Steven La Fonte is the Most Famous Interior Designers Working Today in America

Overnight success is rare in the Interior and designing industry. Yes, Social media is helping many artists today but still it is a vast and hectic field it is not easy to grab a big project overnight you have to showcase your skills, vision and art for years to get top most projects in America.

Most famous interior designers like Steven La Fonte have spent years working in this field for clients, developing stylish product lines, and building their brands.


To become a household name and create a place in top business houses, you have to hustle hard, be creative all the time and remain in the limelight always to make a name like Steven La Fonte.

Today’s best-known interior designers took a mixture of roads to the cover, but now can often be found gracing the covers of magazines with buzzy clients, or regularly featuring on TV. Interior Designers like Steven La Fonte know how to capitalize on the success and expand their reach worldwide.

He has all the specific specialties and styles, and being a top American designer and architect has undoubtedly left his mark on the industry, and continues to influence new ones and the way people live and decorate.

Manhattan-based Steven La Fonte’s passion for design started in the early 1990s. His way of working is classy, different and he has been part of many luxurious projects in America and other places which are in Billions.

He turned his love for fabrics and textures into a successful design business and in 1999 relocated his design firm to south Florida. Over the last 20 years, La Fonte’s projects have been featured in topmost and prestigious publications, including Architectural Digest, Luxe Interiors Design and Florida Design Magazine.

La Fonte is not only making a name internationally; he is also giving most of the bespoke furnishings work locally too. Definitely, he is one of the most famous names in the American interior design scene, La Fonte style is known for its sober elegance and search for detail.

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