Meet Talented Music Producer Gilmas, giving hope to young talents with his Musical career

Gilmas, a renowned music producer, is in our list of top influencers in this Pandemic time.Gilmas works with passion and covers all the essential parts of Music. Due to the power of digital music, he is able to multitask, and it is becoming his second nature too.


In this Pandemic time, we were looking for inspirational people who made their name with their talent.Gilmas’ journey attracted us the most because his passion for Music forced him to change his field. Yes,Gilmas was a Professor by profession, but his love for Music forced him to rethink his life. It was not an easy decision, but as we say where there is a will, there is the way. He listened to his heart and started his journey in Music.

Today his name comes in topmost music producer a self-made music producer who started Piano playing at 12 and then tried singing-writing and now composing songs and albums with top labels.

For his Music love he changed his residence too, he moved to New York where he can work harder and publish more songs tracks.

Gilmas has also updated a lot in a musical career. Yes from simple music instruments to a new era of technological gadgets which help musicians produce some stunning tracks in just one fingertip.

He uses samples and loops, program beats but also plays and records live instruments such as bass, Piano, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, percussion, etc. Digital Music is a dream come true for control freaks like him.

Gilmas’ journey started as a singer-songwriter, accompanying the Piano. He did two albums in France the old-school way, in professional studios with session musicians but however satisfactory was the result, He always felt frustrated not to have total mastery of every part of the process.

As a musician, his dreams were high from the starting; he kept that hunger alive and decided to work on skills and make it big on his foot, not with others’ help. He developed all the significant expertise and became a package which was lethal than most in the market.

2020 has been the worst year of our time; we look for people who can inspire us from our home. So come up with the inspirational short story of a musician Gilmas. People like him we feel can inspire young talent who are losing hope in their life. We wish Gilmas all the best for his upcoming projects, and we hope he inspires more people with his musical journey.

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