The game-based learning phenomena

Generation-z is refusing to accept to play by the rules of generation-Y. The question is are they wrong to do so or right?

Things have change rapidly in the last few years. The heavy small screen phone are today touch screen light phones. The desktop computers have turned into 13-inch laptops.

With availability of all these things. It is difficult often impossible to convince this generation of kids to do what is necessary. Amongst them one thing they refuse to do is Homework!

They refuse to sit down and do the ‘hand-written’ work assigned to them. After many researches it was concluded that Homework doesn’t necessarily help students. This all led to the demand of modernization of school curriculum.

One of the ways of digitizing the school curriculum was found to be the concept of ‘game based learning’

Now, game-based learning is not a new phenomenon it has been used before too. For instance scrabble was introduced to teach students spellings, chess to improve their critical thinking skills, Kreigsspiel game was used to teach strategy and many more games had been there.

The idea behind game based learning is to teach something by repetition, letdown and triumph of success.

Many different video games have been designed on that same phenomena. Whist playing a video game the players gets a mission to fulfil, he has to choose the right actions to do it and if they fail then they have to face consequences. Finally when they do everything right they achieve the goal that was given to them.

The part where they ‘make right choices’ is active learning. Multiple researches have proven that game based learning has produced more effective results of student learning lessons.

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Here is a list of things that students gain when they play video games (based on learning).

Why game based learning?

When a child is learning things whist playing video games they don’t really know that they’re being taught. For them it is having fun. Also the parents don’t have to make the children sit down and study which in itself is a very difficult task.

Unlike traditional homework, game based learning apps capture the attention of the students and keeps them engaged until the end. This motivational approach ingrained in game designs appeal to the students more – students want to study more!

The video games have a system by which the parent and teachers can check the student’s progress. The best part about learning this way is that the students have access to a large amount of information and they’re not restricted. The removal of barriers have also promoted growth of creativity amongst students. The students playing learning based video games gain soft skills and practical skills. These will help them grow in all walks of life.

The game based learning phenomena is still not as common as it should be given its benefits.Hopefully in time to come it will be.


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