How QuickBooks Hosting Prevents Server Downtime and what are the risks of Server Downtime

Server downtime is the most common reason that affects the organization’s continuity and output. It is often referred to as the time during which the server remains non-functional. There can be many reasons for server downtime like tools failure, hardware crash, virus attack, and much more. However, when using important applications like QuickBooks, downtime is not acceptable as it can lead to data loss. Hence, a better solution is to opt for the cloud services of a third-party provider with a process known as QuickBooks dedicated server hosting. Risks involved with the server downtime are listed below: –

  • Decreased productivity
  • Low reputation
  • Fewer clients
  • High data loss
  • SLA breach

Below mentioned is how QuickBooks hosting can help you remove server downtime problems.

Scalable IT Solution

Traditional IT infrastructure is not as scalable as could. In the local desktop setup, the hardware resources need to be upgraded manually through hardware replacements, which sometimes causes server downtime. This means that you can easily Exchange 2010 to Office 365 migration.

Disaster Recovery

One of the main reasons for server downtime is the incidence of natural disasters near the location. It can be a tornado or an earthquake that causes irreparable damage to the premises, causing downtime for weeks. While using service hosting, the service provider provides a feature of disaster recovery, which involves the duplication of QuickBooks and its data on other servers. These servers are usually located away from such areas.

High-Performance Computing

The server can overload and hang when the QuickBooks is installed to your local server with other applications. Downtime is caused while the server is been rebooted. The best QuickBooks hosting providers in the market deploy high-performance computing environments with parallel processing capabilities. It makes sure that several apps can be run at the same time without downtime.

Advanced Security

IT downtime can happen due to any reason, such as hardware faults, old hardware, or virus attack like ransomware. Regular backup of the data is taken on separate servers by most of the companies. Though, during a natural disaster, the backup servers are also negotiated. Hosting providers secure this situation by making sure that it has enough security at different levels. Some of the security approaches include encryption, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and access control policies.

 Managed Services

To work optimally hardware needs proper maintenance. Also, hardware needs to be updated and replaced as it has its life span. These maintenance tasks cause server downtime for QuickBooks. Hosting providers offer superior service, as they upgrade and repair the necessary hardware. Companies can carry out their task even when the maintenance work is going on in the cloud as it is very flexible.

Uptime Guarantee

A backup IT setup is needed to address the server downtime problem. Else, any minor mistake in the server setup can affect downtime. Hosting providers solves this problem by providing a robust setup. This results in the replacement of any hardware part almost instantly. Consequently, the best QB hosting providers are able to guarantee an uptime of as high as 99 percent in their SLA.

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