Best recipes to try in 2020

2020 is coming to an end within a few months, and before this fortunate year comes to an end, you should try the most famous recipes that were trending all year round. Good food can change your mind and state of mind but trying some exotic dishes that are not very common in your region is a game-changer.

This article will share a few fantastic recipes that are trending and gained popularity because of their taste. Before starting, here is an excellent site that can help you in leveling up your cooking skills. My cooking town can be your best friend for this lockdown period, with fantastic cooking tips and tricks.

All the mentioned recipes are an excellent way of making your day, but there are a few things that are important for cooking. Here is a list of things that you should test before cooking.

  1. you must have the best accessories and utensils, for example, to cook the beef, or any type of meat get the sharpest knives, check out the santoku knife reviews to get an idea about the most amazing knives.
  2. You should have the cooking electronics, that are working in the best condition.
  3. your kitchen needs to be clean so that your food must stay healthy and yummy.

1.  Jamaican beef patties

If anyone of you is a snack lover, then this Jamaican street food is the best snack for a cozy evening. It is usually available on the Caribbean streets, but cooking it at home is not a hard nut to crack. Two unique ingredients in its dough make it even more fantastic. It requires some turmeric and vinegar. Another excellent ingredient that makes the beef so juicy is the beef stock, which is generally not added for cooking patties.

2. Power butter

Those who plan to do some significant and healthy changes in their diet can dd this power butter in their breakfast. It is an improved version of nutty butter with some fruits. You can add as many nuts and seeds as you want. The best ones for breakfast are chia and sesame seeds, and you may top up this power butter with a spoon of maple syrup as well.

3.  Masala fried chicken

South Asian cuisine is a bit spicy than all other cuisines, and this masala chicken is one of the most delectable ones. You can change the proportions for spices, but do not forget to add all of them. Those who want it as it is should make a sauce that is not very spicy to balance the hotness of this dish. It is best for dinner and snack time.

4.  Queso

This dish is usually available as a ready-made item, but as we all are locked up in our houses, so you may create this one at home as well. This sauce like food accessory is best for every crunchy snack and the juicy meat pieces. This fantastic sauce must be American cheese; you cannot omit it and expect the same results.

5.  Porcupine meatballs

If guests arrive and want to make something easy and delicious, this dish might help you save your reputation. These are the rice-filled meatballs, and so it is a cheaper game. One thing every cook must keep in mind while cooking rice meatballs is the use of crisp and fresh spices. Otherwise, the taste will not be up to the mark. You can either cook this dish, or if you do not want to create any mess, then baking will be the best option.

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