Incorporating advanced technologies and undying passion has helped Brandon Simas become a successful liquidation entrepreneur

Keeping up to date with the technological enhancements has helped Brandon make his company Driven Inventory yield maximum customer satisfaction with huge profits.


To do efficient business by acquiring and remarketing underutilized inventory needs extensive research and avid planning. The Liquidation industry tends to operate on antiquated business models and somewhat has a negative image. One entrepreneur who revamped this image and also integrated technologies into the industry’s functioning is Brandon Simas, who is the founder and owner of Driven Inventory.

At just 21 years of age, Brandon launched Driven Inventory which has successfully acquired and remarketed underutilized inventory with integrating emerging technologies into its operations. Brandon has had a passion for becoming an entrepreneur from his childhood and worked as an intern at Fidelity Investments’ FCAT AI Incubator during the summer of 2018.

Brandon built contacts during his time with the company and simultaneously worked for laying the foundation for Driven Inventory. After launching the brand in 2018, Brandon worked tirelessly for its success with relentless passion & determination and created a cutting-edge corporate structure with no physical offices. His company is a completely virtual business enterprise, which enables it to outsource distribution network to third party logistics, which in return benefits the company of having a wider geographical reach and maximizing the profits.

Brandon strongly believes in being agile and flexible to provide his clients with the best possible results. He believes in a personalized approach and changes his strategies to satiate each client individually. Brandon also has a thing for incorporating high-tech, nuanced technologies in his field of work, which help him garner better results. Brandon has the market awareness and has the mindset to keep on evolving in his business. For example, Brandon illustrates his experience and says that as products change, the subject area strengths of the workforce also change. Brandon’s Driven Inventory’s home décor segment was growing at an exponential rate, about 14 months ago, and there were signs that it would soon overpower the fashion and apparel segment, but something changed and sales slumped drastically.

The company had to scale down the home décor and liquidate its inventory. This motivated the firm to focus more on being updated with new technological advancements which may or may not affect their business. At such a young age, Brandon has crafted a profit-making enterprise and he with his passion and awareness is set to become a globally renowned entrepreneur.

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