NYC’S RISING STAR: Shawn Germain

Meet Shawn Germain: DJ-personality turned double CEO, all under the age of 30.  At just 20 and 22 years old respectively, Germain decided to do the contrary to what most people his age do with their money; invest it into starting his own business.

He then founded Tomorrow’s Group and Today’s Tomorrow in his hometown of New York City. Today’s Tomorrow was his first business venture, stemming from his previous full-time job as a touring DJ. Shawn created a company responsible for producing live events similar to the ones he was used to getting booked for by promoters. He wanted to be able to put together his own concerts, nightlife parties, and charity events. Except, this time, he wouldn’t be the talent, but the mastermind behind the scenes. Everything from finding the venue to booking the talent fell onto Shawn’s shoulders. Over time, he quickly learned the ins and outs of what it took to put together a successful live event.

His second business, Tomorrow’s Group, came from the networking connections he made as a contact point from his first company. For this business venture, Germain built a full-service marketing agency that is tailored to handle digital marketing campaigns and social media management. The company currently manages over 40 social media accounts and has a cumulative following of more than 30 million users.

As if that weren’t enough on his plate, Shawn spends most of his late nights managing campaigns and day-to-day operations for Roc Nation rap artist, Casanova.

When asked how he does it all, he responded: “I’m always on the go. I travel a lot. I’ve slept in my own bed a total of four times between July and August. I never, ever thought this would be my life at 24. But I love it. And I know I’ve worked for it.”

Being busy is not unfamiliar to Germain’s lifestyle, however. He began booking DJ gigs at the young age of 13, and played every other Saturday at the Macy’s in King’s Plaza Mall for nine to ten hours on end. His dedication and persistence in his craft even gained him the company of some majorly talented artists in the music industry, including Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Fetty Wap, Busta Rhymes, Jake Miller, and the cast of Impractical Jokers. Throughout the years as he grew up, he also gained experience in a variety of industries that all led him back to working within the spectrum of entertainment; jobs in radio, TV, concert production, and nightlife. All of which ended up being the baseline of knowledge and experience for both his businesses.

As a result of the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, Shawn’s had to severely readjust his plans for 2020, much like everyone else. “I’ve had to cancel eight shows in New York and one in South Florida,” Shawn shares. “We also had plans to host some surprise events internationally, but obviously that’s been put on hold considering the circumstances. I’m hoping that, once venues begin to open up again, I can start prepping for shows and appearances again.”

Although no official dates have been set, Shawn feels hopeful for what’s to come. “I’ve spent my time reflecting on what we’ve done in the past, and [also] stacking talent for shows in the future. I’m ready to go all out and go harder than ever before, I don’t care what it costs,” he states.

To receive updates on Today’s Tomorrow’s prospects for any upcoming shows, make sure to follow @todaystomorrowinc on Instagram. Stay in-the-loop with Shawn Germain by following him at @shawnsview.

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