How to Tackle a Cell Phone Ticket

Texting or using your phone for any reason while driving is life-threatening, and not justified in any case. You’re not only putting yourself in danger but there’s a high chance of hurting someone else which can lead to disastrous consequences. Although we cannot justify such habits or behaviors, it is a fact that there are still some exceptions.

There are many explainable reasons for which you can be a part of such a situation but tackling it is a challenge and there are a few things that you need to know.

Let’s talk about stats first:

Did you know that according to statistics related to car accidents that take place annually, about 26% of them involve the usage of cell phones? When you’re using your phones while driving you’re up to 4 times likely to be involved in a car collision. While using your phone you lose 50% of your focus on the surroundings around you which can have disastrous consequences. So this tells us that with our busy lifestyles nowadays when everybody is in a rush we’re all bound to experience such an emergency where we have to use our phones and that makes us very prone to getting a cell phone ticket.


According to the law, a cell phone ticket Ontario can be issued to you if you are driving with anything that transmits or catches any sort of signal in your hands. So what should you do in case of an emergency like if you want to make any sort of call other than 911?

Well then according to the law you should responsibly park at a safe spot or use a GPS device or a tablet. Otherwise, you’ll be penalized. Let’s talk about the penalties that you can face as we talk about the law.


If you’re unfortunately issued a cell phone ticket, according to recent law you can face penalties such as; a fine starting from a minimum range of $610, 3 demerit points, and 3 days driver’s license suspension for G level drivers, and 30 days suspension for G2 level drivers.

Now that we’ve talked about all the consequences you can face for distracted driving let’s talk about what you should do once face such a situation.

Fighting a Distracted Driving Ticket:

The good news is that there are professional lawyers that can be hired to help you in this regard. They specialize in this field and can guide you through the whole process of dealing with a driving ticket. Hiring a professional that has good experience and success rate will help you in getting out of this problem and will also help you in withdrawing your charge. This way you get to keep your record clean without any problems!

Advantages of hiring a professional:

Hiring a professional can help you in saving time and money as they handle your issues without going to court. They will prepare you for all the questionings and the type of behavior you need to escape such an issue. It is your responsibility to look for a good lawyer, a good option would be to look for professional services like, and such professionals will guide you through the whole process of tackling your driving ticket as it can be challenging to deal with legal technicalities for many people.

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