have all packing done at least 24h before the movers arrive.

Technical advice for relocation amidst the pandemic

  • Make a detailed plan for your move.
  • Ensure you have enough supplies, avoid running back and forth to the stores.
  • Get rid of all things you no longer need or want (old clothes, excess furniture, etc.)
  • Try to use up all your perishables before the moving day.
  • Use this opportunity for detailed cleaning and sanitizing of all the items in your home.
  • Have in mind that COVID-19 can last a long time on surfaces, including packing boxes. Even though you and the movers will be wearing gloves, safety is a priority – spraying some alcohol helps.

What to do if you’re not feeling good before the move?

In case you or your family member are not feeling well a few days before the move, and suspect a possible COVID-19 infection, you should notify your moving company right away. The moving provider must know about the potential risks for their employees. Transparency and honesty are of immense importance in these hard times.

In case you and the movers decide that relocation still can be done, you’ll need to be extra careful. Adjust the sanitization and physical distancing measures on a moving day. Wear a mask and gloves while packing and carefully sanitize any items your movers will be touching directly. Use antibacterial sprays and try to have all packing done at least 24h before the movers arrive. When they do, you should stay as far as possible and don’t remove your mask and gloves during the whole process.

Liquid soap, antibacterial gel dispenser, and two surgical masks on the wooden surface
Don’t remove your mask and gloves during the whole moving day, use disinfectant solutions.

Final thoughts on moving during the pandemic

If you have a good chance for relocation, don’t miss it because of the fear of moving during the pandemic. If you decide to wait until everything has completely calmed down, you may wait a long time. Nobody knows how long until an effective and safe vaccine for the virus is found, despite the constant efforts made worldwide.

Whether you are moving locally, to another city, or another state – it’s a big step. Moving takes serious planning and organization, especially during the pandemic. Maybe the whole idea of moving has been there for months, or years before COVID-19 which was the catalyst to put it into action. Keep your motivation and enthusiasm, because there will certainly be a lot of benefits which you’ll enjoy after moving. We wish you good luck and a fresh start.

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