Enthralling people with his skills as the youngest social media entrepreneur is Efthymios Savvidis, aka Makis

He is a 15-year-old influencer, Instagram growth expert, and entrepreneur who has very intelligently monetized his millions of Instagram follower base for the advantage of his clients.


If anything that has caught the attention of all, across business industries and around the world then it is the exponential rise of digitalization. It is this digital wave which has immersed almost all the sectors and has opened people’s perspectives towards the same to optimize the mediums to their utmost advantages and rise above others through proper utilization of the same. Many digital entrepreneurs have come at the forefront of the online industry and with their innate skills, talents to work according to the changing trends of the industry and their newer ideas are disrupting the industry for the better. Topping this list of young entrepreneurs is Efthymios Savvidis, aka Makis.

Makis hails from Greece and since his childhood if anything he thought his heart was hooked on to, then it is the quest to do something bigger and better in the online world, and specifically across social media platforms that have been growing ever since. Jumping into the Instagram game was all he believed was the need of the hour to sculpt his career into the same. However, his journey only began from there and throughout the process, he kept learning many things through trials and errors and also learnt about the Instagram algorithm, understanding how almost each of it works. Makis also understood the ways he could increase the audience for pages and multiply the followers. All by himself as a teenager, Makis worked upon his skills and made his own millions of follower base, expanding his network on Instagram.

Today, Makis is creating waves in the Instagram growth industry and helping each of his clients get nearer their visions and dreams by assisting them to achieve the presence, name and reach they have desired through Instagram pages and across social media platforms. His growing follower base on Instagram is something that Makis has smartly monetized and has been using the same for promoting models, music artists, brands, businesses, companies and many others, expanding their social media pages and helping them gain the momentum they need.

Makis is the person behind the rising fan following and growth of many rappers, models and many other personalities and brands on Instagram as the youngster very cleverly manages and expands their pages on the platform. Through these promotions that Makis has been doing for various artists and models and the innovative plans and strategies he has devised for growing all his clients has what made Makis earn enormous name and recognition at only 15 years of age within just two years in the industry.

As an Instagram growth expert, influencer and entrepreneur, Makis has proved his mettle in the industry and is now raring to be a leading name in the same.

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