Meet Efthymios Savvidis, the youngest digital entrepreneur who has drawn a success path for many through the power of social media

He is an Instagram growth expert, helping all his clients expand their reach and presence by growing their pages on the platform.


The more we speak about the expanding growth of social media platforms in today’s day and age, the more we feel it is spoken much less about. The reason is the ever-evolving and ever-growing nature of the digital mediums that today have become a necessity for many brands, businesses, artists and entrepreneurs for growing their status and name across the online mediums. More and more youngsters are coming forward to display their talents in the same to make an ordinary name turn extraordinary through their efforts in the digital world and one such young talent from Greece is Efthymios Savvidis, also known as Makis.

Makis is probably the youngest digital entrepreneur across Greece, who at only 15 years of age is riding high on success in the industry with his long list of clientele that trust only him to grow their social media pages and help them acquire the results they desire through the same. Very recently, he joined the business of Instagram, which he realized after seeing the exponential rise of the medium not just as a social platform, but more importantly, as a marketing platform as well. With growing his follower base on Instagram, Makis believed he could make waves in the online industry and today; he is monetizing the platform by making use of his 1 million plus Instagram followers network.

Making effective and intelligent use of this colossal followers list on Instagram, Makis as a young social media entrepreneur has been promoting brands, companies, models, and various other artists to double their reach and presence across the medium and grow their social media pages.

Apart from managing all his clients and their pages on Instagram, showing his skills as an Instagram growth expert, Makis can also be called as a young digital influencer and an entrepreneur who has drawn a growth pattern for all his clients across social media platforms. Being in the industry for a bit more than a year only, Makis has already accelerated not only his growth, but most importantly the growth of his clientele by getting promotions done for artists and models, and devising newer ideas and strategies to grow all his clients on Instagram.

If at only 15 years, Makis can earn a massive level of success, one can imagine the potential he has to take the entire online industry by storm.

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