Explore how 5 Washington astronauts try to put outer space into words

There are 7,700,000,000 individuals on Earth. Just 562 have flown in space, and five of them live in this state.

Thus, truly, it is an extremely, select gathering.

Three men and two ladies, going in age from 44 to 85, who have amassed in excess of 2,440 weightless hours, with those flying transports tearing through 16 dawns and 16 nightfalls every day at 17,500 miles 60 minutes, their eyes seeing the Earth in hues further than any photo can coordinate.

As the 50th commemoration of the Apollo 11 moon landing approaches Saturday, they can attempt to clarify what it resembled out there, however they recognize it’s not exactly enough.

“I felt extremely associated with God and to the loftiness that is past what I can portray,” says Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger, of Lake Forest Park, who in April 2010 was a flight engineer on a 15-day transport trek to resupply the International Space Station. She voyaged 6.2 million miles in 238 earth circles.

“My mind needed to defend everything, except certain things simply should be retained and experienced.”

She attempted to disclose it to her family — “the excellence of the sky and earth; the immensity that can’t be demonstrated on the grounds that photographs have edges.” She says, “I’m certain my words missed the mark.” (source)

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