Why Should We Opt for Game-Based Learning?

There had been multiple discussions regarding the evolution of the educational system lately. Educationists have provided various theories and ideas to increase the interest and involvement of students in studies.

Game-based-learning has been regarded as the most effective way to make students learn things. Lidolearning app is an amazing game-based leaning app – in case you’re looking for one.

This curriculum and teaching methodology takes full advantage of modern technology and programs.

Notion behind game-based-learning

The central principle or notion behind game-based learning is introducing a teaching method that includes playing, struggling, and attaining goals. This concept is the foundation of video games. The player begins slowly and developsthe ability to make the ‘right decisions’ until they can skillfully conquer the most challenging levels. Games that are well built and designed provide ample complexity to make it enjoyable while being quick enough to keep the student engaged.

Game-based-learning is almost based on a similar principle. It is an idea from the world of gaming incorporated in the educational system. Pupils work for specific and clear targets. To achieve those targets and goals, they take required actions and face the good or bad consequences of those decisions all through the game. They are taught the right way to do things effectively. In game-based teaching, the outcome is achieved by active learning.

A piece of evidence for the efficacy of game-based learning is the use of flight-simulators. Pilots typically use these during aviation training. They are assigned with very particular tasks and trained to achieve them. This game-based learning has been proved very useful for training pilots and aviators.

Game-Based Teaching vs. Textbook Teaching

The advancement of the education system has always been slower than it should be. Slow changes and adaptions are positive things, as all methodologies are well observed, and in this way, the system is prevented from implementing wrong policies in haste. However, due to this mechanism, the advancement of the educational world is not at the same pace as technology’s progress. For publishing textbooks, a lot of time and money is required. That’s why updating a book is a formidable job and will take months to be done.

Meanwhile, the game is checked and modified during the development process to be a more successful learning method easily. Whenever new researches and editions come out, then new phone updates in the games can be introduced. This updating process will be far less time-consuming than publishing new editions of the books. This method has been in practice for many years in the form of phone updates. Games also have software to monitor the progress of students. It also allows teachers to record the progress of students. The only way to improve the educational system’s advancement rate is by radically altering the on-going programs and strategies with game-based learning. However, it is not an easy goal to achieve.


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