Intv. w/ PPE Manufacturing CEO: PPE Shortage Plagues America and Has No End in Sight According to Public Health and Manufacturing Experts

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Would you like to speak with Rakesh Tammabattula about the severity and causes of the PPE shortage in America? 

The Guardian reports that there is no end in sight for the PPE shortage in the US; the outlet warns that without government action, the shortage could last for years. Doctors, manufacturers, and public health experts all agree that America’s capacity for PPE production will continue to be stunted without a comprehensive overhaul of federal regulations on PPE manufacturers. However, the federal government is currently locked in a political stalemate as partisan divides widen in Washington. Without an overhaul, current federal regulations will continue to limit manufacturers’ ability to produce large quantities of PPE and discourage other manufacturing companies from engaging in PPE production.

Today, Kaiser Health News, with the help of public health experts, published an article begging the federal government to create a strategic plan that would address the shortage by eliminating red tape and creating incentives for PPE manufacturers nationwide. Cumbersome regulations have forced many PPE manufacturers into costly lawsuits and have limited their productive capacity. The lack of incentives for companies producing PPE has discouraged many manufacturers from diverting production to PPE.

Rakesh is the founder and CEO of QYK Brands, which operates major PPE manufacturing plants in California. Rakesh has been calling on the U.S. government to do more to promote domestic manufacturing of PPE. He has been featured in NY Times, Bloomberg, CBS News and more as an expert in the fields of tech, pharmaceuticals, and PPE. He can comment on:

  • The severity of the PPE shortage faced by the United States.
  • How federal and local governments could help promote the domestic production of PPE.
  • The obstacles faced by PPE manufactures that limit their productive capacity.
  • Instances where the Federal government has blatantly made it hard for manufacturers to produce PPE.

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