Hundreds face possible HIV exposure after sterilization oversight

More than 1,000 surgical patients may have been exposed to HIV and other diseases due to a sterilization oversight.

GOSHEN, Ind. An Indiana hospital told surgical patients they were potentially exposed to infectious diseases, according to the Goshen News.
Goshen Hospital patients who had surgery between April 1 and Sept. 30 may have been exposed to infections such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV.
The potential exposure happened because one of the hospitals sterilization technicians failed to complete a necessary step in the hospitals sterilization process, Goshen Hospital CEO Randy Christophel told patients in a letter.
In the letter, patients who may have been exposed were encouraged to take part in free lab testing.
The hospital said treatment options are available for any patients who did get an infection.
A total of 1,182 surgical patients may have been exposed to infections because of the issue, the Goshen News reported.

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