Six Essential Traits of a Great Music Producer, Gilmas

Being a successful music producer can mean carrying a lot of different hats in the recording studio. We noticed a few fantastic qualities of Gilmas, who is a renowned music producer and artist working in New York for  a long time.


Emotion connection

Making a piece of music is a highly personal thing. Most musicians write music about their lives. Even if it’s not apparent in the lyrics, often there is a deep meaning.

Gilmas is very much attached to his music, and he is aware of what he is producing, as it’s a complex and sometimes overwhelming process.There are times when he has to push for a change, and he gets resistance, but he always pulled through.

Bringing Music Together

Part of the job of a music producer is to bring musicians together to achieve the desired sound of a record and Gilmas does it entirely. He thinks hard about every song and tries to give a perfect match for the project. He knows reshuffling is part of his business, and he works hard to bring out the best.

Being captain of the ship, he knows the result is the most important thing to keep growing in life.

Positive Energy

As a music producerGilmas knows good energy plays a vital role in starting a project. He keeps things in control from start to end and works with good energy. He makes people comfortable in his recording session. By doing this, he improves the performance of his own and team; as a seasoned multi-instrumentalist, he plays every instruments, except for special featurings, like female vocals.

Sound Range

Being a Music producer Gilmas knows how to balance it all together. He knows about fixing sound into his music.


It takes a long time to make great music. Gilmas practise and patience and never giving up attitude is helping grow stable at a good pace in the music world. Gilmas knows to create a good song it takes time not every time you can generate gems in a short time.

Focus and discipline

Music journey of Gilmas started at the age of 12, and today he has come a long way as a music producer, singer-writer. All these things he achieved because he is focused and very disciplined for his music. His passion and love for music is something very inspiring for others too. You have to be a focus in your work like Gilmas to make it big in the music world.

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