Google Forms Guide Make Your Free Personal Surveys

Google continues to make people’s working and studying life to be more convenient than ever before. Google Forms, which is an app developed by Google, provides users with very helpful survey administration services to let them collect data and information easily. Google Forms can be used together with other Google Office suites such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, making data collection simpler than ever before.

For users who have never used Google Forms but want to start the first online survey with it now, this guide may help you a lot. We will show to the guides on using Google Forms on different devices, which include Computer, Android, iPhone, and iPad because there have slight differences in using Google Forms with different devices.

Now we shall begin.

On Computer

Step 1. Firstly, you need to go to the Google Forms official website here. For creating a new form or quiz in Google Forms directly, just by clicking the “Blank” option.


Extra guide 1:

If you are using Google Drive and need to save the form to Google Drive, or you hope to present the form in Google Sheets, you can also go to the corresponding platforms and create the form easily because Google has united the services together.

Google Drive: Go to Google Drive > New > More > Google Forms.


Google Sheets: Go to Google Sheets > Click “Blank” to create a new sheet or import an existing one > Insert > Forms.

Step 2. When you have created the form or quiz, you can begin to edit the form now. You can add a title, description, related questions, image, video, section, etc. on the provided page. It would be easy to handle because Google Forms has offered a very simple interface.


Step 3. When you have edited the form, you can send it to other people for filling the questions you have raised. As you come back to Google Forms and open the form you have created, you can navigate to the “Responses” side and see how others answer your questions. You can even output the results to a spreadsheet by clicking the icon provided there.


On Android

Step 1. On your Android device, you need to open a browser at first, then go to Google Forms site. Unlike on the computer, when you open Google Forms, a new form will directly be created and ready for you.

Step 2. As the form has been well prepared, you can directly edit it by adding questions, images, videos, sections, etc. to it. To make your target clear to be known, you need to use direct expressions in your title and description.


Step 3. After the form is ready, you can share it with people by clicking the share icon provided in the interface. After letting them fill out all the questions, you can come back to this form again and view all the responses in the “Responses” section.

On iPhone and iPad

Step 1. Like on Android, you need a web browser to go to Google Forms platform. When the platform is launched, a new form is prepared for you to use directly.

Step 2. Now complete the form with your designed questions, text, images, videos, sections, and so on. Remember to write clear descriptions and titles for each question so that your target audiences can know what information you need to collect.


Step 3. When the form is created, send it to your audiences by hitting the share icon provided on top of the interface. If your audiences fill the form well, you will receive their responses and see the detailed content in the “Responses” section.

Extra guide 2:

Currently, Google Forms only allows people to save the data in spreadsheet format, so if someone who need a PDF document (the visual presenting effect will be better), they can convert the excel file to PDF with free online Excel to PDF converter, which can also be used on all the above devices.


Google Forms has designed itself to be as simple to use as possible so that more users can make full use of the platform and conduct more surveys they need to administrate. Moreover, by connecting Google Forms with other Google Office suites greatly help improve productivity and working efficiency. They are all very simple to use tools. You can have a try.

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