How to save Vimeo Videos in the Format Supported by Apple Devices

Today YouTube is one of the most popular video hostings but it’s not the only one. We have a big choice of platforms that help us upload and share videos. What do you think about ​


A lot of internet users prefer this handy and useful service. On this website, you can enjoy high-quality fascinating content: animation, documentary, educational videos, seminars, and so on.

Did you know that there’s an opportunity to create your own collection of Vimeo files? For this purpose, you definitely need ​Vimeo Download​ from ​the DVDVideoSoft​ company. Just imagine, you can easily enjoy Vimeo content without an internet connection!

You may think that it requires time and a great effort to download videos from Vimeo​. You’ll be surprised that nothing can be easier! With ​Vimeo Download​ this procedure will be completed in several steps: copy Vimeo URL, paste it to the program, set the output format of the file, and click on the button ‘Download’. It’s a piece of cake and as a result, you have your personal Vimeo collection that you can watch offline.

And one of the most important and valuable features of this program that distinguish it from many others – its possible to convert ​Vimeo​ video files to the format supported by Apple devices. The only measure you need to take here is choosing the necessary option for the output format of the file that can be transferred directly to iTunes. Try to use ​Vimeo Download​ and you won’t be disappointed.

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