Meet 16 year old Juris Bruvers, whose rocking in-depth knowledge on how social media works has made him a successful entrepreneur.

Juris is one of the most promising and talented social media influencers having hit the pinnacle of success at such a young age.


Juris Bruvers, born in Riga – Latvia has become a successful entrepreneur with his immense talent and knowledge of how the digital medium works. His growth as a social media influencer has come as a surprise to many who have seen this young talent grow and climb the ladder of success in no time. He has made a full fledged career out of his social media profiles which is worth a huge applause. Not many at this age aim to make a career but Juris being an exceptional talent has broken all barriers and entered unmanned territories successfully. When asked about how he went on to create a career at this age which is admired by all Juris says “When I started I didn’t have an inkling that I would be able to capitalize this medium and make a career out of it. Initially it was just about uploading videos of myself playing online games, which became a rage in short span of time. With thousands of followers and a huge audience reach I started promotions for a mere $1 and when it hit the first $10, I felt motivated enough to take this business seriously and went ahead in making a career out of it”.

He has been helping aspiring influencers and prominent personalities with his cutting edge social media growth strategies and has been successfully guiding them to showcase themselves or their products or services on multiple social media platforms. He has been mentoring young entrepreneurs on how to set their goals and achieve targets with a focussed mindset. Apart from being a social media influencer Juris also has his hands into reselling which has made him discover a whole new world of managing business of marketing physical products. Juris says “Vera Von Monika and Nicolas Corsaro have been great influencers who have guided and motivated me to be the best having given me great contacts which have made me stand apart from others in this business”. He credits his family and friends for being his constant support and having faith in him which has made him reach the heights of success where he stands today.

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