Want to know who is the best social media influencer in town? Its 16 year old entrepreneur Juris Bruvers.

Having mastered the art to the core, Juris is regarded as one of the best social media influencers of recent times.


Since a couple of decades, internet has become a major part of our day-to-day lives with billions spending a majority of their time online. Be it getting connected to each other through social media or sending messages or selling their products or services online, the powerful digital medium has gained immense popularity in the lives of people globally. It is estimated that an astounding 3.5 billion people use social media worldwide and that makes this one of the most preferred medium to reach a humongous base across continents. We can see many individuals and businesses advertising and promoting through various social media channels as this has found to be the most cost effective medium to reach a wider audience not withstanding any geographical restrictions. The demand for professionals who help individuals and businesses through their social media skills has grown manifold with many entering into the business of providing professional services, and one such individual who has in-depth knowledge and skills to hit the right chord is our young entrepreneur – social media influencer Juris Bruvers.

Born in Riga – Latvia, sixteen year old Juris Bruvers is one of the best and the most successful social media influencers of present times. His story is a bit surprising with him casually entering this field and making a career out of it. Initially he started sharing his videos playing games online which gained much of a fan following unexpectedly. His videos soon gained a steady set of followers giving him the idea to encash his online popularity by doing promotions for a mere $1. As he reached his first $10, he got that major push in confidence and started his entrepreneurial journey full time which has made him one of the best known social media influencers.

He credits a lot of his success to Von Monika and Nicolas Corsaro who have motivated him and given him that much needed guidance required to stand a breed apart from others in this industry. Having scaled dizzying heights of success at this young age, Juris is a big motivation for all those young minds dreaming to make it big as an entrepreneur.

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