Charter Communications Withstanding Effects of the COVID 19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world since its emergence; its effects felt mostly since March 2020. The pandemic has affected many businesses regardless of their level because of a lack of money and inconsistent paychecks. These times of great difficulties have led to many households cutting off non-essential expenses. The pandemic has also negatively impacted essential activities such as communication, specifically telecommunication organizations’ entertainment feature.

The pandemic has led to many people canceling their cable packages, leading to worries about telecommunication’s future. Although many telecommunication organizations have had negative effects due to the pandemic, one company, Charter Communications, has withstood the pandemic’s effects. During these difficult times, there have been very few cancelations to internet services at Charter Communications. 

This company provides several services under the branding of Spectrum. Even with COVID-19, the company has experienced a business boom. In contrast with the rest of the communication organizations, Charter Spectrum has experienced increased sales overall and especially of its internet packages. Even though different aspects of the company, such as cable television and mobile service, have been affected negatively in sales, Charter remains positive about the prospects of its revenues.

There Has Been an Increase in Spectrum Internet Package Sales

The COVID-19 pandemic early stages left no other choice other than many jobs being done remotely in the United States. This led to increases in the sale of Spectrum cable internet. This also increased the demand for faster internet speeds. With no idea when, or if, they would stop working from home, people needed to upgrade their internet services. Spectrum provides excellent internet packages; prices and speed are competitive. This increase in internet service will possibly be the continued practice in the United States as the future is uncertain because of the pandemic.

A Large Number of People Have Cut Movie Channels and TV Packages 

Working from home is not the only requirement for high-speed internet. These times have led to many cutting off non-essential expenses such as TV and movie channels. Many have preferred streaming movies from companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime as they are cheaper compared to cable TV and movie channels. This has increased the demand for high-speed internet to satisfy the two requirements, i.e., working remotely and streaming movies as this benefits the whole family. In the future, Charter predicts that many will cut off their cable TV with the aim of reducing cost, regardless of the Spectrum TV packages being cheap and appealing.

Spectrum Internet Has Received New Customers Due To the Pandemic

Charter has experienced both new customers and cancellations due to many people working from home and the increased demand for high-speed internet. Even though the company experiences cancellations, it suspects that the market for quality internet will stabilize the decrease in demand for Spectrum Cable TV. 

The Pandemic Has Affected Charter Business Services

Business services have been affected more compared to packages for homes. The pandemic has caused some businesses to close down for a time while others have been forced to end operations for good. Around 14% of TV package sales comes from firms, all firms regardless of the size. The company believes in the next months; this will go in a downward trend.

The Mobile Services Steady; Expected To Increase In Near Future

The company has been able to attract new mobile customers as it provides cheap price choices for individuals. Although there exists stiff competition in the mobile market with firms such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless, many remain with Charter Spectrum. Although this aspect of the company has not been such a success, Charter believes this will improve in the future, as many will be required to cut off their costly cell phone bills from other companies.

The Future for Charter in Months of the Pandemic and Beyond

Stiff competition will always be in existence. There have been many changes in businesses due to changes in the daily routine brought by the pandemic. Regardless of the economic conditions existing in the USA, there will always be efforts to overcome hardships. The USA’s effort to combat the pandemic by individuals working remotely is a great step that Charter Communications makes possible.  

The company is balancing the cut off in TV cable services with the existing high demand for high speed internet. Charter believes their mobile service business will improve in the future, as many will be required to cut off the costly cell phone bills. With the existing pandemic and many non-essential services being cut off, this may be the new essential service, even after the pandemic is over. Charter Communications provides internet services at affordable prices, which many need for entertainment. 

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