Health officials warn of possible exposure to measles at the international airport in Philadelphia

On the off chance that you visited the Philadelphia International Airport not long ago, you may have been presented to measles.

(CNN)If you visited the Philadelphia International Airport not long ago, you may have been presented to measles.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health cautioned people in general on Friday that any individual who visited the air terminal on October 2 and 3 could have gotten the viral contamination.

“The Department of Health is working with the district and city wellbeing divisions to inform Pennsylvanians who were on flights with the speculated case, yet different people may have been uncovered at the air terminal during the distinguished occasions,” Secretary of Health Rachel Levin said in an announcement, including, “be that as it may, in the event that you have been appropriately inoculated against measles, your danger of getting the sickness is negligible.”

A person who is associated with having measles was at the air terminal on the two days and may have uncovered other individuals, Levine said.

The measles infection is profoundly infectious, yet can be avoided with inoculations. Up to 90 percent of individuals almost a tainted individual who are not immunized will get contaminated, as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The malady can be spread through hacking or sniffling, and can wait noticeable all around for as long as two hours.

Manifestations show up inside one to three weeks of presentation, and incorporate rash, high fever, hack, and red, watery eyes.

So far this year, there have been 15 affirmed instances of measles in Pennsylvania. In the US, there have been in excess of 1,200 cases, denoting the best number of cases revealed in the nation since 1992.

Any individual who accepts they may have been uncovered or are encountering manifestations are encouraged to contact their medicinal services suppliers or call 1-877-PA-HEALTH.

CNN’s Jamie Gumbrecht added to this report.

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