How Not to Fail SharePoint Migration to Office 365?

Did you think anyone can migrate from SharePoint to Office 365? If you thought all you needed for SharePoint Migration was a credit card for an Office 365 tenant, and an existing SharePoint instance to move your files, you cannot be further from the truth. The transition from on-premises SharePoint Server to Office 365/ Microsoft 365 is a complex process. It requires elaborate planning and faultless execution before you can onboard users on the on-premises solution to the cloud-based Office 365/ Microsoft 365 solution that also includes SharePoint Online. Let us understand the pitfalls that you need to avoid avoiding failing in the migration of SharePoint Online to Office 365.

What Does a Failed SharePoint Migration Mean?

There are different reasons why SharePoint to Office 365 migration might fail.

  • Some businesses assume that the cheapest SharePoint migration service provider is also the best one. This is rarely true as budget overruns can result in SharePoint migration failure.
  • Even after the migration is complete, users are not able to use SharePoint Online as well as they would have liked. Poor implementation is one of the most important reasons for SharePoint migration failure.
  • The last reason for SharePoint migration failure is the loss of files and metadata. Even if you have moved all the on-premises SharePoint files, the loss of metadata could result in the loss of context.

What Factors to Consider to avoid Failure of SharePoint to Office 365 Migration?

Here are the factors to consider minimizing the chances of failure of SharePoint to Office 365 migration.

Involve users for SharePoint migration

All migrations, including Office 365 Migration and SharePoint migration, must involve the users that are being affected by the migration. This means you should involve the right stakeholders right from the start. You might want to involve early testers who can give you feedback on the migration before you roll it out for the entire organization.

Communicate your intention

Make sure that everyone is ready for the upgrade. People might be using SharePoint for several reasons. They must be given sufficient time to take backups and prepare to use the new platform.

Audit the existing content

Ensure that you generate a list of all the sites, subsites, libraries, and file shares to be migrated. It might not be possible to simply copy and paste all the information on the new platform. So, ensure that you have planned for the time it would take for the migration.

Use migration tools

Migration tools can help you increase the chances of succeeding in SharePoint migration. These not only reduce the time but will also be able to move content that cannot be moved using conventional methods.

Ask for SharePoint Migration Assistance

SharePoint migrations can be complex. The best way to avoid migration failure is to take professional help. As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP, Apps4Rent can not only help you with SharePoint Online migration but can also move applications to Hosted Virtual Desktop running on Windows. Contact Apps4Rent team available 24/7/365 via phone, chat, and email for migration and hosting assistance.

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