Five exciting ways of teaching kids valuable skills

Every child has a different mind. This means that not every child can learn the same thing in one way. Now teachers at school who are teaching more than 30 students at one time won’t have the time or energy and sit down with your child individually and teach him/her. Honestly, you can’t blame them, and homework doesn’t help.

If you really want your adolescent to be successful, then you have to take out the time to teach them.

Below are activities that children will enjoy. Each of these activities will teach your child a particular skill.

  1. Bottle caps

Find fourteen bottle caps, and on ten of them, write a number from 1-10. On the other, four caps, you write the sign of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Now you can place two numbers and a sign between them. Teach the kid to do simple mathematics in a fun way. This activity will develop their ability to do these simple math actions mentally rather than pull out a calculator.

  1. Counting with snowflakes

Take cardboard (a spare box) and cut it in a round shape. Draw a line through the circle in a way that, in the end, you will have ten sections. Now draw one snowflake in one area and increase the number of snowflakes in section as you go. Now take on ten cloth hanging clips and write numbers 1-10 on them.

The play is that child counts the number of snowflakes in the section and attaches that number clip-on that cardboard section. This activity will help them teach counting and identifying how the number is written. This activity is best for children who are 3 or 4 years old.

  1. Color sorter

Take a cylindrical shaped container (Pringle Chips) and draw 5-6 holes in the box. Now give each hole a specific color. You should also have strings of each color. Now provide both to your child and teach them to put the drawstring through each colored whole. This will lead them to match and help them recognize colors.

  1. Sandbox

Take a deep box (something that you have lying in spare) that has an airtight lid. Fill the container with grainy, dry sand. Now the child can draw things or write on the sand using a stick. Writing on the paper can often get boring. This will give them something new to do.

  1. Video games that are built on the game based  theory

Now, this will cost you money, but it has numerous benefits.

For one, it will teach the kid various skills. The kids will not even think of this as learning, and they will want to learn. The video games built on this help the kids learn things actively. Actively learned lessons always remain in humans’ minds. For sure, there cannot be a better way to teach kids!

However if you don’t have the time you can always leave the teaching part to lido tutors. They will give you remarkable results.

Hopefully, these game-learning tricks will help you make your children’s teaching session more fun!


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