In-House Server Or Cloud For QuickBooks Desktop

When it comes to migrating the QuickBooks Desktop to the cloud, a lot of reasons motivate companies. Whether it is a minimal cost, automatic updates, the comfort of convenience, or data safety, both the domestic server and the Cloud act as an upgrade over the traditional version. In recent years, a huge number of companies have shown importance in QuickBooks dedicated server hosting. The logic behind such a huge capacity of migration is simple, there are numerous issues that the users of QuickBooks desktop meet at some point or the other which the cloud can resolve in a matter of few clicks.

How to choose amongst an in-house server and the cloud service

There are two ways of taking your QuickBooks on the cloud which are saving files and data on an on-premise server and, hosting the QuickBooks on the cloud. Both solutions come with their own set of advantages, some being mutual while others being unique. Bookkeepers, CPAs, and individuals depending upon their unique business needs can make their choice between an on-premise server and a cloud hosting solution. Though, the trick is to find your personal necessities and then go forth with your decision.

On-Premise server 

If your plan is to just save your business data on cloud storage, there are many service providers in the market who provide this services. Cloud storage is a cheap solution, mostly for individuals and small companies. With their information stored in the cloud, organizations can simply enjoy device freedom and liberty of access data. But, it also has its own limitations. Business owners who want to back up their data with a high level of security usually opt for the cloud. Those looking to merge and work on their files stored on the server will need to host their QuickBooks desktop application on the cloud.

QuickBooks Hosting on cloud

Hosting QuickBooks on a cloud server is a more advanced solution compared to the prior one. The cloud services provider hosts the full QuickBooks desktop on the cloud, so users can enjoy the complete powers of the desktop software anytime, anywhere. Cloud-based QuickBooks can also be operated on numerous devices, like desktop, mobile phone, etc. As the application can be accessed directly via the internet on the cloud the employees do not need to install it. QuickBooks hosting can also be integrated with add-ons to make work more effectively and quickly. Cloud hosting can cost a tiny bit more but, it also removes the need to install an in-house server and it can also be used to carry out other cloud-based activities like Exchange 2010 to Office 365 migration. By sensibly choosing the hosting provider, users can select one who gives flexible pricing.

Following are some of the observations which can help simplify decision making for individuals, CPAs, and business owners:

  • The necessity to appoint a group of specialists
  • Budget is important to consider
  • The need for mobility
  • Data security plays a key role
  • Need for technical support

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